BSI Chapter 156 : The Duel has settled

Edited: XiaXue

Zī zī zī zī.

Along with Xia Yan’s arm waving, a thunder flew from thunder pool and shot towards Aizen in the air.

Aizen’s figure glittering, constantly avoiding Thunder attack, but only in an instant, Xia Yan appeared behind Aizen, with thunder gun in his hand, stabbing Aizen’s back.

Aizen turned back and slammed into Thunder’s gun.


The Thunder’s gun exploded, and the huge energy spread out. When the energy of thunder disappeared, Aizen slowly opened the butterfly wing, and the body was unharmed.

“It’s useless, you can’t hurt me.”

Aizen’s figure is glittering and instantly opens the distance.

But suddenly, his body stopped, He doesn’t know when, in the Space between Thunder of Heaven and Thunder Pool, there was endless current, and these currents were interwoven into a large net.

Aizen’s body touched a wire in the net, and the surrounding current immediately swarmed, wrapping Aizen’s body layer.

“Do you think you can hurt me?”

Aizen’s hand waved, the level 1 of these wires shattered, but more and more currents poured in and tied Aizen.

And at the next moment, a giant Thunder spider jumped out of the Thunder Pool and swallowed Aizen in the belly.

“1 billion volts, Thunder King.”

Xia Yan can use the thunder pool to condense into a giant spider. This spider is huge and the shape of the light is bigger than the back of the tooth.

Aizen, who was swallowed in his stomach, went straight into the belly of Thunder King, filled with endless thunder.

The next moment, the huge Thunderbolt suddenly shrinks, and instantly becomes a thunder ball, and then bursts.


The huge explosion sounded, the thunder pool at the foot was split, the thunder storm in the sky burst, and a huge explosion filled every part the line of sight.


“Awesome power.”

Kyouraku Shunsui wiped the sweat on forehead and then looked to the side and said, “Thank you, Hirako Captain, Love Captain.”

Hirako Shinji waved his hand and said, “You are welcome, we just come to help Xia Yan.”

On the distant land, Starrk’s body fell to the ground.


In the distance, Harribel glanced at the explosion in the distance, and with this explosion Aizen would die.

She looks at the three Arrancars around her, and the sword tip is at the neck of the stunned Shiba Kaien. She said, “I want to use him to exhange for my three subordinates.”

“Want to change your own hands? You think so beautiful, you are Aizen’s men, and we will kill you.”

Hiyori held her Zanpakuto, and I am shout about it.

But Muguruma Kensei said: “Yes, as long as you are willing to let him go, we are willing to let go of your three subordinate.”

“What for? Shinigami’s life is worthless.”

Hiyori immediately look back at Muguruma Kensei.

“Because he is Xia Yan’s eldest brother.”

Yadomaru Lisa sat on the side and said softly.

“Xia Yan?”

She sighed and said: “There is no way, exchange it.”


Xia Yan’s figure slowly appeared from a distance. He took Yamamoto Genryuusai and flew to the distance. After Yamamoto Genryuusai was put down, he looked into the distance and formed a large pit with a diameter of one kilometer at the location of Thunder King’s explosion. There are hundreds of meters deep and the entire ground is destroyed.

Xia Yan breathed a sigh of relief and said: “This time, we should win.”

Yamamoto Genryuusai said with a smile: “A very powerful Ability, if it is me, I am afraid I will be seriously injured.”

But at this time, a figure emerged from the big pit in the distance. His back butterfly wings were broken, four skull were all Shatter, and Aizen’s body also had some potholes, but as he flew, His body potholes continue to heal, and finally the body recovers, while the butterfly wing behind it is still broken.

Seeing this scene, Xia Yan reveals the color of surprise. “How is it possible?”

Such an explosion has exceeded ten times that of Jakuhō Raikōben, and its power is highly congested, which can destroy a city.

But Aizen was not killed.

Aizen looks at Xia Yan, saying: “I can transform Arrancar. Naturally, I can transform myself. The skull on these butterfly wings can absorb heat. The reason for choosing heat is that whether it is a thunder storm or Head-Captain’s Flame, the enemy will be killed at the last minute with heat. Of course, the heat energy absorbed by my butterfly wing is limited, and your power is very powerful, directly destroying all the flaws behind me. However, your thunder pool is destroyed, and your Bankai is almost to the limit. You have lost.”

Aizen repaired the body’s injury, and the white armor on his body slowly shattered. He clenched his Zapnakuto in his hand and said, “What else can you do now?”

Leaving this sentence, Aizen slowly came to Xia Yan front.

