BSI Chapter 144 : Entry

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“What is this?”

Within Dangai, Soi Fon held a small machine in her hand and kept twirling in her hand.

“This is a music player, Hi-Fi sound, and headphones. There are a lot of songs downloaded in it. I bought it from other people in human world.”

Xia Yan said as he stuffed the earplugs into Soi Fon’s ear.

“Oh? This song is very rhythmic.”

Soi Fon was a little surprised when she listened to the music from this headphones.

Xia Yan said with a smile: “So Soi Fon’s sister doesn’t have to be boring here.”


Soi Fon looks at Xia Yan, who has crossed his head and stared at a bowl of eyes, and the look of a cute person makes people feel mad.

Xia Yan pointed to Soi Fon ear. After taking off the earplugs, the latter said, “I said that Soi Fon’s sister had something to do to pass the time.”

Soi Fon nodded and said, “Yes, it’s good to be able to listen to music and pass the time.”

Xia Yan said: “There are not only music players, but also tablet computers. There are thousands of novels from Human World and hundreds of high-definition dramas, so Soi Fon sister has to seen it.”

“You have a heart.”

Soi Fon looks at Xia Yan, the corner of the mouth reveals a smile.

“I just want to share what I saw in Human World and share it with Soi Fon sister.”

Xia Yan said with a smile, went over and brought headphones to Soi Fon, his fingers touched her earlobe, and the soft feeling came.

Later, Xia Yan slowly walked back to the open space center and continued to practice.

Xia Yan constantly tempered the body, because there is food in Dangai, He can rest and entertain, your loved ones and friends, so the time here is not too long.


Time passed slowly. In the blink of an eye, the outside world passed for a month. It was two months since Aizen betrayed, and Xia Yan spent 20 years in Dangai.

“Xia Yan, come, let’s spar.”

Abarai Renji took out Zanpakuto, looks at Xia Yan, and the corner of mouth showed a confident smile.

“Renji Big Brother, are you sure you want to fight with me?”

Xia Yan looks at Abarai Renji and asked with a smile.

Abarai Renji said: “Only use Zanjutsu, not use Zapnakuto ability.”

Xia Yan’s Zapnakuto ability is much stronger than Abarai Renji, Zanjutsu and Kido’s Ability have their own strengths, and shunpo ability is the weakest.

However, in the future, Abarai Renji has a super Captain level of combat power, which has surpassed the average Captain.


Xia Yan agreed to Abarai Renji’s request.

Abarai Renji said with a smile: “Come on.”

He took out his Zanpakuto and stood in front of Xia Yan, and Xia Yan also pulled out his Zanpakuto.

“Be careful.”

Abarai Renji stepped on the footsteps and rushed forward.

But the sword fell, but it was blocked by a finger, a finger that was not too long.


Abarai Renji’s dull looks at this scene, the eyes are full of unbelievable looks.

During the one-month period of Dangai practice, Abarai Renji occasionally came here, about seven or eight years of practice time.

But in these 20 years, Xia Yan has been using his magnetic field to exercise his body, so that he has steel skin and strong Reiatsu.

Aizen can block the Slash of Kurosaki ichigo Bankai with one finger.

And I can also block Slash of Abarai Renji who has not used Zanpakuto shikai with one finger.

“How was this possible?”

Abarai Renji pulled back his Zanpakuto and his face was a bit ugly, muttering: “How could I not even hurt your finger?”

He practiced for seven or eight years, and could not even cut Xia Yan finger, which made him somewhat unacceptable.

Xia Yan did not speak, but sat back and continued to practice.

Xia Yan knows that Abarai Renji will be difficult to accept. From the beginning of his enrollment, he is worse than Xia Yan’s latent talent, and strength is weak.

In order to catch up with this younger brother, Abarai Renji has made a lot of efforts and has been practicing for decades. As a result, the distance has increased.

This makes Abarai Renji a bit discouraged.

But Xia Yan will not say anything. If Abarai Renji is stopped by this blow, he will not help in the next battle.

To know that he is defeated by Arrancar, Grimmjow subordinate, Yylfordt.

