BTC Chapter 515 : 3D Bioprinting

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“To put it simply, it’s 3D bioprinting.”

After the Red Queen finished speaking, she also sent simulation map. First, scanned and analyzed the human organs from the inside out and recorded the position of each cell. Then  cultured the cells separately using cell culture technology.

Using these cells as “biological ink” and adding them to a 3D bioprinter, organs can be printed.

There’s many scientific research institutions doing this kind of technology on the current earth. They have successfully printed skin, ears, nose and other organs. But, for blood, bone marrow or internal organs, their progress is limited.

Because these important organs have sophisticated structures and complex functions, they can make mistakes if they are not careful, so there is still no major breakthrough.

Mr. L : “This is good, I just need this!”

Group Tip : “Red Queen has sent you a dedicated Red envelope.”

Lu Zixin received the red envelope, which contains the 3D bioprinter and related accessories, including in vitro cell culture, organs Scanning and so on.


Red Letter Future City Biotechnology Research Institute, Lu Zixin asked to form a team to prepare for 3D bioprinting research. The first experimental goal is to print out the bone marrow for the little girl, Zhang Yan!

Before the experiment, Red Letter also deliberately reported the experiment. This kind of experiment is not something you can do if you want to do it, and it needs to be reviewed by relevant agencies. Especially experiments involving human organs may encounter scientific ethical issues, and you must be more cautious.

Approval opinions have come down. The 3D bioprinter experiments limited to vitro human cell culture and organ printing used for medical treatment. No other experiments on the human body or against scientific ethics allowed.

After the Approval, the patient’s guardian needs to be notified and must obtained their consent.

In the ward of Red Letter International Hospital, the little girl Zhang Yan became weaker and weaker every day, and even her speech became difficult.

Frequent treatment has severely overdrawn her bodily functions. Her once agile eyes have now become hollow, just like those old people who will die.

In the attending doctor’s office, the attending doctor is discussing an important matter with her foster father and mother.

“In Zhang Yan’s situation. If we can’t performed bone marrow transplantation. We estimated, she will only last two months at most.” The attending doctor tried to speak in a calm tone, but Zhang Yan’s adoptive mother still couldn’t help having moist eyes. Although they had expected this ending a long time ago, but seeing the child suffer from illness and pain, made them extremely uncomfortable.

“Doctor, we have been working hard to find her biological father and mother. But…” Zhang Yan adoptive father sighed helplessly.

“I know, this kind of thing can’t be forced,” the attending doctor said, “As doctors, we most hope patients can recover.”

“Now there is another way, I don’t know if you are willing to try it. I said good in advance, this method is very risky, and the ending is unimaginable! Can you understand?”

“No matter what method, we are willing to try it!” Zhang Yan’s adoptive mother said immediately. Now they can’t do anything, as long as there is a glimmer of hope, I want to try.

“This is the case.” The attending doctor said: “Now, our Red Letter Biotechnology Research Institute researching a new medical technology, 3D bioprinting. In short, it’s to use 3D printing technology, in vitro artificial organs.”

“3D prints organs?” Zhang Yan adoptive parents are a bit surprised, can medical technology still be like this?

“I will explain it in detail.” The attending doctor said, “We use this new technology to print a new bone marrow for Zhang Yan. Because the cell culture taken from her own. There’s will be no allogeneic rejection.”

“But! I want to emphasize, this is a brand new technology. Before that, no medical institution in the world tried this kind of experiment. The success rate of the experiment, the hospital can’t guarantee you.”

“I can only assure the whole process we are all duty treatment. We don’t need you to pay a penny. But, the results of treatment can’t be guaranteed.”

When the doctor finished, Zhang Yan foster mother said directly: “We agree!”

“So fast to agree? Don’t you think about it?” the doctor asked again.

Zhang Yan adoptive father said: “We don’t agree and there’s no other way. If there is an opportunity for the child to survive, if we don’t try it, we will blame ourselves for the rest of our lives.”

“In this case, we still want to let the children know and see her choice.”

“Well, no problem,” said the attending doctor.

Zhang Yan adoptive parents told her about this, and Zhang Yan didn’t quite understand it. Hong Xiaoxiao patiently explained it to her several times before she understood, and she directly agreed.

“Xiaoxiao, if my illness is good, I will accompany you every day!” Zhang Yan tried to squeeze out a smile and said.

Zhang Yan guardian signed the agreement and the medical experiment officially began. For most of the experimental process, Lu Zixin doesn’t have to worry at all. Their research team has extensive experience in culturing cells. The only thing to worry is whether the final 3D bioprinter can replicate the bone marrow and successfully transplant it into Zhang Yan’s body.

More than a month later, in the cell culture laboratory. The biomaterial ink composed of various cells has loaded into 3D bioprinter and the printing began according to bone marrow composition.

“It must be successful!” The researchers present prayed silently.

If this success, it will be another leap for the medical community. With this technology, from now on, the problem of organ transplantation or lack of blood can be solved.

The 3D bioprinter is running fast, it “stacks” cells one by one according to the rules to form bone marrow.

Biological researchers have been paying attention to the real-time holographic projection, which magnifies the printing site so that they can clearly see the printing process. They can stop it at any time if there’s any mistakes.

Fortunately, the printing process controlled by the quantum computer didn’t make any mistakes.

Whether it’s internal or external, there’s no difference between the printed human bone marrow and the real human bone marrow, but I don’t know whether it can be successful after transplantation. Researchers can wait, but Zhang Yan has no time to wait.

Outside, in the operating room. The thin Zhang Yan lying on the operating table, waiting for the bone marrow transplant. The bone marrow that had just been printed was sent in and the transplant started.

The surgeon took a deep breath, looked at the time, whispered: “Begin!”

In the operating room, nervous and busy surgery began. Outside the operating room, the waiting people are more nervous. The research team with 3D bioprinting, Zhang Yan adoptive parents, Lu Zixin, Hong Xiaoxiao, etc., all silently wish Zhang Yan blessing, I hope this surgery can be successful.

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