Xia Yan clenched his Zanpakuto and slowly flew up, feeling the Reiatsu within the body, the Bankai could not be used, but it could use a double thunder wings for a dozen seconds.

This is not enough. With double thunder wings, he can’t kill him.

Just then, a voice rang, “Let him approach me.”


Xia Yan noticed that Head-Captain, who was lying beside him, said that he had clenched his long sword and did not worry about Shikai.

“Is it even impossible for Shikai?”

Aizen was close to Xia Yan, speeding up the speed, a little move, and the body flew out, appearing behind Xia Yan, and smashed out.

Xia Yan’s toes were a little bit faster, and he escaped this sword and appeared in the distance.

Aizen is going to chase, but at this moment, Aizen’s feet are caught by one hand.

He saw Yamamoto Genryuusai on the ground with a yellowed arm and grabbed Aizen’s ankle. The next moment, a huge blade of up to 100 meters, instantly enveloped Aizen.

“Hadō #96, Ittō Kasō.”

Kido, which is used at the expense of a charred body, has formidable power.

Flame dissipated, and Aizen screamed out of Flame, his body was black and his chest was covered with blood.

Without a complete hōgyoku of self-protection, Aizen could not fully immunize the forbidden Kido, and was severely wounded in the unexpected.

But at this time, a huge cannonball was on the way.


The shells burst, the fire flashed, and the huge explosion rang again.

And Xia Yan’s take Yamamoto Genryuusai appeared in the distance, and the shadows at the side of the shadows said, “Not enough, come again.”


Soi Fon nodded and activated her Bankai again, biting her teeth and firing a round of shells again.


The shell hit the location of the explosion, the second explosion sounded, and the fire covered the sky.

“This is the third round, I have reached the limit.”

Soi Fon lowered her arm incessantly. After fighting Ulquiorra, she received a simple treatment and wanted to help others. She saw a huge explosion, so the treatment was not over and she rushed over.

Soi Fon reached the limit by launching two Jakuhō Raikōben and three against Ulquiorra.

Plus the body injury is not revocer, now Soi Fon, is already the end of body limit.

“It’s enough. You take Head-Captain for treatment. I stay here.”

Xia Yan said that the lookout at the explosion center.

Soi Fon asked in amazement: “You mean, Aizen is still not dead after two Jakuhō Raikōben hit him?”

Xia Yan nodded and said: “Yes, he is not so easy to die.”


Soi Fon bit her teeth and picked up Yamamoto Genryuusai and ran towards the distance.

At the end of the explosion, Aizen groaned out of the smoke, his left arm disappeared, and he limped out.

Two Jakuhō Raikōben, just broke an arm and his legs.

It’s terrible.

But as long as the action Ability is lost, it is enough.

“Let’s land, Kaminari.”

Xia Yan clenched Kaminari, the thunder wing appeared, and the figure disappeared instantly.

Aizen’s speed is slower than Xia Yan’s double-wing, and now he is injured and can’t react at all.


Xia Yan’s Kaminari runs directly through Aizen’s chest.


Aizen spit out a blood, and with Xia Yan taking out Kaminari, he turned his back.

But Xia Yan has already been behind, and has come back.

Aizen spit out another blood. He straightened up and held the long sword, but only in an instant, he was surrounded by black energy.

Hadō #90, Kurohitsugi.

Xia Yan breathed a sigh of relief, and the body’s Reiatsu is running low.

After the black energy disappeared, Aizen fell to the ground and the body was covered with wounds.

“Just kill me.”

Aizen’s voice was so weak that he suffered too much injury.

Thunder King, Ittō Kasō, Jakuhō Raikōben, and Kurohitsugi.

Many Captain-level Shinigami were hit by one of them, and they were seriously injured, and he experienced these things before he fell.

And Aizen, his face showed a satisfying look.

The strength of Xia Yan is formidable, an endless stream of means, made Aizen feel the long-lost satisfaction.

For so long, there was finally a person who was more genius than himself, and he found an opponent who could fight.

This is enough.

Aizen thinks that if you die in this style, the result is not bad.

“I won’t kill you.”

Xia Yan walked to Aizen’s side, grabbed his body and grabbed him from the ground.


Aizen raised the head, looking at Xia Yan.

Xia Yan sighed and said: “The crime you have done is not enough to use death as a puniment.”

Aizen eyes picked up and said, “Is it? With you. ”

Xia Yan immediately said: “Of course this is just one of the reasons, and I need you to do me a favor.”

“What you will do …?”

Aizen frowned and didn’t know what Xia Yan was going to do.

Xia Yan smiled and said: “It’s very simple, I want you…”

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