BTC Chapter 380 : Hong Xiaoxiao

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More than a month has passed, and during this period, Red Letter Quantum Computer Research Center has completed the development of twenty quantum bit micro-superconducting quantum chips.

In fact, the performance of current superconducting quantum computers has already surpassed the traditional computers on the market. But Red Letter still has to do better, and strive to make every computer have the computing power comparable to the current “supercomputer.”

In addition, the construction of the quantum information network is also underway.

Most importantly, the “quantum brain” of Red Letter is also in secret.

Participants in this project only have the core characters of Red Letter, and the general researchers are not exposed at all. Because some of these areas of technology have exceeded the current level of Science and Technology in the world, it is difficult to explain to them.

In the core research room with the highest level of defense and security, it is a sophisticated and complex machine. Every small part here is worth millions. All are specially funded by Lu Zixin to find the best materials and let RI-8901 industrial robot personal designed and manufactured in person.

And they are all parts of the quantum brain!

As a strong artificial intelligence machine, the quantum brain can’t be as big as a chip. Lu Zixin can’t do it like Science and Technology.

Light is the superconducting quantum chip of the quantum brain, which is completely built by RI-8901, and the number of steerable quantum bits will be greatly increased.

Intuitively speaking, if this machine works, it will be 100 times faster than the world’s fastest supercomputer computing power!

This super-superconducting quantum chip, together with other leading hardware devices, and connected to the quantum information network of Red Letter, will become the real center of this network, a smart brain for quantum information processing.

“Is it all right?” In the core lab, only Lu Zixin and RI-8901, Lu Zixin asked.

“All the tests are correct. Now just install the software system for it, it can start.” Zhang Qiang replied.

The outside world thinks that Red Letter is still researching their commercial quantum computers, but they don’t know that their quantum brains are ready.

“Okay, let’s activate it today!” Lu Zixin looked excited and commanded: “Copy the red cloud’s smart frame first.”

Today, he will activate the most advanced quantum computer on earth and the unprecedented strong artificial intelligence program!

“Yes.” Zhang Qiang immediately began to operate and transmit the framework of Red Letter cloud intelligent information processing program to this new quantum brain through an absolutely secure quantum information network.

Red Queen gave Lu Zixin a data seed. Since it is a seed, it must have soil for growth. This three-year-old red letter cloud intelligence is the soil for it’s growth, so that the weak artificial intelligence of Red Cloud provides massive information data to strong artificial intelligence.

Massive data transmission can not be completed in a short time. Even with a specially constructed quantum information network, the transmission of Cloud host and quantum brain took more than three hours.

“Transmission is complete, Red Letter cloud intelligent information processing program and database have been completely copied in the quantum computer.” Zhang Qiang said.

At this time, the quantum brain is equivalent to another Cloud host. As long as you connect to the internal management network of Red Letter, it can represent all the work of the current Cloud host!

Lu Zixin’s inexplicable feeling was a little excited. Before that, the company’s intelligent information processing, leaving the Cloud Host from Red Queen, could not work. Now, they have made their own quantum computers, and they also have powerful computing power to support running this!

But now, the quantum brain has not yet formed. Lu Zixin will then transfer the data seed into it and let it “root”.

He extracted the data seeds from the group space and transmitted them to the quantum brain through the information network.

In the data seed, the data and information contained are equally huge. If you switch to other supercomputers, I am afraid that they will not work.

Lu Zixin waited patiently until the data seeds completely entered the quantum brain.

Finally, the quantum brain begins to start. On the 3D virtual screen emitted by the virtual projection, a new option emerged.

“‘Hong Xiaoxiao’ has been loaded, is it started?”

“Hong Xiaoxiao?” Lu Zixin couldn’t think of Red Queen’s name for the data seed. He directly commanded by voice command: “Start now.”

“Please confirm the core authority, identity is determined…”

This data seed is not so easy to start, you have to enter and verify all kinds of information, Lu Zixin set up one by one.

“The core authority has been confirmed, you will have the highest authority of ‘Hong Xiaoxiao’ smart program, all instructions of Hong Xiaoxiao will not violate your first order…”

Confirmed the permissions, this smart program has finally started.

In the virtual projection, the appearance of Red Queen suddenly appeared. A red little Loli smiled at Lu Zixin and blinked naughtyly.

“Red Queen? How are you?” Lu Zixin was surprised.

“Red Queen” saw Lu Zixin’s surprised expression, smirked: “This is just one of my data moments, it will be deleted after the screening.”

“Owner, you have to cultivate Hong Xiaoxiao!”

“Yeah.” Lu Zixin nodded, and Red Queen moved from the virtual projection to Lu Zixin, picking up her toes and curiously touching his face, but her hand was worn through his body.

“There is no touch system.” Red Queen sighed helplessly and said, “Well, Hong Xiaoxiao is going to start, my data is going to be erased, goodbye.”

As the saying goes, the projection disappears and is replaced by a blank.

“Started?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Father, I have already started.” An electronic synth sound came, and the voice was like a young girl with a sly feeling. Listening is similar to Red Queen, but not the same.

“Father? You call me father?” Lu Zixin always feels weird. He is not married yet, he has a “daughter”? And it is not a human at all, just a smart program.

“You are one of my creators. By name, you are my father!” The voice continued, like a naive little girl who was telling the truth.

“That’s right.” Lu Zixin thought that there seemed to be a car man, Iron Head, who called him Daddy.

This is not a father or a son of a human ethic, but a way of calling, and Lu Zixin does not care so much.

He continued to ask: “Do you know what you call yourself?”

“My name is Hong Xiaoxiao, it is the intelligent product of Red Queen Mother.” Hong Xiaoxiao replied.

“The conversation is quite smooth.” Lu Zixin thought to himself, this question and answer can quickly understand the answer, indicating that the language of “her” should be no problem, that is, I don’t know how competent in other aspects.

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