MST Chapter 219 : You are not alone!

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Ye Guang’s excitement lasted for a long time, especially after opening treasure chest, his mouth can’t close.

In the evening, Ye Senhong couldn’t help but curiously asked when he delivered dinner, “Looks like Mister Ye is in good mood, what is so happy?”

Ye Guang laughed again, “Nothing, nothing. I said that people who love to laugh will have good luck. I laugh more, maybe I can go out as soon as good luck comes.”

Ye Senhong also smiled, “Mister Ye’s mentality is really good. Then you should eat first, I won’t bother, there’s no food in the bureau. Please take care of it.”

Ye Guang smiled, “The food is good. There are soups, meat and eggs.”

Ye Senhong nodded, turned and left.

At night

Ye Guang was thinking about Liu Chiyan. He was afraid that she will worried. He asked the police officer to call, but he was rejected. Ye Guang didn’t know what to do, but it was hard to beat him.

Ye Guang hid in the bathroom. First, he carefully checked the ceiling and corners of the bathroom. After confirming there’s no cameras or anything else, he took out an old-fashioned mobile phone from the storage bar. This mobile phone he used it long ago. After having the storage bar. Ye Guang put the mobile phone in the storage bar for backup and the phone card also has a phone card. This is a new card and not used yet. It’s also issued by Ye Guang. It makes no sense to have a mobile phone, but there’s no phone card and if there’s no phone card, it’s useless to have a mobile phone.

After dialing Liu Chiyan’s phone, the bell rang for a long time before Liu Chiyan picked it up.

“Hello. Who is this?” Liu Chiyan’s voice is a bit tired.

Ye Guang lowered his voice, “Liu’er, it’s me.”

The sound of cup broken came over the phone. Then Liu Chiyan said anxiously, “Ye Guang, where are you? How are you?”

Ye Guang: “It’s okay, don’t worry, I’m still in the police station now, it’s fine, don’t worry.”

Liu Chiyan: “Did they do anything to you?”

Ye Guang: “How can they? I’m pretty good, really. The place to live is also good, the food is good, but I can’t leave now. I call you just to report peace, don’t worry, maybe I will be back tomorrow.”

I also said a few words to Liu Chiyan, mostly Ye Guang is comforting Liu Chiyan. Afraid of being discovered when making a sneaky phone call. He said to Liu Chiyan, “Liu’er, I won’t talk to you anymore. It’s not convenient for me to speak now. You can rest assured. I am fine. I hang up first. Don’t call this phone, you can’t get through. I will call you later.”

Hanging up the phone, Ye Guang immediately threw the phone into the storage bar, then pressed the flush button on toilet and walked out of the bathroom as if nothing happened.

Liu Chiyan on the other end of the phone cleaned up the broken cup, her hanging heart also calm for the most part. Ye Guang called to report that he was safe. It means there’s really nothing wrong. If Liu Chiyan can make sure Ye Guang is okay, then she will have peace of mind.

In the afternoon, Liu Chiyan went to the police station with Ye Guang’s parents. If something happened to Ye Guang, she couldn’t hide it from two elders. After she arrived at the police station. Their visitation request was rejected and others have good reason, “What visitation? It’s not a criminal. There’s no visitation. Now he’s cooperating with the investigation. People will naturally come out after the investigation is over.”

For mother and father, their news was relatively blocked. They were shocked when Liu Chiyan informed them, Ye Guang was taken to the police station. After asking the reason, they realized their son had done such a big thing quietly.

Liu Chiyan didn’t talk to the two elders in detail about “Sky Curtain” video. She was afraid they will became too worried.  Mother was bluffing, but she was still anxious to get angry, but father saw it thoroughly. He thought of the degree of stake, and while my mother going to the bathroom. He asked Liu Chiyan, “Chiyan, do you think Little Ye can come out?”

Liu Chiyan couldn’t give an answer, instead had a mist of water in her eyes.

Father sighed, “I hope he can pass this level safely.” Then he added another sentence, “This thing is done right! It didn’t shame the ancestors!” In this matter, Father agrees with Yeguang. Although Ye Guang might have accident because of this incident. Father didn’t complain about Ye Guang on this matter. Father was a bit rigid, but he still saw it thoroughly in front of big things.

The next day.

It has been 24 hours since Ye Guang came to the police station, a whole day and a night.

On the Internet and in society, the “Sky Curtain” video continues to ferment. More and more people know about this, more and more people are participating in the discussion, and there’s even a lot of radical comments on the Internet.

Around 12 noon, the “Sky Curtain” video was reposted on Weibo.

Perhaps objectively speaking, this is just a small repost. The number of people reposting the “Sky Curtain” video is now hundreds of thousands. Such a small repost is really inconspicuous, but this time it’s not an ordinary person who reposted this video.

It was the Ministry of Environmental Protection from Jishi City who reposted this video.

While forwarding the video. The Ministry of Environmental Protection from Jishi City attached a sentence. This sentence exactly what Ye Guang said when facing the camera after he was surrounded by reporters for an interview yesterday: When it comes to my country, I will devote my life. How can I escape for my own safety?

Ten minutes later.

Nanshi Environmental Protection Department also reposted Sky Curtain video. This article is accompanied by a sentence: When it comes to my country, I will devote my life. How can I escape for my own safety? And at the end wrote a sentence, ‘I just did what I think I should do.’ This sentence Ye Guang said the same thing in an interview.

After fifteen minutes.

Jin City Ministry of Environmental Protection forward video!

Twenty minutes later.

Haishi Environmental Protection Department forwards the video!

Ministry of Environmental Protection of Asia City forward video!

Thirty minutes later.

Jinggangshan University forward video!

Zhong City Ministry of Environmental Protection Forward Video!

Six scientists from the Academy of Sciences reposted the video!

Nanchang University Forward video!

Thirty scientists from the Academy of Sciences reposted the video!

Ninth Hospital forwards the video!

After an hour.



One after another, one crop after another, a steady stream.

Kyrgyzstan made a head start, and countless organizations have followed suit. When reposting the video, they all included the sentence: When it comes to my country, I will devote my life. How can I escape for my own safety?

Later, according to the internal staff of Weibo, according to statistics, in just 2 hours, only in Weibo platform, Sky Curtain video reposted on the official account of the non-personal certified organization as high as 3,000 times.

What kind of concept is this? It shows that, in just 2 hours, there are at least 3,000 institutions, and note that they are institutions, which forwarded the Sky Curtain video.

And this number still increasing over time.

Of course netizens noticed this interesting phenomenon, and netizens like to hear it and have responded to it. So, Ye Guang sky curtain video has appeared a wave of forwarding trend in the internet. Weibo users from all walks of life, some enterprises, media, schools, hospitals, Government departments have intentionally or unintentionally followed this wave of reposting videos. Many Weibo fans, celebrity public accounts and celebrities have forwarded this video one after another. For a time, forwarding Sky curtain video formed a torrent.

There’s Ye Guang fan, fifty cents party following the video forwarding trend. After re-posting the video, they came to Ye Guang’s Weibo to leave a message: You are not alone!

You are not alone. A short sentence confirms that many people are silent, and at this time, no one should think this is a curse, right?

At 4 o’clock in afternoon that day.

The National Environmental Sanitation Administration forwards the video!

The whole country shock, all walks of life were in an uproar.

This is the voice of the country!

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