BTC Chapter 434 : I want to upgrade!

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“Then we are the first in the world to issue L5 Level driverless license. It is also the first administration to include unmanned vehicles in the Urban Transportation System!” Deputy Director is also very happy, for them not only credit, but also an honor!

“The above also said, we must formulate the rules for unmanned traffic management according to the actual situation. If applicable, we can promote it to the whole country in the future! Even for the world!” Wu Changfeng likes to win, it seems that he is braving made the decision made by the big risk did not fail, but became the highlight of his resume!


Pengyun Automobile Co., Ltd., Jiang Xunmei personally reported this good news to Lu Zixin.

“It is expected that within one month, we will get a formal license and sell our new energy car with fully self-driving system!” Jiang Xunmei smiled and opened her face, now Pengyun future road finally got better.

“Good news!” Lu Zixin nodded with approval. “Our work is not in vain! Today I am treating guests, celebrating the Pengyun car and the driverless system!”

In the evening, Lu Zixin and Pengyun key management team, senior scientific research personnel had a meal, and promised that if Pengyun Automobile could successfully enter the automobile market, the company would prepare more benefits for them and better treatment, which makes everyone motivated, said that will definitely make an all-out effort.

The problem of driverless license plate was finally solved, and Lu Zixin could also spend his mind on the magnetic suspension vehicle.

Pengyun technical team had previously given him negative results, but Lu Zixin did not want to give up, so he had to seek technical help.

In terms of automotive technology, Lu Zixin first thought of cybernetians. As a mechanical life, they know more about mechanical construction than other races.

Lu Zixin first went to Iron Head, which is currently the only Cybertron on Earth.

“Maglev car?” Iron Head, who always likes to boast, said low-key this time: “I can certainly make a car, but magnetic levitation, but also low cost, but also life … … so much, I have to consider for some time. After all this car is about life safety!”

“Frankly speaking, you just can’t?” Lu Zixin slammed it’s lie.

Iron Head like cat’s tail being stepped, said angrily, “Of course I can do it! It is too little information in the database! Mechanical life, upgrade and study.”

“On this earth, I can’t find the resources of mechanical life learning, and there is no upgraded metal. The earth people say it well, the child does not teach, the father has passed, Daddy, this is also your responsibility!”

Lu Zixin with a black line and said, “You will not learn from Zhang Qiang? It also has a lot of knowledge that you don’t know.”

“Let me learn from that stupid big man, god, I would rather put myself in the electric car shop for sale!” Iron Head said exaggeratedly.

“This is what you said.” Lu Zixin said, “Zhang Qiang, meet his wishes.”

RI-8901 came over and blocked it in front of Iron Head. Iron Head immediately took the soft road: “Wrong, I am wrong! Daddy, you want me to work, first have to help me upgrade database, body and other.”

“Upgrade?” Lu Zixin touched his chin and wondered.

“Yeah! Don’t you know the leader of Autobot? Help me find him what parts of the fork and the like to borrow. It is best to pass on the Autobot organization to me. After that, I am amazing. I can also care for the elderly.“ Iron Head encouraged.

“Think more about you!” Lu Zixin said. “I will consider this again.”

Iron Head is not indomitable, said: “Daddy, you must not be too thin! You look silly and big, obviously your brain is not easy to use, but just because you have more personal skin, you can go out every day.”

“I can only sing on the Internet, chat, or something, and being scolded and more grievances!”

Speaking,it also sang impromptu songs, the frosted voice vibrated the metal magnetic plate, singing: “Who is your warmth? Who cares who I am? Whenever I think of your choice, sadness counter current into a river…”

A stream of motor oil emerged from Iron Head hole, and Lu Zixin hurriedly shouted: “Don’t sing, it’s leaking!”

“Let’s do it, I see if there is any way to make you like Zhang Qiang.”

Lu Zixin finished, and Iron Head was excited to hug him and was caught by RI-8901. Lu Zixin is a flesh and blood. If he is hugged by the body of steel, he is afraid of breaking a few bones.

“Daddy, be sure to look good! Handsome first!” Iron Head said quickly, “Don’t be like this stupid big man, tiger head. I want that kind of go out, there will be ten million young ladies screaming she want to have a monkey with me!”

“Maybe I will be a star in the future, and I will be excited when I think about it!”

“Don’t think about it.” Lu Zixin ruthlessly attacked him. “Even if I help you upgrade, the rules set with you can’t be changed. In addition to daily life, you can’t do anything casually. In addition, when the time comes, You’re in charge of the car, you understand?”

Lu Zixin is also not good at handing over all research projects to RI-8901. It doesn’t break up, can’t take care of it, and avoids doubts from others. Although some people doubt it, they can’t find any evidence and can’t do it.

If you give Iron Head a human camouflage appearance, you may save a lot of things, and you don’t have to worry about it suddenly turning into a motorcycle in front of humans and running around.

“I swear, I am definitely not coming!” Iron Head said immediately.


Since Lu Zixin agreed to it, he began to ask in Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group. As for the group of friends who asked, of course, it is Optimus Prime.

Mr. L : “@Optimus Prime, is he here?”

For a while, Optimus Prime appeared in the group and asked : “What is it?”

Lu Zixin told him about Iron Headed, Optimus Prime said : “It is not a real Cybertronian, it is a product of imitating mechanical equations, and there is still a distance from the real Cybertronian. It want to upgrade, unless he enter the mechanical life manufacturing factory of Cybertron Planet and recast it.”

Mr. L : “There is such condition.”

Optimus continued : “Yes. So I can’t help you transform it into a complete Cybertronian, but I can give you a little help. Give it more mechanical information, and a new one evolution. As for the human camouflage shell you mentioned, sorry, I am not good at it.”

Red Queen quickly said : “[emoticon: Exhale, finally it’s my turn to talk.] I will, I will. I can give it a biochemical human skin, or the kind that will move!”

Lu Zixin refused : “No, No, never, I just want to evolve a mechanical life, not to make biochemical or horror movies!”

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