MST Chapter 183 : Finally there is hope

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Ye Guang felt this ghost Vigorous Pill is completely a chicken rib. Because there is a one-time consumables, it can temporarily increase the index of all aspects of the body. The increase is very large. However, this Vigorous Pill can permanently increased it, but too little. Fundamentally, it’s incomparable with Herculean pill, it’s not a chicken rib.

The point is, it’s so expensive! Expensive! It is 10 times of consumables!

Ye Guang disappointed. He used Vigorous Pill with a mindset, it’s better than nothing. But, feel like the body didn’t have any change. It’s no wonder that it only adds 1 point strength to feel it.

Raise lottery stakes can pumped four times. Ye Guang continues lottery.

[Raise lottery stakes]

Well, after seeing the fruit of Liu Chiyan, Ye Guang’s luck has improved, and again!

There are five more treasure chests in the storage.

Ye Guang disliked the trouble, did not immediately open the treasure chest, continue lottery.




Ye Guang was disappointed, the last draw is not successful. After closer look, well, Good Fortune Pledge effect had ended in the last draw.

Pat his head, Ye Guang annoyed by his carelessness. If the Good Fortune Pledge still effective, maybe the last lottery will not fall through.

Regret is useless, see what you have drawn.

There are 11 treasure chests lying inside the storage bar.

Ye Guang rubbed his hands and opens the treasure chest one by one.

“Congratulations, you obtain Good Fortune Pledge – 1”

“Congratulations, you obtain Spirit Tickling Soul Click – 1”

“Congratulations, You obtain Firearms Proficiency 8”

Huh? Firearms Proficiency? There another new skill, not bad.

Continue to open the treasure chest.




Connected with a few one-time consumables.

“Congratulations, You obtain Melody Knowledge 7”

Melody Knowledge!

When I saw Melody Knowledge. Ye Guang almost squirted out the old blood. Before The Strongest Voice game, he wanted to draw Melody Knowledge, but he didn’t have th luck. Today, the game is over, I didn’t expect it. Now I have drawn Melody Knowledge, this is really… Can the legendary horses come from?

Well, there is better than nothing, to mix entertainment, Melody Knowledge skill is still very important.

Five treasure chests left, continue to open.



After four consumables, Ye Guang opened the last treasure chest, and it should be a skill without any surprise.

“Congratulations, You obtain Catapult Proficiency 5”

Cough, cough.” Ye Guang stunned, Catapult Proficiency? Catapult Proficiency Your sister! In other words, do you need to learn to play a slingshot? This skill is useful! It’s hard to take a slingshot and go out to play birds every day! Now, most birds is protected animals, can’t be hunted!

Ye Guang is simply unable to vomit, the system is too curious, what skills are there, originally the last treasure chest, but he is full of expectations, I hope to pick up a good skill, but who ever wanted to come up with this stuff.

Seems to be unlucky today. Next lottery have to pick auspicious day, otherwise good prestige points all to waste. Today, pumped seven times raise lottery stakes, two times nothing, the remaining five times except learning skill is consumables. A Skill Book class skill are not, oh, there is vigorous Pill, this is more chicken, it is better to have Herculean more practical, learning skill is also wonderful, incredibly also out catapult proficiency, a sentence Son-of-a-bitch not endure.

Liu Chiyan took a shower and came out of the bathroom with shyness and saw Ye Guang being angry and unhappy.

Liu Chiyan: “Hey! Hoodlum, you are not happy, you are seen… huh!”

Ye Guang chuckled, “That… Actually, I didn’t see it clearly, or else…”

Liu Chiyan was ashamed and yelled at Ye Guang, “hoodlum! What else do you want to do!”

Ye Guang taken aback for a moment, and returned a “think.”

Liu Chiyan also stunned, then her face blushed, and she rushed to bite at Ye Guang shoulder.

“Ah…” Ye Guang’s grinned with painful teeth, “Liu Chiyan, you are a dog, bite again, let go! Let go! It hurts… it hurts.”