Although he started to fight in a limited state at the beginning, it was still with trouble against Yylfordt, who was not liberated.

Even Ururu and Jinta are so great that they can knock down Yylfordt, who is not Resurrección.

Then Yylfordt was Resurrección, and Abarai Renji was instant killed after used his Bankai.

This is the only one Arrancar defeated by Abarai Renji, who entered Las Noches in the future and met Szayelaporro, he and Ishida Uryū were defeated by the opposite side.

Dealing with the secrets of Sado Yasutora is still losing.

Counting, in the Aizen plan, he mastered Bankai, but it is just under Captain.

Abarai Renji goes on like this and can’t have enough self-protection Ability in the next battle.

Abarai Renji stood there hesitating for a while, stood up with his teeth and continued to practice.

Seeing this scene, Xia Yan corner of the mouth showed a smile.


In this way, time continues to pass, two months later in Soul Society, Xia Yan has been in Dangai for three months, and the time in Dangai has reached sixty years. The Aizen rebellion is four months ago.

According to original work, Aizen will attack Karakura Town at this time, but it has not happened yet.

After all, he didn’t get Kisuke Urahara’s Hōgyoku, so he couldn’t get the perfect Hōgyoku.

So will he still attack?

Xia Yan does not know, if it does not attack, it will continue for several years, will Yhwach contact Aizen and attack Seireitei togather?

Of course, Aizen hates Yhwach’s idea that fear is a must for World.

Maybe he won’t agree with him, but he can’t help to worry.

There is no Ability to deal with Quincy and the Hueco Mundo force, so the battle must begin, and it will take less than two years before Yhwach completely restores his strength.

After Xia Yan made up his mind, he left Dangai. For sixty years, his Reiatsu has reached Ninth-class Reiatsu, meeting the needs for battle.

What he needs next is to master Bankai, and because of the small space in Dangai, he can’t practice with Zanpakuto.

In this way, the practice was over, and Xia Yan began to wait for Aizen’s next plan.


“It has been four months, Aizen Captain, when are you going to attack Seireitei?”

Aizen and Ichimaru Gin looks at the roof of Las Noches, asked with a smile.

Aizen said: “Not enough. I am ready to deal with Yamamoto Genryuusai, the rest of Arrancar is enough to deal with all the remaining Captain, if they can’t, I can shoot, this is my original plan.”

Ichimaru Gin raised an eyebrow and asked, “What about now?”

Aizen said: “The recent news from Seireitei, Xia Yan in the cut-off practice, as the Reiatsu increasesed, his Bankai will last longer, so the duration of battle will also become longer. His Ability couldn’t kill me, but it was able to kill Arrancar I made. Once Arrancar couldn’t do anything, I could only do it myself, but it would be consumed by Xia Yan and the rest of Captain, and there was the Visored Legion. If only these people fall, but the problem is Kisuke Urahara. If my stamina is consumed, I can’t figure out how to escape from him.”

Without Hōgyoku, Aizen is not sure to deal with Kisuke Urahara completely.

The same is true. If it is not Hōgyoku Ability, Kisuke Urahara will have the chance to kill Aizen.

Ichimaru Gin asked: “So you are only worried about Kisuke Urahara alone?”

Aizen said: “No, contain Xia Yan, as long as he does not kill the Arrancar, I can save the strength as much as possible, and deal with Kisuke Urahara.”

Ichimaru Gin immediately said, “Then I will deal with Xia Yan. His speed is fast, but my Zanpakuto is faster.”

Aizen shook his head and said, “No, I will prepare some surprises for Xia Yan. As for you, Gin, I need you to lead Arrancar to attack, at the same time to contain any Shinigami trying to chase me. And I went to fight Yamamoto Genryuusai and Xia Yan.”

Ichimaru Gin nodded and said, “Well, I won’t let any Shinigami affect you.”

Aizen smiled and said, “Good, it will start two months later.”

Leaving this sentence, Aizen turned and left, only Ichimaru Gin stayed here, looks at the endless white desert, don’t know what in his mind.

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