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All three said there was no way. Lu Zixin knows, in reality, there is no way to solve this problem.

Lu Zixin has genetic enhancement himself, and he has used dilutions for his own relatives. For example, his parents, Su Zhirong, Su Xiaomeng, and Xue Yao, they have used it, but they don’t know it.

The effect is also very obvious. Those who have undergone genetic enhancement have very good physical fitness. For example, his parents used to have a lot of old problems, and gradually didn’t commit any more. They thought, because the living conditions is good, the body was raised.

In fact, no matter how rich you are, you can’t change the aging of your body or cure diseases.

In Su Zhirong and others, the cells are more vigorous, as if they always 18-year-old.

Xue Yao’s father, because of poor physical fitness, can’t afford the genetic strengthening agent, so Lu Zixin didn’t dare to use it after dilution. Who knew he was terminally ill now.

In Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group, Lu Zixin asked the group friends for help.

“In the late stage of lung cancer, cancer cells have spread all over. I can’t do anything about this.” Tony Stark said helplessly, “If you have cancer, I still have a way. For example, you can inject Extreme Virus. Your physical fitness can bear it.”

“But his physical function is too bad. Now, let alone the injection of Extreme Virus, even the conventional drugs will do him great harm.”

“Cancer is no way for me.” Bruce Wayne also said, he could do nothing.

Lu Zixin thought umbrella company is giant of genetics and biomedical research, and hurriedly asked Red Queen : “@Red Queen, can you cure?”

Red Queen : “[sigh emoticon: helpless.] If you mean to make him a normal human, I have no way.”

“Why? Can’t you do gene therapy?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Biological gene is a secret to God. Even umbrella company can’t grasp it. The doctor’s daughter was because of terminal illness and wanted treatment. Only then did he find Biochemical virus, and Biochemical virus couldn’t solve the problem. Then…”

Mr. L : “What then?”

Red Queen : “[emoticon pride of heaven: Then I was born!]”

Red Queen : “Owner, if you want him to be alive, you can give him biochemical virus and inhibitors, so that cancer cells and Biochemical virus are in a delicate balance. If nothing happens, he can live to 120 year old!”

“No!” Lu Zixin decisively refused. He wasn’t stupid enough to use Biochemical virus. The umbrella company is so powerful that it controls the global economy and military power, and it can’t protect themselves against virus. Is there a way he can guarantee that Biochemical virus will not leak?

Red Queen : “[emoticon: young people, I can only help you here.]”

Lu Zixin thought about it and asked again : “Can you save him with cloning technology? Replace his necrotic organs.”

Red Queen : “His cancer cells have spread, unless all his body is replaced. That is to give him a whole body and then change his brain. The umbrella company’s executives thought about it, using clone technology and human body. The freezing technique makes you ‘resurrect’, but in fact it’s only Doctor Isaac who flicker them. The clones are completely independent individuals, they still die.”

“So, Owner, this method won’t work. If you don’t want to use Biochemical virus, you can only let him die. [masked emoticon: I’m a computer without feelings.]”

Lu Zixin is silent, and came out and said: “The death of body is a kind of relief. Let us break away from the boring, vulgar and cruel real world. It’s better to turn his thinking into a program and live in a virtual world.”

This proposal was also rejected by Lu Zixin, which is not his purpose.

“Is there any other way?” Lu Zixin asked.

Red Queen : “I can give you a cancer suppressor. He should last a few years, but he will live in pain.”

Skynet : “This is human beings, fragile!”

Optimus Prime : “Birth, old age, sickness and death, this is the normal state of organic life.”

Mechanical pioneer Victor proposed a solution, saying: “In Valoran, there are many undead creatures, and there are some ancient immortals that exist forever. It’s said they have ways to make people live eternal, some called them, gods.”

“Although I don’t have the power of the gods, I can use magic technology to transform and turn him into a half-machine half-human state of existence.”

“This kind of experiment has been successful. A soldier named Urgot is reborn because of the transformation of Magic Technology!”

Lu Zixin can only thank him for his kindness, saying that this method is too shocking to try.

Moreover, Lu Zixin has no conditions to complete the methods mentioned by the group of friends. After all, Xue Bai is restricted in all aspects of his world. Such as medical technology and so on.

Just as Lu Zixin not hopeful, Creator Luke said : “According to your information, your so-called cancer cells are not diseased cells, but similar to normal cells. So conventional drugs and means can’t treat it, this is a genetic mutation.”

Lu Zixin saw him and asked, “Master Luke, do you have a way?”

“Yes, I need his genetic information to see what went wrong and then make corrections.” Creator Luke’s speech has confirmed that he fully possesses this ability. In the field of life sciences, Creator Luke is more powerful than other group members.

Because he used to be called the creator of everything on Hebron planet! In popular words, it’s omnipotent god! Not only technological equipment, he even created life!

The “nightmare” creature created by Creator Luke can also absorb the energy of light and create life. It can be said he is in the realm of God and taboo science. At present, only Luke can do it in the group.

The genetic technology that Red Queen masters is at best to induce cell variability or to strengthen the gene a little. To really create life, it’s still a hundred thousand miles away.

Red Queen immediately sent an emoticon : “[Hugging thigh expression: look up to the boss, the boss will take me!]”

Lu Zixin said : “Okay, then it’s trouble! I will send the sample right away.”

Luke reminded : “I’m not reborn now, and research isn’t very convenient. Moreover, it takes a little time for gene modification. The patient you mentioned may not wait for that time. So, cancer cell suppression is required first.”

Lu Zixin asked : “Then what should I do?”

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