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Electric vehicles street, Boss Liu is sitting in the store, envious of looking at other stores.

Those electric motorcycle sales stores of Emma and Yadi have business every day, and his shop, for two days, is not necessarily able to do a single business.

“It’s still a big store, customers have a sense of identity.” Boss Liu thought, if he made money, he put the store next to it and made it bigger. I will not sell these miscellaneous electric vehicles in the future. As an agent, I will definitely make more money than I have now!

However, this seems to be just a dream and it is difficult to achieve.

Just as he was at YY, a group of guys suddenly came to the door of the store, bustling. Leading is Tian Zhuang who bought Pengyun electric motorcycle from him a few days ago.

Boss Liu saw it, it’s over, is this coming to find something? Is there a problem with the electric motorcycle? What happened to the motorcycle or accident, people came to the door?

“Bad luck! I knew I wouldn’t sell this! I know that new products are not good, I should let others sell them first!” Boss Liu secretly complained, and the other party came to fear that there are seven or eight people. Have they passed them?

“It’s here!” Tian Zhuang shouted, “Boss, come out!”

Boss Liu is very embarrassed. What is this? What about the shop?

He forced a smile and went out to meet and asked, “Where are you, how many of you are coming?”

“Boss, I am pulling you business! These are my brother, come buy electric motorcycles!” Tian Zhuang said with a smile.

“Ah? Buy an electric motorcycle?” Boss Liu is a bit wrong, not to find trouble, but to buy an electric motorcycle? Is there such a good thing?

He immediately smiled and said: “So many people have to buy? Or buy it alone?”

“We have to buy!” one of them said, “I heard that this street only has you selling Pengyun electric motorcycles, where?”

“You have to buy! You have to buy Pengyun’s electric motorcycle!” Liu’s mood suddenly flew from the bottom to the foothills. Actually, there is such a big business sent to the door. Did the God of Wealth finally hear his prayer?

“Here, here! These motorcycles are Pengyun’s electric motorcycles!” Boss Liu quickly took them to see, Tian Zhuang nodded: “Yes, like the style I bought, the color is chosen.”

“Boss, we have seven people to buy, can we be cheaper?” Tian Zhuang asked.

Boss Liu was secretly happy, and immediately promised: “The last time you came, I will give you a discount. This time, so many people, of course, I have to give a discount! I have always done business, I have always been kind!”

“Like this, if you definitely buy it, I will give you a hundred dollars cheaper!”

“It’s only a hundred or two hundred!” Tian Zhuang said at the price.

“Two hundred?” Liu boss installed as a difficult look, reluctantly agreed: “Well, see you many people, give you two hundred dollars cheaper, each 9800. But trouble to help me publicity, this Pengyun electric motorcycle, Performance is top!”

Seven people paid for the money very well. All of a sudden, Boss Liu sold seven electric motorcycles and earned 10,000 pieces!

He was ecstatic in his heart, I can’t think of this Pengyun electric motorcycle so good to sell! I am a big bargain, and I don’t know what other bosses are, I’ll sell more and earn a lot of money!

Thinking of this, he immediately contacted Pengyun’s factory and asked for another batch of Pengyun electric vehicles. This time, he directly requested 30 vehicles! This is the money for all the liquidity in his hands. Now Pengyun’s electric motorcycle is in his eyes, it’s a golden gold nugget. Don’t buy it at this time, but when?

In other electric motorcycle stores, they also encountered a weird thing.

“Boss, is there an electric motorcycle sold by Pengyun here?” Someone came in and asked.

“No, you can look at our Emma electric motorcycle, its price and performance…” Boss Zeng has not finished talking, the customer will leave, “Nothing.”

Once the boss was puzzled, it was too direct. The salesman in the store said: “Boss, this is the third time today to ask Pengyun electric motorcycle, this electric motorcycle is a bit famous!”

Another employee said: “I saw the owner of Liu’s shop next to us and sold seven electric motorcycles in one breath… Hey, the man just went to his store and bought it!”

Boss Zeng frowns, wondering: “Is this electric motorcycle so good to sell? Everyone wants?”

He was thinking, the phone rang, he saw it, he was a boss he knew. He was hungry and didn’t take it out. There was a dozens of take-away teams under his hand. He bought 30 electric motorcycle in his shop at one time.

“Boss Zeng, I want to order a batch of electric motorcycles. Are you in stock?” the customer asked.

“Yes!” Boss Zeng quickly said, “How much do you want, what kind of brand, I promise to arrange for you!”

“I want a bit more. I am going to change my team to a group of electric motorcycles. I have to order 40 motorcycles.” The customer said that the boss was ecstatic, forty motorcycles. Ten thousand yuan!

However, the other party’s next sentence made his heart cool, and the customer stressed: “Right, I only need Pengyun’s electric motorcycle! No other electric motorcycles! It must be Pengyun!”

“I heard that this electric motorcycle will cost 10,000 yuan. It’s really expensive. I used to be a boss. You see that we are not doing business once, and we offer a discount on the price…”

Boss Zeng was full of bitterness, why did he want to die and retired Pengyun’s order, this list has to disappear!

I knew that I wouldn’t care about the manufacturer’s review. I secretly booked a batch of Pengyun electric vehicles. Who knows that it is so hot now?

However, the former boss did not give up and said: “You wait, I will ask if there are so many goods, and then negotiate with you.”


Hanging up the phone, Boss Zeng quickly contacted Pengyun’s manufacturer and wanted to order. However, they got the news from the other party. In the past few days, the stores have added orders. They have to give priority to supply, and there is no supply for a short time.

No way, this list can only fly!

Boss Zeng and those electric motorcycle shop owners who have not booked Pengyun electric motorcycles regret it. There are too many customers to buy Pengyun electric motorcycles in the past few days. As a result, all the business was taken away by Liu. They can only look at Boss Liu make money, just envy and regret.

At the same time, these bosses who did not want to buy goods in the morning from Xu Xiuying, went to find Pengyun factory, wanted to take the order! The attitude is completely different!

Pengyun’s electric vehicles, in addition to sales in Pengcheng physical stores, some have also been placed online, sold to ordinary consumers, such as office workers, school parties and the like.

Unexpectedly, Pengyun electric motorcycle has also been a wave of fire.

In Pengcheng’s home, Su Zhirong opened the phone and gave Lu Zixin a video of the Pengyun electric motorcycle.

This is a piece of news, titled: “High Science and Technology electric motorcycle, let the old thieves cry!”

The picture of the video is not very clear, it seems to be a monitoring video. In the middle of the night, when the night was quiet, a Pengyun electric motorcycle was parked in the open air, and a thief walked over.

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