MST Chapter 184 : I love my granddaughter for all reason

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Pack your bags.

Without staying in Hangzhou, Liu Chiyan, Ye Guang and Jiang Xin three people set off on their way home.

I still chose high-speed rail for travel. It was a little bit faster when I arrived in Nanchang. After the three people got off high-speed rail, they were little hungry. After finding a restaurant to fill their stomachs, Jiang Xin went back to apartment, Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan also returned home.

Saying it is going home, in fact it means putting a baggage and picking up a car. In the afternoon, Ye Guang and Liu Chi Yan have to go to their parents’ house.

In the afternoon, it was still early, my parents still in the store, Ye Guang carrying Liu Chiyan to a small shop not far from home.

Ye Guang’s small shop is mainly for selling some wood products such as tables, chairs and benches. The scale is small, but this small shop is large enough for a family of three.

“Are you going down? There are people coming and going in the store.” Ye Guang asked Liu Chiyan before leaving the car.

Liu Chiyan: “Go on, they shouldn’t be able to recognize me, if I wear a mask. It’s not good not to go down.”

Ye Guang: “It’s okay, my parents are not so pedantic, they must understand.”

Liu Chiyan shook her head, “Go on, it seems like there will be no one here.”

Ye Guang: “Well, let’s go.”

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan get off and go to the store.

Well, now there is no one in the store. My mother is holding calculations and calculating the accounts. Yiyi is sitting on a small stool with a notebook to write and draw. My dad is by her side. Today Saturday, she don’t need to go to school.

Ye Guang: “My parents, I’m back.”

Liu Chiyan looked around and no one, also shouted, “Dad, Mom.”

Father and Mother looking up.

“Oh, come back, come here, come in quickly.” Mother greeted.

“Aunt.” Yiyi ran over joyfully.

Ye Guang: “Small girl, you know your aunt, why didn’t you call me.”

Yiyi snorted and ignored him, “Aunt, have you brought me something to eat?”

Liu Chiyan spoiled her little nose, “You know to eat.”

Father : “Chiyan , congratulations, took the championship… Unfortunately, there are 2 champions.”

Mother glanced at father, “Will you speak, let me say, Chiyan is the champion!  Han Yurou is no match for our Chiyan, if it weren’t for Zong Zhengguang, the champion is our Chiyan.”

Father nodded quickly, “Yes, right! Chiyan is the deserved champion.”

Liu Chiyan smiled, “This is already very good, at least not lost. This game is also thanks to Ye Guang. Without him, I can’t go to the end.”

Ye Guang smiled.

Father: “Don’t praise him, I don’t know his virtue”

Ye Guang has a black line, “Dad, it’s boring to talk like this, I wrote these songs originally.”

Father said a few words, “I know that you wrote it. You are in limelight this time. Neighbors in the neighborhood met me these days, they all asked you, but let me tell you, don’t float, because a little famous. You can’t find North, so you did a foolish thing.”

“How come your son has become such a person in your heart now? I’m not such a person.” Ye Guang is wronged.

Liu Chiyan smiled, “Don’t worry, Dad. I’m looking at him.”

Father: “Well, Chiyan, you are a good girl. I’m assured, if you are looking at him.”

Mother: “Okay, stop chatting in the store. Who is coming and going for a while will recognized Chiyan. Go home, Old Ye, close the stall.”

Ye Guang: “Ah, mother, we will close the shop in broad daylight.”

Mother said, “Yes, Chiyan has won the championship, I am happy, I will go home and make something delicious for Chiyan. Even if will be closed for a long time, it doesn’t matter.”

When I heard something delicious, Yiyi was excited, “Grandma, I want to eat braised pork ribs.”

Mother said, “Okay, I will ask your grandfather to the market to buy pork ribs.”

Taking advantage of the fact there was no customer in the shop, my parents quickly closed the stall and closed the store.

When I left, the neighbors were curious about how my parents closed the store so early.

“Hey, Old Ye, why did you close the stall so early today?” During the conversation, the neighbors saw Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan.

Liu Chiyan was wearing a mask. So he didn’t recognize her, “Oh, it turned out, Little Ye is coming back. Little Ye, you are in the limelight on The Strongest Voice. It’s going to be a big celebrity.”

Ye Guang smiled. “Hello Uncle Liu, what is my celebrity? Hey, it’s early.”

Uncle Liu smiled, “Sooner or later, Little Ye, I’m optimistic about you, and later become a big celebrity. Our old neighbors can follow you. Who is this…?” Uncle Liu asked Liu Chiyan.

“Uh…” Father groaned, “Our family, relatives. Old Liu, let’s go first, we’ll talk tomorrow, I have to go to the market early to buy some fresh vegetables.”

Father said relatives, Uncle Liu did not suspect him, although it is a long-term neighbor, but the relatives have not seen it is normal, Uncle Liu is a little curious, this girl has been wearing a large mask, hot days, not feeling bored?

In the evening, mother and Liu Chiyan got a table full of dishes, all Yiyi loved.

Why are Yiyi love to eat?

When Father went shopping, Yiyi was also eager to go, and Father took her to buy food. When she arrived at the market, Yiyi saw what she wanted to eat. Father My dad spoiled her, so naturally he would respond. Therefore, when he come out of vegetable market, I buy what Yiyi likes to eat.

At the dinner table, a few people chatted and enjoyed themselves. Father kept giving Yiyi a dish. Yiyi mouth was full of oil.

Ye Guang sighed, “Dad, sooner or later you will spoil her if you spoil her like this.”

Father’s face, “What’s wrong with me spoiled Yiyi, you stinky kid doesn’t let me worry all day long, if you are half obedient and sensible, I will spoil you too.”

Ye Guang has black line. We said Yiyi, why I was pulled out again. He was really losing his place in this family.

Father continued, “Moreover, Yiyi is my granddaughter. It is only natural for me to spoil my granddaughter.”

Ye Guang opened his mouth. He almost blurted out, she is not your granddaughter. But he immediately swallowed it and said, “Yes, yes, Dad, what you said is right. But you can’t spoil her like this. You have to control it, or else if she get older, she will become a lawless bear child, and you will be mad at that time.”

Father hummed twice, “Yiyi won’t. Yiyi was obedient.” He said, and He touched Yiyi small head.

Yiyi chewed something in her mouth, staring at father with her big eyes. Then looking at mother and Liu Chiyan with her big eyes. Finally looking at Ye Guang.

Father gave Yiyi another piece of ribs, and Yiyi bit down half of it in one bite, making her happier.

Have had dinner.

After staying at Mom and Dad’s house for a while. Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang returned home with Yiyi.

Yiyi was originally unwilling to go home. In his parents’ house, father spoiled her. As long as she didn’t turn the sky, almost everything would be responsive. Yiyi lived very well with his parents. Although she went home with Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang and they will not treat her badly, but the people here will always take care of her, and will not rely on her temperament in everything.

Finally, Yiyi is willing to go home, because Ye Guang vowed to take her play in playground. When Yiyi heard she could play. She immediately defected the camp and followed Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan to go home obediently.

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