BTC Chapter 292 : Official PV

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In the picture, two players sit in living room and start a crystal virtual projection ball on the desktop.

When the time came, the living room became a battlefield of Three Kingdoms, with the flag flying, the sword shadow, the shouting, and the soldiers fighting each other.

At this time, one of the players picked up their own gamepad. As he selected the character, Zhang Fei, who was holding eight-snake spear, appeared from the battlefield. The little sisters were swept by him and killed a bloody road.

“Zhang Yide is here, who dares to fight with me?” Zhang Fei screamed, as the tiger went down the mountain, scared the soldiers to retreat.

The other player also selected the character, and saw a burly wicked man holding two shovel and flying an enemy army. He said: “Dian Wei is here. Fight me!”

The two generals played together, spears blocked, and blood splashed. The physical movements of the characters, expression- and special effects of the movements are all displayed in the room in 3D manner.

In the demo video, two “computer players” carried out various operations, the military commander PK, minister PK, and even the battle mode of squadron and defending city.

In traditional games, these don’t sound new, but virtual projection games behave differently. Virtual projection makes the flat game a three-dimensional game, the player is immersed in the situation, the emotion is more easily mobilized, and the sense is stronger.

After Lu Zixin watch, he said: “The character dynamic model is still a little bit worse, and there is also the action expression. When the virtual projection appears, the player is like watching a movie, and it feels like this is a real person!”

“We will continue to improve, this concept video is only the first edition.” the staff said.

In virtual projection technology, they still have a lot of places to work with Red Letter Electronics. After all, they have never been produced and lack experience.

The “Soul of Three Kingdoms” production is quite fast, because Lu Zixin assisted Red Letter Software Development Co., Ltd. to make an intelligent algorithm for virtual projection modeling.

In this way, when designing the scene and character model, most of the work can be done through computer intelligence, and the rest is the detail filling and art modification.

The previous demo video was also refined and made into a game trailer.

Just one month before ChinaJoy started, Red Letter game finally made a big move, promoting it on online video and all Red Letter game platforms.

“Breaking the Dimensional Wall! Red letter game’s annual masterpiece “Soul of Three Kingdoms” is coming!”

The attention of Red Letter games is far less than that of Red Letter’s electronic products, and players are not expecting anything about it.

““Soul of Three Kingdoms?” It is still a fighting game. Please, what age is it, is there anyone playing this game?”

“Red letter game is getting more and more garbage. The game theme of the fried food in Three Kingdoms is also sold out. It doesn’t mean anything.”

“Is still a masterpiece of the year, isn’t it a fighting game? I think it is a big 3D online game!”

“Dissipated, scattered! Hey, I used to think that Red Letter game can do a better job, but until now, I still have to charge Tencent.”


At the beginning, red letter game did not explode too much, because little news and little bit of material, slowly hype. All of a sudden the content was released, the audience was cool, but the heat will soon disappear.

Long line to catch big fish.

The news of the first wave of “Soul of Three Kingdoms” game has been flat in game industry. Not only is the player not interested in this, even the major game companies feel that red letter game is a poor skill, the so-called annual masterpiece is an old-fashioned fighting game, not a little competitive.

After another week, the attention of the “Soul of Three Kingdoms” has dropped a lot. Red Letter game has released new news again. The official CG animation of “Soul of Three Kingdoms” is also a promotional video.

This PV have changed a lot from the first time, becoming more refined and exciting. More advanced improvements have been made to character models and action effects, and each character is lifelike and full of charm.

And red letter game also specifically stated that this official CG animation also has 3D perspective version, with HX GLASS smart glasses 3D effect to watch better.

Most netizens will not specifically use HS GLASS glasses to watch, but directly choose to watch web videos.

In the picture, the scene changes, the long river of history is flowing, until the battle is in the flames of war, the three generations of heroes.

Then, it is a variety of famous battle scenes, the battle of Guandu, the battle of Chibi, etc., as well as the pictures of military commanders, such as the three-game battle Lu Bu, Zhao Zilong seven in seven out of Changpo, Guan Erye over five levels the Sixth General will wait, the literary officers and men will arrange for the troops…

A series of pictures, like watching a historical blockbuster, makes people feel hearty!

This time, netizens finally looked forward to “Soul of Three Kingdoms”.

“The preview animation is doing a good job, it’s better than watching the Three Kingdoms movies and anime!”

“If the game and the promotion are so exciting, I am sure to have fun!”

“You want to think more upstairs! Domestic games are all a bird-like, propaganda animation is better than Hollywood blockbuster, real game is like a fun-filled moon!”

“Agree with +1, the promotion animation is good, does not mean that the game is good. And does not mean that “Soul of Three Kingdoms” is a fighting game? Does it have anything to do with the animation?”

“Looking in the trough, let’s go over and see 3D version of the video, this is the correct way to open the animation!”

“Brothers, going to 3D version is more interesting than this!”

“Highly recommended 3D version!”

Many netizens have been confused, what happened to 3D version? Many people can’t directly see 3D version of the video.

Net One Game Company, a senior executive who just finished watching “Soul of Three Kingdoms” promotional animation of Red Letter game, commented: “The propaganda animation is estimated to cost a lot of money, that is, this picture and game type is not sync.”

“Supervisor, look with HX GLASS smart glasses!” Someone said, “It’s totally different.”

“Is it?” The supervisor put on his own HX GLASS smart glasses, and found 3D version of “Soul of Three Kingdoms” promotional animation resources, watch again.

This time, his feelings are very different. Just watching the flat video, he only felt that the production was good, but after wearing smart glasses, those pictures seemed to be real in front of him.

The grand war, the tens of thousands of people shouting, the drums and the earth, the knife shadow, the mighty and domineering military commanders, the heroic heroes, the beauty of the country, the princes of the world…

These pictures and characters impacted his vision, coupled with the passionate music, made him excited, and could not wait to participate in the chaos of Three Kingdoms.

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