BSI Chapter 91 : White Xia Yan

Edited: XiaXue

This wide Space surrounded by skyscrapers and spacious roads, and on the top of the tallest building, the two figures stand opposite each other.

“Can I control your Strength only if I win over you?” Xia Yan looks at the Hollow form in front of him, gently asked.

“Win me? How could it be?”

White Xia Yan corner of mouth cracked open, revealing a cruel smile, saying: “The failure will be you, and your body will be controlled by me.”

Xia Yan smiled and said: “Come on.”

Xia Yan holds the Shikai of Kaminari, and his body shape flashes, appearing behind White Xia Yan, a shot.

“Too slow.”

White Xia Yan screamed and turned to block Xia Yan Attack with a short gun, and then kicked out.

But the foot just kicked out, Xia Yan disappeared without a trace, appeared in the distance, a right hand, the thunder from the sky.

Hōng lòng.

In the Thunder, White Xia Yan was in the middle, but the latter was unscathed. Xia Yan picked up an eyebrow. White Xia Yan said with a smile: “Sorry, I am like you. When Zanpakuto is liberated, Thunder will be ineffective against me.”

“So it is.”

Xia Yan nodded, his own Ability was converted to Thunder Energy, belonging to Logia, and his Ability is the same as himself, naturally not afraid of Thunder Energy.


Behind White Xia Yan, a pair of thunder wings emerged. Under the flapping of the thunder wing, the figure disappeared.

But in midair, White Xia Yan body suddenly exposed, and the thunder wing slowly collapsed.

“Since you can control Lightning, you can’t use Thunder Energy naturally.”

Xia Yan looks at the opposite side said that White Xia Yan is the two sides of his soul. When his Shinigami soul and Hollow soul merge, he can control his own Zanpakuto.

But since both sides can control it, then Thunder will lose its effect.

However, Xia Yan Hollowfication form is different from Kurosaki ichigo, which is actually Zangetsu, not purely Hollow.

In the future, the energy of White also became a Zanpakuto, becoming one of the double Zanpakuto of Kurosaki ichigo.

Yhwach (Zangetsu Uncle) is the Absolute’s Ability, which is Kurosaki ichigo’s current Zanpakuto, and one of the future double Zanpakuto.

So now White Xia Yan can not deprive Xia Yan Zanpakuto, can only make Thunder be invalid.

Xia Yan can also invalidate White Xia Yan Zanpakuto.

White Xia Yan said with a smile: “How about this, I can defeat you only by the instinct of battle.”

White Xia Yan stepped a little, and the body appeared behind Xia Yan and kicked out.

But at the next moment, White Xia Yan suddenly flew out and slammed into a building.

He saw Xia Yan, filled with a whirlwind.

Wind Shunko (residual)

Since you can’t use Zanpakuto, and Thiunder Energy doesn’t work, then use the wind.


Xia Yan body shape disappeared, appeared in front of White Xia Yan, kicked out.

However, White Xia Yan reached out and grabbed Xia Yan ankle. He slammed and banged. Xia Yan slammed into the skyscraper and went straight through.

“I said, I am the other side of your soul now, I know all about your Ability.”

There is also a whirlwind on White Xia Yan body. Look at Xia Yan, the corner of the mouth reveals a smirk.

“Is this not going to work?”

Xia Yan frowned, and at this time, White Xia Yan body suddenly disappeared and appeared again. It has already arrived at behind Xia Yan.


White Xia Yan punched out, Xia Yan turned back, and the whirlwind of the both hands slammed together, causing a violent explosion, and the two men simulatedly ejected.

But at the moment of separation, White Xia Yan once again rushed and punched.

Xia Yan sideways to avoid the strike, but White Xia Yan body rushed forward, hit a forward, hit the shoulder Xia Yan on the side.


Xia Yan flew out and the chest was torn. This is the whirlwind of the arm when White Xia Yan hits.

“You can still play like this.”

Use the body as the weapon, and with the wind, it achieves a near-perfect effect.

White Xia Yan said with a smile: “I represent the battle instinct, and control all your Ability. When I use instinct to drive your Ability, you will not be my opponent.”

Xia Yan looks at White Xia Yan, gently said: “Instinct.”

White Xia Yan battle is different from his own. Without thinking, he directly makes Attack, relying on instinct to fight, much faster than himself.

“You are not my opponent, let me kill you.”

White Xia Yan attack again.



In Outside world, Sarugaki Hiyori flew out and stabilized her body in the air and landed on the ground.

“Hiyori, hurry up, or you can’t suppress it.”

In the distance, Muguruma Kensei saw this scene and said with concern.

“I know, this dead bald is really good.”

A glimpse appeared in the eyes of Sarugaki Hiyori, triggered a sinuous Strength, a one-corner mask with a pink drop pattern appeared on the face.


Xia Yan once again rushed, but Sarugaki Hiyori body flashed, avoiding the blow, and the long sword in her hand cut out.


The sword in Sarugaki Hiyori hand cut the shoulder of Xia Yan, a blood mark appeared, blood spurted out, but it was only heal in an instant.

Xia Yan right arm was also wrapped in white matter.

“The beginning of complete illusion, and then you can only race against time.”

Seeing this scene, Hirako Shinji looked worried.

With Xia Yan complete Hollowfication, speed is getting faster and faster, and Strength is more formidable.

Xia Yan and Sarugaki Hiyori collided again, the latter was shocked to retreat.

“Damn, still improving.”

It’s getting more and more troublesome, and even the Hollowfication can’t be suppressed. This little devil is too terrifying.

Xia Yan originally had seventh-class Reiatsu. After Hollowfication, the Reiatsu increased, and the speed and strength increased. Together with Xia Yan, the body quality was tyrannical. Pure melee, Xia Yan was very formidable.

The purpose of Sarugaki Hiyori is not to kill Xia Yan. After all, Xia Yan is strong but not rational.

Her purpose is to suppress, so that Xia Yan can not cause damage to the surrounding environment, and in the suppression, reduce the time of complete Hollowfication.

Bang, Sarugaki Hiyori was once again shaken back.

The next moment, Muguruma Kensei said: “Hachi, ten minutes, and open the enchantment.”


There are Ushoda Hachigen both hands in ten, the enchantment opens a gap, and then Muguruma Kensei enters the enchantment.

At this time, Xia Yan escaped the long sword in the hands Sarugaki Hiyori, and punched her face.

The Sarugaki Hiyori has just reacted, and the mask suddenly broke. In the fierce fight, the maintenance time of Visored will be greatly reduced.

“Not good.”

The Sarugaki Hiyori has a slight glimpse, and it is about to be hit. The next moment, a figure appears between the two.


Muguruma Kensei punched Xia Yan chest, Xia Yan flew out and fell to the ground, but the next moment turned over again.

Muguruma Kensei said: “Hiyori, go back.”

Sarugaki Hiyori nodded and walked out of the enchantment. Hirako Shinji said: “Hurry up, there are eight people, ten minutes for each person, and you have 80 minutes of rest.”

Sarugaki Hiyori cold hum and said: “Baldy, how to put yourself counted, should be seventy minutes of rest time.”

Hirako Shinji snorted and said, “That is multiplied by seven, which is a 70-minute break.”

There is Ushoda Hachigen forehead, cold sweat, and said: “I want to maintain enchantment, do you count me?”

He said that it is six people and sixty minutes of rest time. However, can he really support me to enter the enchantment again?

With the Attack of Muguruma Kensei, Xia Yan body changed again, and the whole arm became a Hollow arm.

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