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“Their looks so miserable!” The audience couldn’t help feeling in their hearts. They could see their vitality from the video data.

The soon moved to the ward for interviews. Before the reporter entered the ward, she heard a voice from inside, as if someone was laughing.

She knocked on the door and went in. She found all three patients is inside sitting and chatting.

The old teacher at the very end was doing well. As soon as she saw the reporter come in, she smiled and said, “Is it a reporter? Come in, can I give you an apple? I’ll cut one for you.”

Then, she took the Apple next to the bed and began to cut it.

“No, I really don’t need it. How can I…” The reporter was a little embarrassed, but also a little surprised. This old teacher looks good.

The camera turns to the other two people, their state is even more surprising!

The middle-aged man used to look dark and difficult to speak. And now, although his complexion is not as healthy as ordinary people, he can already sit up, chat and laugh.

The last, the best-quality firefighter warrior, actually wanted to make some action in front of the camera, but his fiancée directly stopped.

The discerning eye can see the situation of the three patients has greatly improved, otherwise they can never be so happy now.

The data can be forged, but their smiles can’t be forged. Desperate, empty eyes and hopeful eyes are completely two extremes!

“Hello, I am a CCTV reporter. I want to interview you today. How is your treatment at Red Letter International Hospital? Did cancer suppressor drug declared by Red Letter International Hospital really effective?” The reporter asked.

“Effective, effective, really effective!” Firefighter warrior replied, “Really, I’m not lying. When I first came, my whole body hurt when I sat up, now I can walk on the ground.”

Next to him, his fiancée Wanwan smiled and said: “You are more than walking down on the ground. If I don’t stop you, you will have somersaults!”

“So effective? What do you think?” The reporter asked the middle-aged man.

“I…” The middle-aged man is a little cautious facing the camera. He said: “I think it’s pretty good. My health is much better. I had stomach cancer before, I couldn’t eat anything and couldn’t digest it. Now, I can eat normally.”

“They’re right. ” The old teacher’s speech was the clearest. “Before I came, the cancer cells in my body had metastasized. Many doctor said there’s no way. But, after I got here for treatment. The cancer cells getting smaller every day.”

“The first week is more uncomfortable, because my body has poor recovery. Now, it’s much better. I just checked yesterday, cancer cells have been controlled. Continue like this, after two months, cancer cells can completely suppressed! There is a checklist here, you can check it out.”

The reporter took the checklist, and the medical staff came forward to explain.

In addition to patient interviews, they also interviewed doctors from Red Letter International and representatives of the International Health Organization.

The international health organizations and medical organizations has conduct verification and investigations here. Basically, the research results of Red Letter International Hospital have no problems at present, and they are cancer treatment drugs that can be used in clinical practice.

People who watched this report don’t know where they are. Both domestic and foreign, almost officially qualitative, the cancer treatment of Red Letter International Hospital is really effective, not a false propaganda.

Suddenly, the people applauded. Someone specializes in making pennants and wants to give them to the drug development team. As a result, too many pennants were sent and they needed a special warehouse to store them.

Foreign media and patients also flooded in. The patient’s reception list in the hospital has been waiting for a long time. In order to facilitate patient visits, Red Letter International Hospital announced. In addition to special diseases, the visits to other diseases will be re-arranged every day to optimize the selection.

And such a heavy workload is handed over to the quantum brain.

In addition, in order to repay the society, in the name of Red Letter Group, free monthly critical illness for a seriously ill patient, no matter how serious the disease!

Such a move has also made the Red Letter Group widely acclaimed. Correspondingly, this future city in Taklamakan Desert has received much attention.

After three months, this matter finally fermented to its peak.

There is no other reason. The local tyrant Gammel from Middle East received by Red Letter International Hospital has recovered from cancer and was discharged!

He is the first patient who has really cured his cancer since Red Letter International Hospital opened its doors for treatment!

Originally, the cancer treatment of Red Letter International Hospital didn’t guarantee cure. Only inhibited the cancer cell division and growth.

But this Gammel, probably because the medical conditions are too good, plus a little luck and other ingredients, the cancer cells have completely disappeared!

After learning the news, Gammel is very excited. As if his life span suddenly increased by several decades or the kind of people with too much money to spend, it made him crazy.

On the same day, Gammel directly announced that in addition to the necessary medical expenses, he personally donated 100 million US dollars to Red Letter International Hospital for medical research and hospital construction.

After Gammel royal brother heard about it, he was even more moved. He sent three luxury small planes to Red Letter International Hospital for medical rescue.

The behavior of the local tyrants makes the people who eat melon envy and hate. For those wealthy people on the sidelines. They have flocked to Red Letter International Hospital like it’s the world’s No. 1 hospital. They wanted to spend money to live in even if they just little sick.

Just because of one Red Letter International Hospital, there are three international hotels under construction near the hospital. In addition, there are several well-known medical institutions to establish a station here. Shopping, food, transportation services, etc. are rapidly forming in.

There’s also a large number of large enterprises applying for the development in the future city. In the past three months, Red Letter Group has approved more than 300 large enterprises to enter the future city, of which more than 80 are the world’s top 500!

With their talents and financial resources, the future city development is proceeding at a rapid pace. The construction standards are all in accordance with Hong Xiaoxiao plans to ensure the urban construction meets the construction norms of smart cities.

At this time, Lu Zixin didn’t rush to develop and build the future city, but continued to help Red Letter International Hospital to gain a foothold.

Lu Zixin came to Red Letter Quantum Brain Center to help Hong Xiaoxiao upgrade, and also to view the latest data of Red Letter International Hospital in the past month.

“The number of independent visitors to the network of Red Letter International Hospital reached 1.12 billion last month.”

“The outpatient department receives 13,000 patients per day, the number of wards in the inpatient department…”

Most of the data is no problem. Hong Xiaoxiao specifically mentioned: “Because Red Letter International Hospital receiving many patients. The hospital blood bank and organ reserve is in desperate situation. More than 500 patients need to use blood or replace organs. This number is increasing every day.”

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