MST Chapter 274 : Shang Shan! It’s pity that you don’t become an actor!!

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Other guests are similar, one by one woke up in the uninhabited village. Then staged a flamboyant performance that made others couldn’t help to laugh.

Ye Guang still in a group with Liu Chiyan. They didn’t stage any hilarious scenes, but intentionally or unintentionally showed a wave of sweet conversations to the camera.

“Where are we?”

“We were caught by the ‘female’ witch.”

“Ah, it’s terrible.”

“Reassured, beautiful Miss, I will protect you.”


“Really, as long as I’m here, no one will cause any harm to you unless they step on my corpse.”


In other words, Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan are grouped together again. This time, it is really not arranged by Ye Guang. The charter of of this program were all set by Shang Shan. However, Shang Shan also knows Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan’s relationship. So, it’s reasonable to put these two people together.

What else can I do? The guest of this program, only Liu Chiyan is a ‘female’ guest, and he is grouped with other male guests. Shang Shan afraid that Ye Guang will attack him with a knife. According to Shang Shan understanding of Ye Guang, with Ye Guang’s brain circuit and ‘urine’ nature, he could possibly do this. For the sake of his own life, Shang Shan grouped Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan together.

In this issue, Kim Tae-seo, the invited guest, is alone. As an invited guest,he needs to take care of some and the shots must be adequate. However, Kim Tae-seo seems to have some idol baggage, seems to have some idol baggage. Originally, the crew also designed some jokes for him. Let him wake up in a coma, pretending his head is still drowsy and walk unsteadily and then he fall a few times in a weird way, but, after Kim Tae-seo got up, his drowsy acting still pretty good, but he just made a look like when he wrestled, and then began to show all kinds of handsomeness to the camera, almost completely without the effect of causing jokes.

When shooting this section, Ye Guang was watching, seeing Kim Tae-seo, Ye Guang couldn’t help but frown, and Shang Shan also asked Ye Guang in a low voice, “How about it? Do you want to start again?”

Ye Guang thought about it and said, “Forget it, if you miss a joke, let’s have a less joke, or wait until this recording is over to give him a make-up.”

Kim Tae-seo is the person pushed by Beijing satellite TV. Ye Guang doesn’t want the show to start recording other people. After all, I grabbed Kim Tae-seo to shoot again. Not only did Kim Tae-seo face look unsightly, but Beijing satellite TV might also think that Ye Guang deliberately make things difficult for the artist they recommended. Taking into account the partnership with Beijing satellite TV, this time Ye Guang has forbearance. Now, even if you want to reshoot, wait until the show is finished and then make another reshoot. It was really not very good at first, and it would give people some face.

Seven regular guests and Kim Tae-seo all woke up one by one. According to the clues left by the witch in their coma, the guests gathered on the small playground in the village.

Subsequently, Shang Shan released the mission.

“To get the qualification to leave, the members of the two teams need to compete for several rounds. The winning team can be qualified to leave. The witch has divided you into two teams according to his preferences.”

“Red team is Liu Xuecheng, Lan Bao, He Xing, Kim Tae-seo.”

“Blue team is Liu Chiyan, Xu Chen, Zhong Jing, Ye Guang.”

“Let’s do the first round of competition, catching ducks in mud pool.”

As soon as Shang Shan finished speaking, the guests immediately yelled.

He Xing: “Mud pool? Real or fake?”

Lan Bao: “I just want to ask, it is deep or not? If it is deep enough, it will be my height. Maybe I can sneak.”

Everyone laughed.

Lan Bao is really suitable for this show, funny, and feels self-deprecating.

Ye Guang is a little worried, not for himself, but for Liu Chiyan. He really didn’t know how to play this show. Like the other guests, he was also a little confused when he heard the mud pool.

Liu Chiyan’s fingers is scratched in the morning, and the mud pool composed with water and sludge. I don’t know how many bacteria there are. What if the wound becomes infected.

Ye Guang asked in a low voice on the way to mud pool, “Is your wound okay? Can you do it? Let’s see another project.”

Liu Chiyan was warmed by Ye Guang’s concern, she shook her head, “No need, just a small wound, also it has been wrapped up. It doesn’t matter. It’s not good to change project temporarily.”

Ye Guang nodded in response. Indeed, although he is the top leader, the program charter has been fixed. Temporary replacement, whether it’s props or The venue needs to be re-arranged, which is very troublesome. Moreover, just with such a small wound in Liu Chiyan’s hand, i Ye Guang made a statement to change the project, there is no way to explain it to everyone.

When everyone reached the mud pool. It is indeed a veritable mud pool, pure, natural and not a fake. It turned out to be a pond. In hot summer, the villagers ‘sucked’ the water to irrigate the fields and ‘pumped’ the water when the mud pool dry out.

The camera started recording.

Lan Bao can’t wait to try it first, stepping in, the mud almost reaches his knees.

Lan Bao screamed, “Wow, it’s so deep.”

The guests on the shore also surprised. It’s barely reached Lan Bao’s knees. Although they were Lan Bao knees, it’s really not shallow.

He Xing: “The show group show crew is getting bigger and bigger. I remember Ye Guang told us at the mobilization meeting the day before the show started, that we have to jump down in mud pool. I thought he was joking, is there really a mud pool?”

Liu Tianwang also laughed, “Ye Guang, you can do it. Sometimes it is a good thing to do it!”

Xu Chen: “Yes, Ye Guang, can you not pit yourself like this?”

Zhong Jing: “Even if you are cruel to yourself and us, then you have to pity ‘Jade’, no, we still have Chiyan, besides, she is still your boss, and that’s how you treat your boss? Is Chiyan also rolling in the mud?”

Liu Chiyan also cooperated with everyone, pretending to look pitifully at Ye Guang.

In an instant, Ye Guang became the target of everyone’s complaints.

Ye Guang looked wronged, this time, it’s really wronged him, today’s game session really has nothing to do with him, all of it is designed by Shang Shan.

Ye Guang said with a bitter face, “I said, if I tell you, the game links in this program are all designed by the director and I don’t know anything about it. Do you believe it?”

“Cut ~” several people in the running group, except Liu Chiyan, all of them sang together, expressing serious disbelief.

Ye Guang looked sincere, “You are wronging me, really! I don’t know at all, really, don’t believe you ask the director.”

Everyone looked at Shang Shan behind the camera.

Wei Haijun is the most clever, he took advantage of the situation to point the camera at Shang Shan in the director group.

Shang Shan expression is very innocent. He opened his mouth and pointed at himself, “What? Me? I don’t know. Aren’t all the games designed by Advisor Ye?”

Shang Shan looks sincere.

Ye Guang’s mind filled with a big wretched trough.

Shang Shan! It’s pity that you don’t become an actor! !

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