BTC Chapter 304 : Swept the country

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In the office, Zhu An saw the pre-sales of the latest virtual projection game consoles excitedly laughing, “Haha, now the pre-sales have been 130 million, and until 24 points, maybe 300 million!”

“You can make so much money by selling game consoles. The props and coupons in the game are a big deal!”

“Red letter game, to be completely up!” Liu Tong fist box, this year, the decline in performance has put too much pressure on his CEO.

The performance of other Red Letter subsidiaries is on the rise, but only the decline in Red Letter games, so that he can not lift his head when the company is in meeting.

Now, the virtual projection game has already begun to test the edge, and when it is officially operated, it will be a brand new market!

Before other game companies have mastered the mature virtual projection technology, Red Letter games can become the dominant player in this field!

“Good job, the profit potential of this piece of game is very big. Maybe Red Letter game will become a subsidiary of main company in the future!” Lu Zixin encouraged.

He is not open-minded. With the improvement of people’s economic living standards, the proportion of entertainment consumption has been increasing. Tencent Company has seized this business opportunity and vigorously developed spiritual entertainment consumption to become a well-known enterprise in the world.

Yue Hui walked into the office and said with a piece of the latest data: “Our event was broadcast live, and more than 10 million viewers watched the whole network online! It has created a new record!”

“This makes me think of one thing!”

“What?” asked the crowd.

“We can improve the battle mode of “Soul of Three Kingdoms” and aggravate its competitive content. Just like the current e-sports game, we turn the campaign mode into an e-sports mode. We separate from Red Letter Games Company and do it exclusively. Red letter e-sports industry!”

“Oh, this is a good idea!” Zhu An was surprised and said, “Maybe in the stadium, there will be thousands of viewers to buy tickets to see our virtual projection game!”

Lu Zixin said with a smile : “You have to keep few tickets for me.”

“No problem!” Zhu An assured that this matter should be implemented soon.

Su Xiaomeng live broadcast room was closed at eleven o’clock in the evening, but the sales of red letter game was just beginning.

Throughout the week, Red Letter’s various types of virtual projection game consoles sold more than 200,000 units!

This means that “Soul of Three Kingdoms” already has 200,000 loyal players, and Red Letter has also launched a virtual projection device for the Internet cafe version. These devices can not only play “Soul of Three Kingdoms”, but also play other virtual projection games after Red Letter game configuration.

In a city, a high-end, elegant Internet cafe, the staff just installed the latest virtual projection game console.

In these special seats, you can play virtual projection games.

“Virtual projection area?” Several curious players asked the webmaster, “What is this?”

The webmaster is a young little elder sister. She explained: “This is the latest virtual projection machine introduced by the boss. You can use this to play “Soul of Three Kingdoms”, which is the virtual projection game from Red Letter.”

“I know!” said one person. “I have watched the live broadcast and it looks very powerful. I heard that I have to buy a game console and have never played.”

The companion asked curiously: “Virtual projection game, haven’t played, how much is these machines for an hour?”

“This is 10 yuan area, one hour 10 yuan, members charge one hundred to one hundred, charge 1000 to send 1050!” Network management explained.

“Can that be played now?”


They began to experience the virtual projection game console, also sitting in the e-sports chair, but not the computer, but the white desktop, with only the operating handle, the projector is installed on the ceiling.

Some people cast curious eyes, they haven’t experienced this kind of machine yet.

Four guests, at the same time activated the virtual projection machine, only on the blank desktop, there is a virtual projection, which is the opening scene of red letter game.

After they log in to the account, they enter the game mode. Looking at the projected characters and scenes on the desktop, many players are amazed.

Then compare the plane games they are playing, and suddenly feel a bit low!

“Wow, this game is a bit interesting!” A sister was amazed. “Webmaster, I want to play this, how can I get on the plane?”

Some people are also curious to ask for experience. Soon, several virtual projection game consoles have been arranged. The network management said: “We also have a VIP room, which can be used to lie on a sofa or bed, and the projected area is several times larger than this! ”

“Help me open one!” Someone immediately paid for it.

“I want to open one too!” A player turns off the game he is playing and stands up and says.

Soon, even the VIP room was full. The boss who observed it was thinking about it. It seems that a set of virtual projection game machines can be ordered. This kind of equipment is not very expensive. It is similar to a regular computer, and it is not bad for attracting customers.

Virtual projection games, like the original 3D movies, suddenly became popular in the country, large and small Internet cafes, if you do not put a few virtual projection game consoles, you can not pull customers.

Therefore, the sales volume of virtual projection equipment is also skyrocketing. Those Internet cafes purchase equipment, dozens or hundreds of units at a time, and even a large national Internet cafe, ordering 10,000 virtual projection game consoles at a time.

In addition to game consoles, other virtual projection devices are also hot sales. Whether it is a family or a company, everyone can use it.

To this end, Red Letter Software Development Co., Ltd. also launched a virtual projection design software, which allows the software programmers to design the special virtual images needed to make virtual projections richer.

Various specific versions of virtual projection devices are also intensively developed and launched. For example, billboards for shopping malls, virtual projection screens represent conventional TVs, computer screens, and film makers contact Red Letters. They want to use the technology of Red Letter to shoot the world’s first virtual projection movie. The theater also wants to customize. Virtual projection big screen…

The commercialization of virtual projections has just begun, Lu Zixin this time not only gives Red Letter game a big opportunity, but also makes Red Letter Electronics a new level.

According to calculations, electronic devices in virtual projection may exceed the revenue of Red Letter Electronics on smartphones and smart glasses!

“Fast defeat!” In Tencent game conference room, a virtual projector is projecting the latest week’s game popularity data, and the game traffic of each major game is clear at a glance.

In the top ten, Tencent game still occupies the majority, but an uncoordinated name has smashed their formation and rushed to the top three.

““Soul of Three Kingdoms”, as a game that requires a special virtual projection game console, can actually be on the top three in the hot game list!” Ning Shaozhen frowned, “Pushing our original game down, several popular games traffic has dropped to some extent!”

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