BTC Chapter 490 : No cure

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Hearing what the attending doctor said. Xue Yao couldn’t calm down, and feel nervous. She asked, “How’s my father? Can it be treated?”

“Um…” Zeng Hong hesitated for a moment and said: “Your father cancer cells has spreading. We can’t completely cured it. We can only take a conservative approach, hospitalize for observation, and see if the condition can change. It’s not recommended to use radiotherapy or other drug stimulation again. The patient’s physical function will greatly reduced and can’t stand it.”

Xue Yao is not stupid, she has heard the doctor’s euphemistic tone. Her body froze a little, and tears rolled in her eyes.

Lu Zixin clenched her hand and made her feel his presence. Xue Yao sniffed and said to the doctor in a calm tone: “Dr. Zeng, you don’t need to careful with me. I’m mentally prepared.”

“Just tell me straightforwardly. My dad, is he still saved?”

“Hah.” Zeng Hong sighed. Although, he has been a doctor for decades. He feels a deep sense of powerlessness, the moment he personally told the patient’s family, they can’t be saved.

“Unfortunately, there is no cure for your father in the medical world. We can only try our best to make him live longer, but it will not last long.”

“Well, I know. Thank you, doctor.” Xue Yao face is very calm, but Lu Zixin could feel her hand shaking.

Director Xia Mojin stood up and comforted: “Miss Xue, I promise, we will do our best!”

Xue Yao just nodded and couldn’t speak anymore.

After she left the clinic and came to the lounge. Lu Zixin hugged her and whispered: “Cry, I know, you has held back for a long time.”

Hearing this, Xue Yao couldn’t hold back anymore and cried again. After crying for a while, Xue Yao was tired and fell asleep.


After a few hours, the nurses informed them, Xue Bai had just woken up and his mood was stable. They could come to visit.

Upon hearing this. Xue Yao quickly went to the bathroom and re-dressed, lest her father see her look.

In the ward, Xue Bai just woke up. His eyes were dizzy, there was no expression, only when he saw Xue Yao, he showed a little warmth.

“Ah… ah…” Xue Bai was talking about something, but the voice was too weak to hear clearly.

“Dad, I’m here, what do you say?” Xue Yao lowered her body and put her ear next to him.

“Yaoyao.” Xue Bai whispered, “You, take more care… yourself, don’t… care… leave me alone.” His voice was small and hard, because Lu Zixin hearing is more sensitive than ordinary people, he can hear it.

“Dad, what are you talking about? I’m your daughter, how can I not take care of you?” Xue Yao said blamefully.

Xue Bai showed a smile and said: “I know… there are so many things in your company. I’m sick and can’t drag you down.”

“There’s no such thing.” Xue Yao said, “I will handle the company’s affairs/ You don’t have to worry!”

“Yeah, uncle.” Lu Zixin also said, “The company still has me, everything will be fine. Let Yaoyao accompany you, it’s good.”

Xue Bai tried to shake his head and said: “My own body, I…know it. In fact, a few years ago, I knew that I…almost. Now, it’s time. No…need… I…wasted money.”

His tone is very calm, as if he had already learned about it. Except for those who suddenly ill, most people already know their own physical state.

When Xue Bai is young. He was injured and overworked. In addition, he doesn’t avoid tobacco and alcohol, the body has collapsed a few times earlier. During those few times, he discharged without a complete recovery. This time, there’s really no chance.

Hearing her father, Xue Yao’s eyes were red again. Lu Zixin saw that she couldn’t help her emotions and he stepped forward to hold her, and said to Xue Bai: “Uncle, you can rest assured, your condition is not serious. I have invited top domestic experts to come and it will be cured soon.”

“You don’t have to worry about Yaoyao, I will take care of her.”

Xue Bai squeezed a smile and said: “It’s… it’s cheaper for you, but… you are better than me, great ability, trouble you.”

After he said that. He was tired again, closed his eyes and rested. Lu Zixin no longer speaks. After Xue Bai falls asleep, he brings Xue Yao out.

“Zixin, these days, I want to stay in the hospital. The company over there…” Xue Yao hasn’t finished, Lu Zixin said: “You didn’t have to worry about the company, I’ll arrange people to handle it.”

“Yeah.” Xue Yao nodded.

“I will try my best to find a way for your dad’s business.” Lu Zixin said.

“He is only 50 years old. Obviously he can live for decades!” Xue Yao felt unconvinced thinking of this. She used to think, having money can solve everything. However, until now, she has money and can arrange the best hospitals and doctors for her father, but it still doesn’t help!


A few days later, Lu Zixin specially invited the experts to come.

An authoritative expert on cancer treatment from Beijing, a French expert, and a famous American doctor of medicine, who has won the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

These three, many wealthy people can’t invite them. Lu Zixin used his network and promised to donate a large amount of money for their medical institutions, for their appearance.

Three experts and doctors studied together for several days, before explaining the situation to Lu Zixin.

“Several people, what do you think?” Lu Zixin asked, and the three people shook their heads.

American expert Brewer directly said: “God is calling him.”

Wu Huaide, an old expert from Beijing, also sighed and said: “The spread of cancer cells and still lung cancer. No matter, it’s Chinese medicine or Western medicine, there’s no cure for it. Now what we can do is to find ways to keep his life longer.”

French expert Benoit remarks are similar to them. He said: “My team is developing an anticancer drug. If Mr. Xue is willing to try it, we can let him try. But I can’t guarantee the drug effect, maybe it will worsen him.”

“Is there a way?” Lu Zixin frowned.

“No.” Wu Huaide said, “Cancer is a world-class medical problem. We has studied it for lifetime, but we has extremely limited breakthrough. If there’s a possibility of cure in the early and middle stages. Mr. Xue’s physical quality is poor. There’s a certain degree of drug resistance, and the treatment methods not very effective for him.”

Lu Zixin nodded, thanked the others. He said, “Several people, please stay a few more days. I will try again.”

“Mr. Lu, I can only stay for five days. After five days, I will return to America. I have to treat another important patient!” Brewer emphasized.

“It’s good.”

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