BTC Chapter 418 : Who do you think they are?

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“Would you like to prepare?” Kong Guanyu asked. “Prepare some materials or something.”

“Forget it!” said Ji Fan, “I am not welcoming any investors and big customers, so that’s all.”

They continued to work, and after more than an hour, Lu Zixin and others arrived.

“Just here, I have been here last time, although the place is small, but it is really good.” Xu Xiuying led Lu Zixin.

“Welcome to visit our company.” Ji Fan came out to meet him in court.

Lu Zixin said: “Today I want to know more about your project. Next to me is Mr. Zhu Liangyan, who is also an expert in the field of driverless driving.”

Zhu Liangyan is in his forties, wearing a neat suit. Because he is much older than Lu Zixin, Ji Fan pays more attention to him. I guess that Zhu Liangyan may be a capable person.

“Hello, Mr. Zhu, please come in.”

They walked into the company and looked around. Other employees of Frontwalk startup seem to be familiar with this scene, and they are busy with their work.

“Do you have this radar, do you do it yourself?” Zhu Liangyan saw the car radar and asked curiously.

“We improved,” Zhang Wei said. “It was originally a product of a German civilian radar company. After we bought it, we improved for driverless aspect.”

“With this radar, the car can detect obstacles and moving objects in the surrounding 100 meters in advance, and then adjust the driving mode through the intelligent system.”

Lu Zixin raised a question and said, “Loading the radar, what if there is wireless interference and other interference? Is the self-driving car not ‘blindness’?”

“This… In general, there won’t be so much interference on the road, and our radar can prevent certain interference,” Zhang Wei explained.

“The road situation is very complicated and does not allow for a little accident.” Zhu Liangyan said, “How do you solve the problem of accurately positioning the vehicle?”

When I heard the question of Zhu Liangyan, Ji Fan and others felt that he was a real expert. Today’s motor vehicles have positioning systems, but for fully automatic driving, they need more accurate positioning data feedback to System to ensure that automatic driving does not go wrong.

At present, even the most advanced positioning system, there are errors of five to ten meters, which is a very serious error for fully automatic driving cars!

“Usually, we use China’s Beidou satellite positioning system. The on-board computer performs automatic correction every ten seconds. When the weather is bad and the system is affected by tunnels, we use odometer and gyroscope inertial navigation.”

After Ji Fan finished, Zhu Liangyan directly pointed out the problem in his discourse and said: “The inertial navigation unit will have cumulative error. If the tunnel is too long, the cumulative error will increase and this will increase the cost of the fully automated driving system.”

“This is no way, our solutions are already the world’s leading. These technologies are constrained by sensor devices, unless the sensing system and positioning services are more complete, it can solved.” Ji Fan is very calm.

Zhu Liangyan nodded. Red Letter Group had encountered this problem when studying this project.

They continued to check and asked a lot of questions.

To the surprise of Lu Zixin, this Frontwalk startup is a little better than he imagined. Although the company is small and has a small registered capital, when it comes to technology, they are really not bad, and they have been able to achieve a highly automated System.

The driverless sector is divided into four phases: Driver Assistance System, Partial Automation System, Highly Automated System and Fully Automated System.

At present, no company in the world dares to claim that it can reach the fourth stage, and the leader is basically at the third stage.

It is not easy for Ji Fan and others to come here. Many people in their company started their own businesses together after leaving their positions from other technology companies. They have senior executives and technical talents.

“Can you let us see the actual road test?” Zhu Liangyan asked, they have been in this company for a day.

When Ji Fan and others did nothing, they accompanied them to visit and explain.

Now I hear that they still have to look at the road, several people feel a little tired.

“Yes, we are testing on the designated road.” Ji Fan still promised, he still has a glimmer of hope, this Zhu Liangyan is said to be a senior company executive, if their company can look at this project, and invest hundreds of millions to Frontwalk startup.

As for Lu Zixin next to him, he was regarded as an assistant to Zhu Liangyan, and he did not pay much attention.

Their company’s specialized test vehicles are on the road, driving slowly in a place where pedestrians and vehicles are relatively small.

Before real-time monitoring of the screen, Lu Zixin watched the specially-renovated driverless business vehicle driving on the road.

Under normal circumstances, it is naturally not a problem at all. When encountering pedestrians or vehicles, it can respond accordingly.

“Is it too slow?” Lu Zixin asked.

“It’s a bit slow, but our sensing system is not perfect enough, and the speed is too fast to be afraid of a safety accident.” Ji Fan explained.


Actually, Lu Zixin also saw it, and it was not as amazing as he imagined. The reason is probably that the speed of the car is slow, and the speed of intelligent processing is not fast enough.

“Mr. Zhu, what do you think? We are working hard to contact Red Letter Intelligent Development Co., Ltd., and we want to work with them to solve the most difficult artificial intelligence problem in the driverless problem. As long as there is a certain amount of capital investment, one year Inside, we are likely to breakthrough to the fourth stage of driverless driving, fully automatic driving!”

Ji Fan and others are selling the company’s entrepreneurial project to Zhu Liangyan. Zhu Liangyan just smiled and said: “You have done a good job, although there is still a gap between the technology of Qiandu and Google, but in the field of driverless driving, It is also a first-class startup company.”

“Other, we have a chance to talk again.”

Hearing his words, Ji Fan and others were somewhat disappointed. Does this mean that they are not looking at their projects? That whole day, I was busy again!

Xu Xiuying looked at Lu Zixin and saw that he was thinking, she did not interrupt him.

Lu Zixin wondered if he was to buy this company, or if Red Letter restarted the unmanned project, he needed to go back and talk to Zhu Liangyan.

“Let’s do this today, thank you for your reception, and contact you tomorrow,” Lu Zixin said.

When Xu Xiuying listened, the eyes were bright, and there was still a drama! She hurriedly hinted Ji Fan, said: “Not yet sent?”

Ji Fan felt helplessly sighed, or kept politely sending Lu Zixin and Zhu Liangyan down the stairs.

But as soon as he returned to the upper floor, he was dissatisfied with Xu Xiuying: “Xiuying, did you bring their two today to play with us? All day long, our entire company did nothing, so we introduced them to project, the result sent us away in one sentence, is there such a fun?”

Xu Xiuying not only refused to admit her mistake, but also retorted: “Play? Ji Fan, you think I will bring people to play with you! Do you know who they are?”


“I can’t tell you now, but I can be sure, if they find you to cooperate again, your company will be developed!” Xu Xiuying said vowed.

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