Liu Chiyan’s teeth were a little bit sore before she loosened her mouth. The two rows of white teeth marks on Ye Guang shoulders can vaguely see bloodshot eyes. Liu Chiyan’s mouth is not light.

Looking at this seal. Liu Chiyan regretted, she is serious. Stretched out her hand and touched it, but still pretended to be angry, and hummed, “Tell you to bully me.”

Ye Guang grinned with teeth mark on his shoulders.

Liu Chiyan’s eyes were a little erratic, and she didn’t dare to look at Ye Guang.  she really made her mouth hard in a hurry. After biting, she regretted it.

Liu Chiyan ran to the refrigerator. She took half box of ice cubes, wrapped it in a towel, and Liu Chiyan began to apply the ice to Ye Guang.

Ye Guang: “This will know how it hurts. Why is it so cruel just after the mouth.”

Liu Chiyan pouted, “Who let you bully me.”

Ye Guang: “I’ll just take a look. You are my wife. I’m not allowed to touch. I can’t look at it. I have it like you.” Ye Guang also has resentment in his heart.

Liu Chiyan slumped mouth did not make a sound. In this matter, she did not fulfill her obligation to be a wife. How could she not let her husband touch her after getting married.

at nights

Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang are sleeping together.

When Ye Guang was about to fall asleep, Liu Chiyan suddenly spoke softly, “Ye Guang.”

“Mn.” Ye Guang should have a sentence.

You…” Liu Chiyan hesitated, “Aren’t you…fortunate to endure it.”

Ye Guang suddenly became energetic, “Uh… there is… a point.”

“Oh.” Liu Chiyan replied, then stopped talking for a while.

Ye Guang is speechless. He thought Liu Chiyan finally let go, what could it be?. After waiting for a long time, he didn’t hear Liu Chiyan talking again, but Ye Guang didn’t dare to move. The first night of living together, Ye Guang want to be hard. But, that look in Liu Chiyan’s eyes still make him feels distressed, when Ye Guang thinks of it.

For a long time, Liu Chiyan’s voice like mosquitoes sounded, “Wait to go home, after a while… Let’s… round the room.”

Ye Guang’s mind exploded, and the flowers bloomed in his heart. Finally, did he finally let go? Finally, there is hope. To be honest, if you hold back like this every day, Ye Guang can no longer stand it. He now sleeps at night dare not have too much action on Liu Chiyan, because he is afraid of getting fire.

Ye Guang had flower in his heart, but he didn’t show too much excitement on his face. He just hugged Liu Chiyan and kissed her on her head without talking.

Nothing for a night.

The next day, Liu Chiyan, Ye Guang and Jiang Xin packed their bags and prepared to go home.

Jiang Xin spotted the red and blue tooth prints on Ye Guang’s shoulders in the morning, and looked at Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang with a strange look. “Ah, you two won’t be restrained.”

Liu Chiyan is shy, “Sister Jiang, not what you think.”

Jiang Xin hummed twice and pointed to Ye Guang’s shoulder and said, “Here is the evidence.”

Liu Chiyan didn’t speak anymore. Any explanation was useless, she describe it more and it’s become more darkly. She had already experienced it last time.

Seeing she didn’t speak. Jiang Xin settled down on her guess even more, “You said you… Oh, let’s not say, what should Ye Guang do now like this? This is not to let people think about it.”

Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang look at each other, as if it was really a problem. The tooth prints on his shoulders were so obvious, it was so obvious to make people still think about it. Even they didn’t think of Liu Chiyan, it would not very good to Ye Guang.

It’s summer, and the clothes can’t cover it, it’s difficult.

Finally, Liu Chiyan thought of a way.

She brought the medicine box and bandaged the tooth prints on Ye Guang shoulders with gauze.

“Well, that’s it. If someone asks, you say you are hurt.”

Ye Guang is helpless. There is nothing wrong with it. But why like this? Is this a guilty conscience?

However, it seems there is a thief…

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