BTC Chapter 406 : Carbon Nano Superconducting Materials

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In fact, it took only one hour for Reed Richards to collect the data.

Group Tip : “Reed Richards sent you an exclusive Red envelope.”

Group Tip : “Congratulations, you have received the exclusive Red envelope from Reed Richards, and obtained a copy of “Carbon Nano-Superconducting Material Synthesis Instructions” and a copy of “Carbon Nano-Superconducting Materials Related Equipment and Experimental Process Description”. Attached: A video of the experimental demonstration video.”

Mr. Fantastic preparation is quite sufficient, not only for the relevant information, but also from the equipment used and the explanation of experimental process is ready.

Lu Zixin opened the demo video, and I realized that the original Reed Richards preparation process was not to find any information, but to experiment with him personally!

He quickly thanked him in group, this information is really perfect.

The total amount of data is not large, unlike the manufacture of a complete quantum computer, from theory to process, it involves a wide range.

This is just a manufacturing principle and synthesis method of a new superconducting material. Lu Zixin’s agile brain thinking and the search function of smart glasses can be fully understood.

He simply did not find anyone. He learned the content with the collected materials. Not only that, but he also specially prepared the experimental conditions, and tried it himself smoothly, as Reed Richards demonstrated.

According to this method, a new type of superconducting material can be industrially produced for manufacturing a superconducting quantum computer.


A few days later, the results of negotiations between the two new material suppliers in China and Red Letter Group also came out.

Assistant Hui reports: “Zhonghua New Materials Co., Ltd. rejected our cooperation proposal, Taiguang magnetic materials said that they can be considered, but their CEO should personally interview you.”

“That’s the interview!” Lu Zixin said simply. “As soon as possible, the other components of the quantum computer have already been produced, and the superconducting materials cannot be delayed in the production plan.”

In industrial production, the consequences of the delay are very serious. If the factory is shut down or the inventory is too much, the cost will increase, the flow of funds will not be able to turn around, and the serious enterprises will suffer huge losses.

“Let the crew pick up people, the sooner, the better.” Lu Zixin confessed.

“Okay, President.” The assistant immediately contacted Taiguang Magnetic Materials Co., Ltd., and the other party was very refreshed, saying that they can immediately come to Red Letter Electronics Headquarters to discuss.

As a result, Lu Zixin sent his private business jet to the past and took them over directly.

During this period, Lu Zixin also studied the company status of Taiguang Magnetic Materials.

Taiguang Magnetic Materials has been established for more than ten years and is an established material manufacturing company. Mainly engaged in the production of magnetic materials, rare earths, alloys, chemical materials, electronic devices, mechanical and electronic equipment, technology development and other services.

The most important of these is the manufacture of magnetic materials. Related materials and electronic components serving the electronics industry are secondary services.

Lu Zixin noticed that in the information collected by the assistant. Taiguang Magnetic Materials Co., Ltd. has lost more than 100 million yuan for two consecutive years because of the most important material purchasers, and they have suspended their purchase contracts and switched to a material supply from an emerging material supplier.

Lu Zixin is already in the heart. It is no wonder that it is a secondary business scope. The top level of Taiguang Magnetic Materials is still so heart-warming. Obviously, they have taken a fancy to big business from Red Letter Group, so come to talk about it.


Taiguang Magnetic Materials Co., Ltd. has four people, including their president, Sima Jin, a chief technical director, a new material expert and a president assistant.

Sima Jin is very tall, and from Eastern Province of Dahan, who is close to 1.9 m, stands with his long-serving assistant Hu, but he is the assistant’s bodyguard.

Technical director Wang Wei, expert Feng Weijun also followed, into the reception room.

The two sides introduced each other and simply understood. Sima Jin said: “President Lu, your cooperation request, our company carefully studied it again.”

“Well, what is your idea?”

“We are very heart-to-heart, and we are very willing to cooperate with Red Letter. We are also very pleased that Red Letter Group can find us to cooperate…” Sima Jin paused. “I don’t like to talk around the bend, just say it.”

“I have doubts about the cost of capital investment and time. This new type of superconducting material, strictly speaking, there is no material product that is suitable for your group. If we can’t make it, or if it doesn’t meet the requirements, this one project is not yellow?”

Lu Zixin smiled and said: “We don’t want to be unprepared. We have all created quantum computers. We are afraid that we can’t get a superconducting material. Furthermore, we choose to cooperate with you and use your resources to complete the production and synthesis of materials as soon as possible, and you can also reach a stable supply relationship with us, this is a mutually beneficial project.”

“The cost of investment is almost certain to have a return. In time, I can also guarantee that in half a month, there must be a finished product!”

After Lu Zixin finished, Sima Jin entered the thinking. What he fears is because Taiguang Magnetic Materials Co., Ltd. has been losing money for two consecutive years, and still owes tens of millions to banks. If the project to be invested fails again, the company will have to fall into a financial crisis.

Moreover, the investment risk of this project is too great, and China New Materials Co., Ltd. gave up the cooperation with Red Letter for this purpose.

But he does not want to give up Red Letter Group thigh. At present, the suppliers who hold Red Letter Group thighs have earned a lot of money. How can such an opportunity be missed?

He glanced at the technical director Wang Wei and the expert Feng Weijun, indicating that they would give some advice.

Wang Wei said: “President Lu, the blueprint you describe is very good. But we all know that research investment is often difficult to achieve. In particular, we have learned that your current quantum computer uses superconducting materials. The cost is high and cannot be used in industrial production.”

“And in the cooperation agreement you provided, our Taiguang Magnetic Materials Company has to bear most of the responsibility for manufacturing and production. Red Letter only helps R&D and procurement. The rights and responsibilities here are not equal!”

Feng Weijun, an expert on new materials, also questioned: “In time, President Lu said it took half a month. I think that half a month is not enough. At least half a year will be a little better. This cooperation agreement is too much for us, it’s harsh, and if we can’t get results, it’s almost all of us to bear the loss! I hope Red Letter Group can come up with a more sincere cooperation!”

Lu Zixin shook his head and said: “You have made a big profit in this agreement, we will not change it!”

His voice fell, and the faces of several people from Taiguang Magnetics changed slightly. There was a thought in their heart, Red Letter Group was too bullying! They even want to leave on the spot!

“Don’t worry, I haven’t finished yet.” Lu Zixin said slowly.

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