BSI Chapter 92 : Instinct and Strategy

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Xia Yan is in a difficult battle. The opposite side fights with instinct. It is always possible to choose the best response in the battle to avoid danger and carry out Attack.

Xia Yan can’t beat the opposite side, but gradually no longer attack, so that it should not change, not take initiative, just defense, shorten the movement distance, increase the speed, and block the attack of opposite side.

In the process, Xia Yan constantly observed the opposite side.

He uses instinctive combat, and in direct release of Ability, he must be more than his own formidable, his reaction, combat skills, must exceed himself.

But instinct, is it really suitable for combat?

Just like Zaraki Kenpachi, relying on instinct to fight, with the formidable Reiatsu and the amount of Stamina, can be done without any disadvantage.

But can your own instinct really play the full power?

Xia Yan picked up the eyes, and already had a distance. Suddenly, his body flashed and appeared in the distance, pulling away to the distance.

“Are you afraid?”

White Xia Yan hands surrounded by hurricane, rushed again, but just entered Xia Yan body.


The next moment, the surrounding explosion, White Xia Yan was shrouded in a fire.

Combine Kido, Kyokkō, Shakkahō, Fushibi.

White Xia Yan instinct made him dodge the first time, but did not escape, but rushed into the encirclement, so that he could directly attack Xia Yan.

“Electromagnetic Pulse.”

But when White Xia Yan appeared in front of Xia Yan, an electromagnetic pulse came out.

“God damn it!”

Seeing that Thunder can burst, White Xia Yan understands what it is. He wants to drive thunder energy to transform the magnetic field to block, but just gathered thunder energy, it was dispelled by Xia Yan.

White Xia Yan body was directly bombarded by the electromagnetic pulse, and immediately felt a burning sensation inside the body. The internal organs seemed to be burned, and a sputum vomited a blood.


White Xia Yan big eyes widened.

Xia Yan shook head said: “Instinct makes you more formidable, but people are not animals, do not need to fight by instinct.”

Xia Yan combination Kido is not for the sake of to deafeat White Xia Yan, but to distract him and delay the gathering of Thunder Energy.

At the moment he rushed out of the encirclement, Xia Yan released electromagnetic pulse, and the opposite side shared Xia Yan memory, knowing what it was, so he wanted to use Thunder energy to transform the magnetic shield to resist.

However, Xia Yan can control the disappearance of thunder, so the magnetic shield on the opposite side cannot be formed. This electromagnetic pulse is applied to him.

“Damn, despicable little devil.”

White Xia Yan spit out a blood, and he looked up.

“Do you feel that Stamina is gone?”

Xia Yan appeared behind White Xia Yan, a shot.

Under the power provided by the wind, Xia Yan Strength was huge, and instantly attacked White Xia Yan vest.

“God damn it!”

White Xia Yan didn’t have time to dodge, and flew in front of his body, but the next moment, a hurricane shot from Xia Yan short gun, bang.

The hurricane hit the back of White Xia Yan, the explosion sounded, and it was directly blown out, the back spine broke, and the whole body fell on the roof not far away.

Xia Yan came to White Xia Yan, who was kneeling on the ground and raised the head. He asked, “What is this move?”

Xia Yan said: “This is the combination of Hadō and Shunko, Hadō #58-Tenran, is to blow a huge hurricane to the enemy, but its strength is not high, the power of the enemy is more common. The moment I extracted, it is a more condensed explosion hurricane, so I will shoot with wind Shunko, with a sly style, amazing power, and can be Shunko. ”

“Damn, don’t you dare to face me?”

White Xia Yan eyes are full of hate.

Xia Yan said with a smile: “You said, you use instinct to fight, plus all of my Ability you will use, I am not your opponent at all. So I can’t beat you. I can only weaken and defeat you by preparing in advance, setting up traps, and using your instinct as a bait.”

In the face of the combination Kido, White Xia Yan escaped the explosion with the best style that did not retreat, giving himself the conditions for a second attack. This is instinct.

In the face of the stab attack behind by Xia Yan, White Xia Yan directly fled before the dodge, this is also instinct.

Use the trap to let the opposite side act on the instinct, layout the instinct, and let the opposite side fail.

This is Xia Yan strategy.

White Xia Yan looks at Xia Yan and said: “I admit, this time I lost in your hands, but I will still come out. At that time, you will not be so easy to beat me.”

“Let’s talk about it later.” Xia Yan yawned, stabbing the opposite side.


At this time, Xia Yan entire right arm and right chest have been covered by white armor.

Muguruma Kensei held a short sword and gently waved it. Xia Yan right shoulder was pulled out of a large wound.

This is Shikai of Muguruma Kensei Zanpakuto, Tachikaze.

But only in an instant, Xia Yan injury to heal, then flew toward Muguruma Kensei.

Muguruma Kensei fists turned around, and when they escaped, they stabbed a sword in Xia Yan waist.


The short sword is straight into the handle, but the next moment, a sound, “Be careful.”

The Muguruma Kensei raised his head, but it was discovered that Xia Yan opened his mouth and a red ball of light condensed at the tip of the mask.

There are two types of mask on Visored face, one with teeth and one with full coverage.

Kurosaki ichigo, Sarugaki Hiyori, Hirako Shinji, Ushoda Hachigen, Aikawa Love, are mask faces with teeth, can speak and make a sound.

And Yadōmaru Lisa, Muguruma Kensei, Ōtoribashi Rōjūrō, Kuna Mashiro and even original work in Tōsen Kaname mask, are all without teeth, full coverage type.

The mask on Xia Yan face is full of cover, only a horizontal line, a bit like the face of Yadōmaru Lisa, minus face of Tōsen Kaname.

The former mask is a cross, the latter’s mask is a vertical line, and Xia Yan is a horizontal line, providing a view in the Yanjing area.

Above the mask, there is a tip that releases Cero.

“God damn it!”

Muguruma Kensei body swayed and swayed toward the distance. The next moment, the open space in front of it left a deep gully, and the whole enchantment trembled.

“Time is up, change me.”

Outside the enchantment, Yadōmaru Lisa jumped into the battlefield and rushed to Xia Yan. The long sword in her hand slammed directly toward Xia Yan back.

But the long sword fell, a scream rang, blood spattered, and Xia Yan fell to the ground.

Yadōmaru Lisa waited for Xia Yan to get up and continue to fight with herself.

But a faint voice sounded, “Don’t you cut me directly?”

She saw Xia Yan slowly raising the head, the mask of the face and the body of the arm fell off a little, revealing a helpless face.

After releasing Cero, he regained consciousness, but he was slashed after waiting for his mask to fall off.

Yadōmaru Lisa had a red complexion, coughed and said, “Sorry.”

“Nothing, but I need treatment.” Xia Yan slowly sat up, leaving a bloody wound behind.

“Successful, Hachi, open the enchantment.”

Hirako Shinji saw this scene, and the eyebrows were picked. After the enchantment was opened, the first one jumped in.

“Brat, welcome…”

Hirako Shinji just wanted to say hello, and he flew out in a hurry. A figure appeared in his original position and said, “Don’t stop the road, you are dead and bald.”

The owner of the figure is Sarugaki Hiyori, looking at Xia Yan, said: “Little devil, welcome you to join the Visored Legion.”

“Hey, isn’t this my line?” Hirako Shinji said with a big head.

Sarugaki Hiyori directly scolded: “shut up, Baldy.”

“I said it many times, I am not bald.”


Look at the two people quarreling, Xia Yan corner of the mouth converge a smile, this is the Visored Legion?

Although they are arguing, he can see that they have a good relationship.

So from today, I am a member of Visored Legion.

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