BTC Chapter 417 : Casually looking for someone

Edited: XiaXue

“I am worried about it too!” said Zhao Qiaoqiao, “You said that the pet dog does not obey the traffic rules, is it necessary for people to obey the traffic rules?”

“If individual suddenly run out, your System will not respond. Isn’t that a big deal?”

The three people are all embarrassed after she said that. In fact, they also know that the real road conditions are far more complicated than ideal.

What pedestrians do not obey the traffic rules, road barriers, traffic lights, how to understand the traffic instructions, etc., too many problems!

“Have you ever tried to use Intelligent Driving Assist Radar System to complete driverless?” Lu Zixin asked, and there is smart driving in artificial intelligence service of Red Letter Group.

The main functions now are navigation, emergency braking and other auxiliary functions.

“Try it, or not.” Kong Guanyu said, “It’s not that simple. Smart driving can only say that some navigation routes are provided. The main function still depends on driverless driving.”

“Man, do your company have any help for unmanned smart services?”

“Well, there is one, but I’m not sure if I can help.” Lu Zixin said, “I have to read your driverless system to know.”

“Well!” Ji Fan agreed. “Our company is in Pengcheng. You have time to go. Just these days we are re-commissioning the driverless system. Nothing else.”

After he finished speaking, he would not mention it. He has already determined that this Lu Zixin is the person that Xu Xiuying casually found. There is no resources to cooperate. Otherwise, why did he say it for a long time, he is not sure?

In the next step, it is to drink and swear. Ji Fan and others talked about the hardships of their own company three or four times, and the two girls who were listening were annoying.

Zhao Qiaoqiao is still trying to slap Lu Zixin from time to time, but unfortunately has not succeeded.

Xu Xiuying also drank a lot. When Lu Zixin finally sent her to the hotel, she was already drunk and couldn’t open her eyes.

Lu Zixin threw her together with the drunk Zhao Qiaoqiao, then turned and left, and went back to his home.

On the other side, from the western bar, Ji Fan and other three are still chatting.

“I said that Xu Xiuying’s girl is bragging! I thought she was working in Pengyun Automobile and could know a big man!” Zhang Wei said with a mouthful of alcohol. “After a long time, nothing.”

“Hey, drink so much wine in white!” Ji Fan is also very helpless. “I see that guy, I want to find him to invest in us. He wants technical cooperation, he doesn’t say it!”

“The most important thing is that two girls, one did not give us the rest. All went to the hotel with him, tonight… I really envy him!”

“What did I say early? Can’t count on women, not reliable!” Kong Guanyu drank too much, and seemed to have some emotions. “Go back, and debug System tomorrow.”

“Go, go, go home and sleep. Be sure to perfect our driverless system, and the buddy’s career for the next ten years depends on it!”


At home, the lights are still on, Su Zhirong is wearing pajamas and sitting on the sofa watching the projection movie.

“Back?” Su Zhirong looks at Lu Zixin.

“Well, drink some wine,” Lu Zixin said. “I am a little excited now.”


After more than an hour, Lu Zixin sat on the bed and turned on the computer to find the information.

The first is the information about driverless system inside Red Letter Group. The project was completed in Red Letter Software Development Co., Ltd. in less than three months, and only some initial technical accumulations were completed and it was cut off.

Then there is the information of Frontwalk startup company, and not many can be found on the network.

The company’s legal representative and CEO are both Ji Fan, Zhang Wei and Kong Guanyu are his joint Founder. The company has a registered capital of 10 million and 18 employees.

Former entrepreneurs have been established for nearly two years. Apart from burning the company’s book capital, there is no project that can be profitable.

The only thing they are doing right now is the driverless System, which has made a name for it before, and many investment institutions are ready to invest in them.

The investment institution was cautious after the incident of killing the pet dog, the entrepreneurial team had a tough time.

“What? You want to do drone again?” Su Zhirong climbed out of the bed, her face was a little red, and she attached her head to his chest and asked.

“Yeah.” Lu Zixin held her in his arms and said, “Our artificial intelligence technology has already reached the standard. If improvements are made in motor vehicles, the driverless system should be able to make it soon.”

“Now there are a lot of companies that can be unmanned!” Su Zhirong fingered into the air, and the virtual projection device opened on the bed sensed her movements and language. The name and introduction of a company appeared in the projection.

“Tes Auto Full Auto Driving Technology, UB Self-driving Cars, Google Driverless Cars are already on the road, Toyota, BMW, Volvo… Almost all car companies and high-speed Science and Technology companies are involved in the driverless field.”

“In our country, the current leading position in this field is a thousand degrees. Their driverless cars are said to be able to drive safely in complete darkness, and often appear in various activities. However, they still have not been able to obtain operational approval.”

“There was a temporary license for the driverless car in United States, but a half-year ago, Tes completely autopiloted the car and caused a traffic accident, which led to public doubts about the technology.”

“That is of course. After all, driverless is related to everyone’s life safety. If I am, I will be cautious.” Lu Zixin said, “Go sleep first, and say tomorrow.”

The next day, Lu Zixin learned more about this and found the head of the company’s once-unmanned project, ready to restart the program.

But before that, he decided to go to Frontwalk startup to see. If their drones are okay, consider buying their company and rebuilding the unmanned car project of Red Letter.

On the third day, Lu Zixin made an appointment with Xu Xiuying, and was ready to visit Frontwalk startup company.

A business building, outside a few offices on a certain floor, is a small brand of “Frontwalk entrepreneurs”, here is the base camp of Ji Fan and others!

It is nine o’clock in the morning, and the company’s employees have already started working. They are still testing the driverless system repeatedly, trying to find out what happened before.

Ji Fan took a call and said to Zhang Wei and others: “The last time in the bar, Lu Zixin, he will come to our company to see.”

“He really came? Isn’t that person Xu Xiuying casually looking for?” Zhang Wei did not understand.

“Who knows? Come here, we are not afraid of people to visit.” Ji Fan shrugged.

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