BSI Chapter 133 : Dreaming

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Within mountain body has a huge cave. It is the secret base of Yoruichi and Kisuke Urahara. It was dug by the two men during the Onmitsukidō troops. The mountainside of the mountain body is the resident of Onmitsukidō troops.

Kurosaki Ichigo is learning Bankai here, and Kisuke Urahara has built a hot spring to recover the injury.

In the cave at this time, a figure lay quietly on the ground, she closed her eyes, her face was quiet and serene, it was Soi Fon.

At this time, Soi Fon’s head lies on a both legs, while the owner of the leg is Xia Yan.

Xia Yan changed his clothes, did not take the lead to see her friends, some of them have to receive treatment, some have to take care of others, and he is are not convenient to see them directly.

And there is Soi Fon, he can’t wait to see her.

Xia Yan asked Yoruichi to take Soi Fon away from Sōkyoku Hill, so as not too excited to see himself, and then he may not be successful, let her experience a sadness.

If you are really dead, Yamamoto Genryuusai will directly destroy his body and let himself disappear.

Then, except Yamamoto Genryuusai, Unohana Retsu, and Shiba Kūkaku, no one knows that they have lived.

The fact that he was dead, but was saved, and lived again.

Xia Yan came to underground cave for the first time, and Soi Fon was still in a coma.


Soi Fon slammed her eyes, the next moment, and she jumped up, flew up and kicked Xia Yan’s head.


Xia Yan’s arm blocked the foot, and Soi Fon moved back and appeared in the distance, looking intently.


On the moment of seeing Xia Yan’s face, Soi Fon’s face showed a surprised expression, and immediately rubbed her eyes and shouted: “Xia Yan?”

Xia Yan nodded with a smile and opened his arms.

“Xia Yan, is it really you?”

Soi Fon is excited and runs fast, Into the arms of Xia Yan.

Soi Fon’s head is even higher than Xia Yan, and Xia Yan retreat a step before he will hug the Soi Fon.

“I miss you so much.”

Soi Fon straightens up, looks at Xia Yan’s face, and blushes: “I miss you.”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “I am not here?”

Soi Fon cried and said, “But you will leave, and when I wake up, you will leave.”

“What wakes up?”

Xia Yan looked a little, and immediately understood what Soi Fon said, she thought it was a dream.

“I am real, Soi Fon sister, I am not dead, I am still alive, this is not a dream.”

Xia Yan said softly, looking directly at Soi Fon’s both eyes.

Soi Fon glimpsed a little, and then buried her head on Xia Yan’s shoulder and used her head against Xia Yan’s cheek. She said, “You don’t have to lie to me, except in my dreams, how can I see you.”

Xia Yan heard this, and his heart was sour. Soi Fon didn’t even dare to think that he was alive. How much pain she experienced.

Xia Yan then reached out and patted Soi Fon’s back without speaking.

The two hugged quietly. After a while, there was a footstep in the distance, and a voice sounded. “Call, the hot springs here are still so good, it is very comfortable.”

He saw a whole body, and the clever Cracker beauty who wiped the body with a white towel step by step.

Soi Fon straightens, looks at the opposite side, and the brow wrinkles.

“Little Soi Fon, are you awake?”

Yoruichi looks at Soi Fon and smiled and said hello.

Soi Fon frowned and asked, “How come you are here?”

Yoruichi said with a smile: “I brought you.”

Soi Fon straightened up, and Xia Yan stood next to her, holding her hand and saying, “Yes, it was the Yoruichi senior who brought you.”

Soi Fon looks at Yoruichi, thinking about it, suddenly sighed and said: “I understand, you are stunned me, I have been thinking about killing you, naturally I will dream of you.”

It seems that she thought she was dreaming.

Xia Yan was not know to crying or laughing, and Yoruichi was also a bit distressed. When Xia Yan thought about how to convince her, Yoruichi came over and held out her fingers, pinching Soi Fon’s cheek and squinting.

“Pain, pain, pain.”

Soi Fon took a painful shot and slammed Yoruichi’s arm, just want to say something, a slight sigh, “Hey, why do I feel pain?”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “Because you are not dreaming, this is true, I am still alive.”

Soi Fon frowned, looking at Xia Yan and looking at Yoruichi. The latter nodded and said, “Yes, Xia Yan is still alive.”

Soi Fon raised her hand and touched him in her arms. She found a bitterness, picked it up and stroked it on her finger, and a drop of blood oozes.

“Sure enough.”

Soi Fon felt the pain and knew that she was not dreaming.

“Soi Fon sister, sorry.”

Xia Yan walked up to Soi Fon, looking at her both eyes, sincerely apologized, and prepared to be slapped by her.

But Soi Fon blinked more and more tears, and opened her mouth.

Xia Yan saw this scene and quickly went over and said: “Soi Fon sister, you don’t cry.”

“Do you know, I really thought you were dead? I am very upset in my heart? Where did you go?”

Soi Fon cried and cried, Xia Yan said nothing, went over and hugged her, let her cry.

Soi Fon cried for ten minutes and gradually stopped crying, slowly leaning on Xia Yan arms, and calmed down a lot. Look at him and asked: “What happened? Why are you with Yoruichi?”

Cooling down Soi Fon, no anger, she understands Xia Yan, knows Xia Yan’s character, and knows her position in Xia Yan’s heart.

She knows that Xia Yan will not leave herself for no reason.

When he leaves her, there must be an important reason.

Because she really love Xia Yan and understand everything about him, Soi Fon did not show any anger. After venting her pain, ask him what happened to him?

“Soi Fon, sit down, I will tell you slowly.”

Xia Yan took Soi Fon to sit on the ground and then talked about the ins and outs of things.

In the process of telling, Soi Fon unconsciously clasped Xia Yan’s hand until Xia Yan finished.

Then Soi Fon said softly: “It turned out to be the case.”

She did not expect Xia Yan to encounter so many dangers. He almost died several times. She did not expect Aizen to be the last murderer. He did so much in the dark.

Of course, Yoruichi is not her own enemy at all, and Kisuke Urahara is not the main messenger of hollow event 100 years ago.

On the contrary, Kisuke Urahara also saved Xia Yan’s life, without Kisuke Urahara, Xia Yan is dead.

“I’m afraid!”

Soi Fon said softly to Yoruichi, who used Yoruichi as an enemy attack and now seems to have missed her.

Yoruichi said carelessly: “It’s okay.”

Then Soi Fon added: “Thank you for Kisuke Urahara and thank him for saving Xia Yan.”

“And I will! ”

Yoruichi said with a smile.

Soi Fon took Xia Yan’s hand and stood up and said, “Let’s go back, I believe other people want to see you, don’t let them wait too long.”

Soi Fon didn’t have the first time to be intimate with Xia Yan, but first apologized and thanked Yoruichi, and then planned to take him to see other people.

The reason for this is because Soi Fon regards Xia Yan as her own person.

She will stand in the perspective of Xia Yan, think about more things, and after thinking about everything, then consider myself.

This is what a wife should do.

Yes, Soi Fon intends to marry Xia Yan after this incident.

She don’t want to wait any longer.

Soi Fon thought, pulling Xia Yan, and Yoruichi, leaving the underground cave.

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