BTC Chapter 28 : Look Up at Big Guy

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The Red Letter game company is developing rapidly, and the company’s office space and personnel are constantly expanding.¬†“Desolate Battlegrounds” has also been released for more than a month, and the profit growth is very obvious.

However, because of the type of game, “Desolate Battlegrounds” is still not as good as the “Glory of the King” game in terms of profit growth. And Tencent has a wide range of channels and pan-entertainment development, and Red Letter games are currently not comparable.

Therefore, the current monthly flow does not reach one billion, only just over 100 million. Deducting taxes, channel fees, employee wages, soft and hard expenses, the net profit is about 30 million!

Moreover, earnings are still growing rapidly, and after stabilization, they can hit higher.

A net profit of 30 million a month, for Lu Zixin, he could not have imagined before!

He was happy and calmed down. 30 million, very valuable ten years ago. But today, 30 million in some first-tier cities can buy a suite.

And these 30 million, not all can squander him. Lu Zixin, for foundation of Red Letter Game Company, is very clear. He relies on what he got from Red, and the hard power is not strong.

Therefore, most of the money earned is still invested in the company’s construction.¬†Hardware construction, personnel recruitment, especially the training of professional talents.¬†These things are particularly costly projects.

In fact, there is still a way to get rich overnight, that is to prepare for listing!¬†With the heat of “Desolate Battlegrounds”, the listed stock price will certainly be speculated, and the sale of some shares will be a large amount of funds.

However, Lu Zixin was never ready to go public, and he was not in a hurry to ask for money.

In the Black Technology Chat Group, Lu Zixin continued to chat with Red. After Red problem is increasing, she is like a curious baby, often asking questions about human feelings and thinking.

Tony Stark, of course, sometimes bubbling, and the structural diagram of the new element has been analyzed and is preparing for the synthetic manufacturing process.

Red : “Why is human beings afraid of cloning themselves? According to the evolutionary perspective, isn’t this better to inherit his genes? (With pictures: two clones)”

Mr. L : “Because everyone want to be a unique existence, hate being replaced by people!”

Red : “Why is the same cloned person, have the same memory, the choice of the same thing is different? (Emoticon: Hearing)”

Mr. L : “Humans face one thing and they will have countless thoughts. Because a small variable will make different choices. The most important thing is that humans do not necessarily choose the things that are most beneficial to them, so they are intelligent. Judging is different.”

Red : “It’s still hard to understand. (Emoticon: I am probably a computer.)

At this time, Tony Stark also interjected : “This A.I is a bit interesting, than my Jarvis, more¬† advanced ”

Lu Zixin quickly asked : ” Mr. Stark, how about a new element?”

Tony Stark : ” Three days later synthesis. ”

Mr.¬†L : ”¬†I wish you success! ”

Tony Stark : “Thanks, if successful, I will take good gift for you! ”

To now, Tony Stark finally accepted the existence of this strange chat group. In fact, he still tried to check for a long time, and did not find the secret of this Black Technology Chat Group.

The three casually chatted a few words, and suddenly Red Queen went offline. Lu Zixin has long discovered that he seems to be the most stable and can be always online. But no one else can go online at any time, maybe the signal is not good?

“It is really tired to manage a company, Mr. Stark, how did you do it?” Lu Zixin asked.

During this time, the company’s business has stabilized.¬†Lu Zixin felt it. His ability to manage a big company is a bit difficult at present. If Liu is not helped, it is estimated that there will be a lot of jokes.

Tony Stark : “Manage the company? No, no, no, I never care about those bad things. I only concentrate on doing my research, or have a nice holiday with the beauty.”

Mr. L: “… worship.”

Tony Stark : “I can only give you some advice on this. It is to find an assistant who will manage the company. I have been handing over to Pepper Potts in the matter of Stark Industries. Well, there is also housework.‚ÄĚ

Pepper Potts is the female secretary and family director of Tony Stark, and Tony Stark does nothing but study. The rest are handled by his female secretary, and his female secretary is called a small pepper.

Lu Zixin is full of envy, saying yes!¬†There are so many things in the company. If there are more businesses in the future, you must not be exhausted.¬†That’s not what he wants, or he has to find a helper.

Mr. L : “Ms. Potts is a good helper!”

Tony Stark : “Yes. You must find a helper and you must find someone you can trust. Like Pepper Potts, I can trust her unconditionally. Even if I am at home with other women’s, she will prepare for me in advance for safety. Of course, this stupid thing I have not done now.”

Lu Zixin could not help but feel that the life of the capitalist is really corrupt!

Tony Stark : “Oh, start busy, talk next time.”

Mr. L : “Goodbye.”

Lu Zixin saw that the group activity has been 101/200, and 99 is the next random red envelope.

The option to randomly invite group members is also cooling, and seems to be longer than the last cooling time.

A few days later, Lu Zixin went to Jiangcheng University to study business management courses. Many business managers will pursue similar courses and enhance their abilities. This was the suggestion that Liu Tong gave him. After thinking about it, Lu Zixin felt that it was very reasonable and implemented it.

Jiangcheng University is not only a famous university in Jiangcheng, but also an institution of higher learning in the country. Lu Zixin also spent a lot of time in order to take the management course of this school.

At the entrance of Jiangcheng University, Lu Zixin wore a casual outfit, which was quite emotional. Since graduating, the fast-paced life has made him forget that he is still a young man in his early twenties!

Only in the university, if you see energetic students and beautiful young girls, you can feel the beauty of youth, and the pace of life seems to be soothing.

The Enterprise Management Program is a training course for Jiangcheng University specifically for senior executives and students who want to study for MBA.

Therefore, the students in this course have both enterprise elites in the society and students from Jiangcheng University.

Lu Zixin arrived in the classroom one quarter in advance, and there are already many people here. Most of them are talking to each other, especially those who are dressed in suits and shoes, and who are not students at first glance.

Lu Zixin looked at it, the position of the front row was gone, so I found a place behind and picked up professional books to watch.

He was dressed in casual clothes, and he was young and looked like a student, so no one was looking for him to chat. Beside him, a few people are talking about the heat.

Less than three minutes from class, the professor of has come in, and Lu Zixin also put down the book. At this time, a female voice came from outside the classroom: “Hurry up, you’re going to be late!”

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