BTC Chapter 389 : This field, we are the first!

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As soon as Professor Rand appeared, he calmed down the questioning scholars and experts! This is the same figure in the field of quantum physics. He can stand for Red Letter Group. That means he also recognizes the achievements of Red Letter Group in the field of quantum computers!

“Is this true?” The idea emerged in their minds.

“God, this is too crazy!” an old professor whispered.

“Today, will the world change?”

The group of experts from China also stared wide-eyed, meticulously watching the process of the demonstration, for fear of missing the process.

For them, this is more fascinating than the most exciting movies, and their doubts are full of expectations.

“Red Letter Group, can you really do it?” Teacher Tian and other experts almost held their breath and nervous.

At the booth, all preparations were in place, Professor Rand and American Computer Society staff confirmed that the experimental conditions were correct.

Then, the calculation speed test begins. The test time is only one second, repeated ten times, to calculate a complex infinite solution equation.

“Start!” Dai Liang ordered the test program to start, and the quantum computer began to calculate!

Ten seconds, the process is only ten seconds! The huge venue suddenly quieted down, and everyone consciously closed their mouths and focused their attention at virtual screen.

In normal times, ten seconds seems to pass in an instant, but now, Teacher Tian and others feel that these ten seconds are as long as a century. The result they waited for, just after these ten seconds!

“The test is over.” The sound of quantum computer sounded, ten seconds have passed, and Teacher Tian discovered that he had squeezed a sweat in his hand. He was even more nervous than Dai Liang and Professor Rand on the stage!

What’s the result? Everyone can’t wait to wait for the results.

The computer has counted the test data just now, and every time the computer data appears in front of everyone.

Dai Liang look with excitement and introduced: “Our quantum computer has been tested for ten times, and the average amount of data obtained each time has reached more than 10 billion times the number of the current supercomputer record!”

“The fastest peak reaches 10.5 billion times!”

“Miracle! This is a miracle!” This sentence was shouted by Professor Rand. He said loudly: “Quantum technology has broken the speed limit of traditional computer operations! Such a small machine represents peak of computer technology!”

“Red Letter Group’s quantum computer will lead the world’s computer revolution, let humanity officially enter big data era and AI era!”

His face glowed with red light. At this moment, there is no country in his mind. Such technological progress will benefit all human beings!

The audience was silent for a few seconds. After Professor Rand said it, they suddenly shouted out.

“OH, MY, GOD!”

“Quantum computer, this is the real quantum computer!”

“I have witnessed a machine that changed the times!”

pā pā pā ……” This is the applause!

At this moment, everyone’s face has an excited look. As professionals, they can clearly understand what this quantum computer’s achievements mean!

Since the commercialization of quantum computers into the world, the civilization process of the entire world has been advanced by leaps and bounds. No matter which field, with the help of computers, it is even more powerful, and efficiency and achievements are endless.

Today, thirty years after the development of computers, traditional computers have encountered the ceiling of development. Supercomputer can only be established by large organizations, and the eager development of big data and AI technology is limited by computer performance and encounters development bottlenecks.

Now the new technology displayed by Red Letter Group has completely solved this problem! Maybe in the future, private people can use quantum computers to develop various AI technologies and do big data analysis… The new Internet Science and Technology era changes from now on!

“Hahahaha…” Teacher Tian laughed regardless of the image.

“Teacher Tian, ​​how are you so happy?” one student asked.

“Of course, happy!” Teacher Tian excitedly said, “In the computer field, we have been chasing other people’s ass to catch up, and after thirty years, we have not been able to catch up!”

“But today, everything is different! Just now you saw Intel and IBM’s most advanced quantum computer? How much difference is this 10 billion times the distance?”

“China Red Letter Group has already thrown them far away! In the battle for quantum hegemony, we could not have imagined that our Chinese enterprise would kill a bloody road and directly reach the top!”

“It’s so happy! Hurry, send this message back to Beijing Computer Research Center and send it to National Academy of Sciences!”

“The gossip is actually true!” Huawei president, Wu Zhigao is also on the scene, he took a deep breath. Although he has long foreseen that Red Letter will have some action, he did not expect this action to be so intense!

“I don’t know what Bai Chenghui would think if he knew?” Wu Zhigao remembered that even Lianxiang group was trying to establish a quantum computer cooperation with IBM, he could not help but smiled.

At this moment, Bai Chenghui is in the temporary office, let the experts in the group analyze the information that Plit gave him.

“Mr. Bai, the latest news!” The assistant hurriedly knocked on the door.

“How do you panic?” Bai Chenghui was slightly frowned, said with a slight blame.

But the assistant has no time to take care of this, and said in a short tone: “Just now Red Letter Group showed their superconducting quantum computer, the performance is 10 billions that of IBM superconducting quantum computer!”

“What? You said Red Letter Group also showed superconducting quantum computers?” Bai Chenghui said, “Is it still a hundred-100 million times?”

He suspected that he had got it wrong. Several experts who were analyzing the data also stopped and said, “Is it wrong?”

“No, it is true! It is 10 billion times! Now the venue is boiling! Those experts and scholars are all crowded there, and the media is also there!” The assistant quickly explained, “This is really not what I said. The American Computer Society has confirmed it, and Professor Rand, who has won the Nobel Prize in Physics, is still helping in Red Letter Group platform!”

“This…” Bai Chenghui was difficult to digest this news.

“Where? Take us to see!” Several experts have been unable to wait, urging.

At this time on the venue, the savvy media workers swarmed past. The experts and scholars who were shocked were also reacting. The subsequent impact of this event will be worldwide! So one by one, quickly contact your institution or country, and the news will be transmitted from New Orleans Convention Center to the world in a short time!

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