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As time passed bit by bit, no one in the operating room dared to relax. And Zhang Yan still in a coma under the effect of anesthesia.

Zhang Yan adoptive father and adoptive mother clasped their hands together, feeling anxious.

operation time of several hours was short and long. During this time, none of them drink or go to the bathroom.

“Dad! The surgery is done!” Hong Xiaoxiao voice rang in Lu Zixin’s ear. Suddenly, all the waiting people stood up and looked at Lu Zixin.

Lu Zixin nodded and said, “Don’t worry, the doctor should come to notify you soon.”

Not long after, the chief surgeon looked tired and came to inform him personally. He said: “The transplantation was basically successful, but the follow-up response is still under observation. For the next month, the patients will live in a sterile room for observation.”

Hearing his words, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. A successful transplant doesn’t mean the treatment is successful. It’s depends on whether the patient will have a rejection reaction and whether the 3D printed bone marrow is really useful.

“Thank you doctor, thank you!” Zhang Yan’s adoptive parents thanked him.

Lu Zixin knows that transplant surgery is not the end of treatment, but the beginning!

During the following time, the treatment team closely monitored Zhang Yan’s condition.

Because the new bone marrow and white blood cells have not grown out of her body just after the operation, she has lost her immunity to bacteria and must stay in a sterile room. Even her diet must be disinfected and can only be carried out with high protein input.

In the first few days, it was the healing period of the operation. Zhang Yan body didn’t show any major adverse reactions and still under control.

A week later, after observation, the white blood cells in Zhang Yan body began to grow, which proved her immune system began to rebuild.

“According to this situation, after twenty days, she can transfer to general ward.” The attending physician analyzed that during this period, Lu Zixin also often took time to observe Zhang Yan’s condition.

In other parts of future city. A large-scale construction is underway. Many majestic buildings is being built and specially the iconic technology tower in the city center. It’s foundation has been laid. Deep into the underground rock layer, using polymer metal materials and science. The structure design can withstand large-scale natural disasters.

It has been a full month since Zhang Yan’s bone marrow transplantation. Zhang Yan officially moved from the sterile warehouse to the general ward to continue observation.

If her condition improves, the treatment is basically successful and the transplantation also successful.

“Yanyan, look, I’m painting you.” In the ward, Hong Xiaoxiao showed her paintings to Zhang Yan. A portrait of Zhang Yan and it’s painted in abstract style.

This is not a combination of Hong Xiaoxiao computer technology, but her paintings using simulated human neural networks and physiological responses, which is great significance.

Of course, the little girl Zhang Yan doesn’t know this, she said with a slight smile: “Is this me? The painting is so beautiful, thank you, Xiaoxiao!”

Hong Xiaoxiao showed a childlike smile. In the projection, there is seem an extra child in there.

Outside the ward, Zhang Yan adoptive mother saw this scene. Her eyes gradually softened, she hoped this scene could continue for a long time.

This time, the reality didn’t disappoint her. The doctor has observed Zhang Yan in the general ward for two months. Not only she didn’t show rejection, but she recovered quickly. The white blood cells in her body have returned to normal. Which means, her illness has basically cured!

“This is another great miracle in medicine! Bioprinted organs can replace donated organs, and there is no rejection reaction. How many patients will benefit from this!” Every staff member in the hospital felt sincerely happy.

“Zhang Yan can discharged from the hospital. After discharge, diet and life should be paid attention. Regularly go to the hospital for examination. If there’s any abnormal reaction, please give us feedback in time.” When the doctor informed Zhang Yan adoptive parents, both of them were excited to tears.

How many days and nights, fearful, sleepless at night. I thought it was a tragic ending. I didn’t expect Zhang Yan to regain a new life under the power of technology. How to keep them from not moving and excited.

On Zhang Yan’s birthday before her discharged from the hospital. The medical staff held a birthday party for the little girl.

Hong Xiaoxiao projected a splendid sea of ​​sunflowers in the ward. In the sea of ​​flowers, the little girl wore a wreath and laughed innocently. The instrument recorded this scene and it became a precious scene in the history of medicine!

The next day, this scene broke out in the news media.

Today’s Express: “The first 3D bioprinting organ transplant was successful and the patient has recovered!”

People’s News: “Red Letter International Hospital has created another glory and artificial organs are portable!”

Headline: “The world’s first 3D bioprint bone marrow transplant is successful, bio-printing will solve another problem in the medical profession?”

Even the scientists of National Biomedical Center congratulated and expressed their happiness and blessings for the medical innovation from Red Letter International Hospital.

Of course, some people have mentioned the issue of scientific ethics in this technology. Red Letter International Hospital immediately stated. They will conduct experiments or treatments under the supervision of Biomedical Ethics Committee and only used this technology in medical treatment.

After the successful 3D bioprinting bone marrow transplantation, Red Letter International Hospital has successively tried 3D to print blood and kidneys, all of which have been successfully treated, which has greatly increased the confidence of patients in 3D bioprinting technology.

Red Letter Group said it will establish the world’s largest “3D BioPrinting Technology Co., Ltd.” in the future city. This company will provide medical institutions around the world with the materials needed for blood and organ transplantation to relieve blood banks and organ banks difficult problem.

From now on, patients who die because there’s no blood source or lack of matching transplant organs will be greatly reduced.

Because of this news, the future city is once again hot, and the capital groups that are here to invest and build are lining up to smash their heads.

The vast majority of people also trying to move to future city. Now everyone can see. This city destined to become great city!

Just when everyone attracted to 3D bioprinting technology and future city. A news suddenly broke out and took everyone’s attention away.

At the world-class robotics Science and Technology show in the United States, Boston Robotics showed off their latest “smart power robots.”

In the field of robotics, Boston Robotics has been at the forefront in the world. This time, the smart robots they showed is more agile and smarter than ever. Their performance in some aspects has completely exceeded that of humans.

And Boston Robotics announced, they have received a large number of orders from the private and military. And they will continue to invest in manufacturing smarter and more powerful robots.

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