MST Chapter 92 : Did I ever say I wanted to forgive you?

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Ye Guang did not stop there. He picked up a piece of clothing and rip it open.


Fat woman biting teeth card and hates it in her heart, but do not dare to make any drastic move, Ye Guang strength she has witnessed, if really put him in a hurry, then the disadvantage is her own, Ye Guang means can she born tore, fat woman could only scold in her heart, little beast, tear, let you tear, see how much money you have to compensate!

No matter what a fat woman thinks, Ye Guang is Srerrrtss.


Herculean’s duration is only ten minutes. Ye Guang feels that tearing one piece is too slow, so now it’s all copied. I get a few pieces, no matter how many clothes, it looks like in his hand. It’s like a piece of paper, it’s broken, and the onlookers are stunned.

Some customers are still unbelievable and they have picked up a piece of clothing and tried to pull it. Well, it doesn’t move, and it is even more shocking to see Ye Guang’s eyes.

Every time Ye Guang tears it, he throws a cold and cold sentence, “Swipe!”, the fat woman also said nothing, biting her teeth, Ye Guang tearing her brush once, my heart has been secretly praying, no money, no money, no money!

In the end, Ye Guang’s attachment tore up a whole row of clothes in the showcase, the ground is a mess, all kinds of red and green, colorful and paved, Ye Guang Herculean’s time limit has long passed, but he did not say anything. I bought another one from the store. Today, this tone must be given!

Fat woman at the beginning of the victory of Ye Guang tear once she brush once, but with Ye guang more tear more, a tear four or five pieces, shop clothes generally more expensive, T-shirt and so on each piece is at least three hundred or four hundred, coat price is high and low, from hundreds to thousands and tens thousands, Not a bit of kung fu from her hand to brush the amount has been more than 200,000, POS printed receipts long dragged a place, fat woman holding the POS machine’s hands are some trembling, she finally understand Ye Guang is not what good stubble, bad deal with, attitude also began to soften down, no previous arrogance.

“You have tore it all, it’s almost done.”

Ye Guang ignored her and continued to tear.




After a while, “Mr.,” the fat woman is a little polite. “It’s not a problem to tear it down. You vent and vent, don’t tear it up?”

Ye Guang ignored her and tore a few pieces of clothes, “Swipe!”

A fat woman can only swipe the card again. When she presses the password, her hands are shaking. She is a little scared. How can she run into such a gimmick? It can’t be so bad when you have money.

In another meeting, the fat woman was completely soft. “Sir, sorry, don’t tear it up. I just didn’t have a good attitude. I apologize like you.”

Ye Guang Srerrrtss teared apart two more clothes and said faintly, “You are not sorry for me. You need to apologize not for me, but my child.”

The fat woman glanced, then smiled and nodded, “Yes, yes! Mr. You are right, we apologize. ” Said, fat woman turned to Yiyi, “Little sister, sorry, just sister is not good, my sister apologized to you, you forgive your sister.”

Several other shopping guides should also be with you, “Little sister, sorry.”

Yiyi hid in front of Ye Guang, apparently still a little scared of these shopping guides, did not speak, looked at Ye Guang.

Ye Guang had already almost vented, but when he looked at Yiyi’s frightened appearance, I suddenly became angry and then Ye Guang crouched down and looked at Yiyi. “Yiyi, they apologize to you, you forgive them?”

Yiyi staring at Ye Guang, “I don’t know.”

Ye Guang smiled and touched Yiyi’s small head. “That Yiyi is the original. Do you have to be tolerant, remember?”

Yiyi looked at the appearance of a few shopping guides laughing at the side, hesitated for a moment and nodded.

Ye Guang scraped Yiyi’s little nose. “Yiyi is sincere.”

Yiyi promised that several shopping guides were relieved, and the smile on the face was naturally a lot. The onlookers also took a sigh of relief. Today, this is a big deal, and in this big shop, the clothes and flowers are broken. Green and red lost on the ground, a mess.

The fat woman handed over Ye Guang card with some humility. “Sir, this is your card.”

Ye Guang didn’t pick up, but instead stood up and picked up two pieces of clothes. Srerrrtss was torn again, then lost a word, “Swipe!”

The fat woman is dumbfounded, and several shopping guides are also dumbfounded, and the onlookers are all dumbfounded.

What is this? Didn’t you just say that you forgive someone? Didn’t teach children to know how to be tolerant?

The fat woman is a bit hanged. “Sir, we have apologized. Have you forgiven us, how can you tear it?”

Ye Guang glanced at her. “Oh, have I said that I want to forgive you?”

The fat woman was startled.

Ye Guang said again, “My child is sensible and tolerant. She can forgive you for reprimanding her. But, have I said that I forgive you? The child forgives you for being a child. Now, it is a matter for adults! Have I said that forgive you for bullying my child?” During the talk, Ye Guang couldn’t be idle at all, and Srerrrtss and Srerrrtss even tore a few pieces of clothes, “Swipe!”

Several shopping guides were stunned, and the fat woman’s face was blue, but she still lowered her posture. “Sir, sorry, it’s our fault. We apologize, you have already tore a lot, you said that you are tearing happy now. But the money spent is also yours, what a pity, who is not the wind is not the wind? This money has also been brushed hundreds of thousands, and it is already enough. You will raise your hands. Let’s take a step back and forget about it.”

Now that the gesture knows to be lowered, what should I do at the beginning? Four adults are scolding and blaming a five-year-old girl. How can this shameless thing come out? Wasn’t it so high? Why? You afraid You can’t take it?

Ye Guang is not going to stop so easily, bullying Yiyi, you still want to squat like this, dreaming?

Ye Guang waved his hand. “You don’t have to tell me so much. I don’t bother to listen to you nonsense. I continue to tear. You continue to swipe my cards. Don’t worry that my money is not enough. There are 10 million in this card. It is enough to tear you down. This store is over.”

The fat woman is in a hurry, and became annoyed and angry. “I tell you, hurry up and stop! Otherwise I am called a security guard! Almost got it, don’t give your face a shame!”

Ye Guang took a piece of clothes and deliberately tore a piece of clothing in front of a fat woman. “It doesn’t matter, you call, telling you, I don’t think you are the manager of this store. You’d better call the manager, so tell you, as long as it is you, this thing will not be finished! Also, do you have a face? Also yell to give me a face?”

Ye Guang’s move once again surprised the onlookers. It’s really a tough one. The people are arrogant. They want to give the children this breath. Some of the customers secretly nod their heads, and some people secretly shake their heads. They feel that Ye Guang is too expensive. Well, it’s all about using money to fight for morale. It’s not worth it. If you have something, can’t you say it?

There are also onlookers who join in the fun.

“This will be good, and I will go early.”

“Why didn’t you think of the present when you bully the child.”

“That is, shameless and expect others to give you a face.”

“It’s a shame.”

The fat woman’s face is blue.

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