BTC Chapter 419 : Don’t Make Fun of My Idol

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“Really?” Some people don’t believe it. How can there be such a good thing?

“Really! Let me say it first. If you are developed, don’t forget my credit.” Xu Xiuying said.

“If I really have this kind of thing, it is no problem to treat you as a bodhisattva.” Ji Fan said, he did not believe at all.


Lu Zixin and Zhu Liangyan first returned to the company to ask him about the unmanned project.

“President Lu, I think, the driverless project is completely feasible.” Zhu Liangyan analyzed it to him. “Before, our driverless project only the first stage of the driver assistance system and was not as good as Frontwalk startup company.”

“The reason why the project was cut down was that the main reason was similar to them. The positioning system was not precise enough, the sensor system was not developed enough, and the most important thing was that the smart technology was not mature enough!”

“The desire to move from a high degree of automation to full autopilot relies on smart technology! We couldn’t overcome this difficulty before, but now with the quantum brain, this most difficult problem can be solved.”

“It is undoubtedly the most appropriate to open this project at this time. If you don’t look for me, I will also submit an application to you.”

As the person in charge of the once-unmanned project, Zhu Liangyan naturally hopes that this project will be restarted, so that he can show his talents.

“Yeah.” Lu Zixin nodded and asked: “Do you think it’s better for our company to restart the project itself, or is it better to invest in a startup?”

Zhu Liangyan has already understood the meaning of Lu Zixin. He said: “I have thought about this problem. I think it is better to invest in a startup company.”

“Talk about your thoughts.”

Zhu Liangyan continued: “Red Letter Group is huge now, but it is also very bloated! For example, the previous driverless project was hung under Red Letter Software Development Co., Ltd.”

“But there are many more important projects to be done by Red Letter Software Development Company. The resources for driving unmanned projects are relatively small, which seriously affects the progress and makes management difficult and convenient.”

“Now if we restart, we will face the same problem, and this time it is linked to Red Letter Intelligent Technology Development Co., Ltd. or Red Letter Software Development Co., Ltd.?”

“On the contrary, if you invest, such as Frontwalk startup startup company. We can fully develop and operate independently, and the progress is directly in the third stage. We can launch it before other companies officially develop driverless system, and seize the market opportunity!”


On the third day, in Frontwalk startup company, the small team is in a meeting.

“The person in charge of Arctic Capital has informed me that they are not planning to invest.” Ji Fan disappointed and announced a news.

When the news was announced, everyone on the small team showed disappointed expression on their faces. The company’s liquidity has been unable to last for two months, but it still does not get investment.

If this continues, they can only transfer shares at a low price, which is a waste of their efforts.

“If it weren’t for that damn dog running around, we would have gotten the investment!” Zhang Wei whispered, he was full of resentment against the dog that crashed into their driverless car.

The dog owner did not manage his dog, resulting in such a bad chain reaction.

“Did not two people come to our company the day before yesterday? Did they respond?” asked a partner founder.

“Don’t count on it.” Kong Guanyu said, “They are interested in our project, but it is estimated that they can’t make any investment.”

“I still have to rely on myself.” Ji Fan was secretly sighed, and he received an employee’s resignation letter last night.

The employees were the talents they had dug. They now feel that their company has a limited future and are ready to change jobs. If this continues, the final outcome of the former startup company must be to sell the project and the company cheaply to a large company.

“Ah…” His mobile phone was in his pocket, and Ji Fan looked down, it was Xu Xiuying’s phone.

Because at the meeting, he did not pick up. When the small team finished a frustrating meeting, he only called back.

“Sorry, just in the meeting, are you looking for something?” asked Ji Fan.

“A big good news!” Xu Xiuying said with excitement in English, “You hit luckystar!”

“What good news can I have?” Ji Fan’s tone is calm, he is now in a heavy mood, and he is not happy at all.

“I just introduced you to that friend before, he looked at your company, and prepared to invest in you!” Xu Xiuying continued.

“Ah? Your friend gave me investment?” Ji Fan was unexpected.

“How much is the investment?”

“How do I know, but definitely not less.” Xu Xiuying said.

“You have to make it clear? If you invest hundreds of thousands, you can count it.” Ji Fan said.

“Hundreds of thousands, you are too young to marry him! He is Red Letter Group…” Xu Xiuying said here, suddenly stopped.

“What is Red Letter Group?” asked Ji Fan.

“Speak out of scaring you, the boss of Red Letter Group!” Xu Xiuying said.

“Cut, I am still the heir to Tencent Group CEO!” Ji Fan did not believe, how can such a big man come to his company to see it? It is difficult to see the upper side!

“I tell you, the Founder of Red Letter Group is always my entrepreneurial idol, don’t open his joke!” Ji Fan was warned repeatedly.

Founder of Red Letter Group is not only his, but also the idol of entrepreneurs all over the world. Starting from scratch, relying on the continuous launch of new Science and Technology products to create a strong business group in just a few years!

Some people speculate that if Founder of Red Letter Group is willing to list the company, it is definitely the richest person in China and even the world.

“Real, tell you that you still don’t believe, I didn’t lie to you. Before that, it was my big boss. You don’t want to talk about it.” Xu Xiuying said, “I still have something to do, first hang up.”

Hanging up the phone, Ji Fan was full of doubts. He and Xu Xiuying are only business friends. It is reasonable to say that Xu Xiuying does not have to call to open a joke with him. Can Xu Xiuying say this is too unbelievable?

The CEO of Red Letter Group has come to his company and decided to invest in him? He didn’t dare to think like this dream.

“Ji, call, find you!” At this time, an employee shouted, there is company’s business phone.

“Come.” Ji Fan took the call, and there was a voice coming from there: “Hello, I am the business manager of Red Letter Capital. Are you Mr. Ji Fan of Frontwalk startup company?”

Red letter capital? As soon as I heard the word, Ji Fan’s eyes lit up. This is the financial institution of the Red Letter Group!

“Yes, I am, may I ask you to find me something?” Ji Fan quickly responded.

“This is the case, Mr. Ji. After our investigation, your Frontwalk startup company is very promising. Do you know if you have any plans to accept investment?”

“What? investment?” Ji Fan stared wide-eyed, almost dropped the phone to the ground!

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