BSI Chapter 85 : Aizen

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Aizen is going to shoot.

Xia Yan clenched the short gun in his hand, staring at Aizen with a gaze, and Aizen Strength was too strong.

It’s enough to make it difficult for him to chant high level Kido.

Shunpo is even more top-notch.

His Strength, not limited to Zanpakuto Ability, is inherently superior to Arrancar and Shinigami Ability.

80 years ago, he had reached Shinigami peak and pursued a more formidable Ability.

The only thing that can make him jealous is the Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto, who is at least 2000 years old Shinigami.

Xia Yan did not grasp the victory, especially the result of the bruises on the body. The final outcome must be death.

Xia Yan does not want to die, but when death comes, he is willing to desperate for the last chance to survive.

As long as he is dead, the letter to Unohana Retsu will be taken out. At that time, there will be no place for Aizen.

Xia Yan right hand flashed, and finally thunder gathered at Xia Yan back to form a Thunder Wing.


Xia Yan body flashed, appeared behind Aizen, short shot.


Aizen Zanpakuto waved down and easily blocked the shot.

But at the next moment, Xia Yan left hand covered in Thunder, and finally formed a swaying Thunder blade, stabbing Aizen face.

  Hōng lòng.

Aizen reached out and grabbed the Thunder blade. With a pinch, the Thunder blade was crushed.

Xia Yan eyes shrink, and the long spear pierces three times. Every time they prick, there are several Thunder birds flying out and scattered.

Aizen Zanpakuto swayed gently to block Xia Yan slam.

But when Aizen blocked Xia Yan second assassination, the first thunder birds that flew out of the way had already circled Aizen back and slammed against his back.

“It’s amazing.”

Aizen smiled slightly, his left hand twitched, and a round shield appeared behind his back.

Bakudō #39, Enkōsen.

  Boom, bang, bang.

Five Thunder birds hit the top of Enkōsen, but then Xia Yan stabbed a third shot, and several Thunder birds flew.

However, the Enkōsen is still behind, blocking the thunder bird’s burst.

Aizen Enkōsen is more stronger than that used by Xia Yan. On Kido Ability, Aizen can be called Kido genius.

After Xia Yan third shot, the remaining Thunder birds attacked Aizen again.

With the involvement of Thunder bird, Xia Yan showed a round shuttle in his left hand.

Micro-electromagnetic gun.

Large-scale electromagnetic guns have too long acceleration times, so only micro-electromagnetic guns can be used to achieve three times the speed of sound.


The projectile turned into a ray of light, hitting Aizen waist, and Aizen used his left hand to resist the Thunder bird while squatting Zanpakuto in his hand.


The projectile was blocked by Aizen Zanpakuto.

But at this time, Xia Yan right-handed short gun was aimed at Aizen, the arc flashed, and a huge blue light beam was shot, covering Aizen.

Hadō #88, Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō.

Electromagnetic guns, Thunder birds, just to contain Aizen, give yourself a little time to prepare this Ability.

In the face of Hadō #88, Aizen did not dare to neglect, the left hand waved, a transparent curtain wall appeared.

Bakudō #81, Dankū, can defend Hadō below #89.

But with bang, Dankū shattered directly.

Although Dankū can block Hadō below 89, but Dankū without chant, the intensity is not high.

Aizen can rely on the innocent chanting Dankū to block Tsukabishi Tessai innocent chanting.

However, Xia Yan thunder cannon is a full version, the power is bigger than chanting version, more pure, almost three times the power of chant version.

Crushing Dankū, It only consumes half of the energy, and the rest of the cannons will cover Aizen.

However, after the thunderbolt was dispersed, Aizen’trace disappeared and appeared in the distance.

Still avoiding it, his Shunpo is too fast, and he is only weaker than Soi Fon.

“Very good, advancing and retreating, slowly. If it is someone else, it has been hurt by you now.”

Aizen smiled and looked at Xia Yan and said, “Okay, time is coming. I don’t plan to know the location of Kisuke Urahara. It will come to you.”

Accompanied by Aizen words, his figure flashed, and instantly came to Xia Yan body, and his sword fell.

“Yea, I saw.”

Xia Yan grasped Aizen trajectory, and Thunder Wing moved to avoid Aizen Attack, but the next moment, a beam of light came.

Hadō #4, Byakurai.

Under the use of Aizen, the power of Byakurai became very formidable, and it was instantly in front of Xia Yan.

Xia Yan did not dare to fight head on, sideways dodging, Byakurai rubbed his cheeks across, did not stand firm, a Slash arrived.

Xia Yan raised his hand and resisted.


The scene that shocked Xia Yan appeared. The short gun was actually smashed, and Aizen’s Zanpakuto hit down his shoulder.


A long blood mark, extending from Xia Yan’s left shoulder to the right abdomen.

Zanpakuto is broken.

His own Shikai form Kaminari was broken.

Shikai differs from Bankai, and can be repaired automatically after fragmentation. Just as the Zanpakuto of Ikkaku is smashed by Kurosaki ichigo, and the Zanpakuto of Kurosaki ichigo is crushed, as long as Shikai is released, it can be restored.

However, the missing part of Bankai will continue to be lost. For example, the Hōzukimaru of Ikkaku, Bankai of Kuchiki Byakuya and Bankai of Abarai Renji cannot be replenished after being broken, and can only be rebuilt after being broken.

Only Komamura Bankai can be repaired automatically, but his Bankai is destroyed by Aizen.

This is Aizen Strength, Slash is strong and incredible.

The short gun in Xia Yan hand has turned into Zanpakuto, and he fell to the ground, and the thunder on his body disappeared.

Xia Yan subconscious mind is going to catch, but the four swords appear, Xia Yan’s limbs and veins are all cut off, and then the squatting, a long sword runs through Xia Yan lower abdomen.

With the long sword pulled out, Xia Yan fell on the ground and wanted to move his arms, but he could not move.

Aizen fell from the sky and came to Xia Yan, taking out a transparent cube-shaped shackle from his arms, which contained a blue sphere.

Hōgyoku, although not complete Hōgyoku, can break the boundaries between Shinigami and Hollow.

Xia Yan saw Hōgyoku, and said bitterly: “Do you want to turn me into Hollow?”

“It seems that you really know this thing.”

Aizen smiled and said: “Yes, killing genius like you directly can cause trouble. I will turn you into Hollow, wait until your Captain Soi Fon comes here, what will she see you?”

“Soi Fon will come?”

Xia Yan stared big eyes, thinking of the scene afterwards, the meaning of despair.

Aizen smiled and said: “Of course, Soi Fon is chasing the Shinigami, the Shinigami is coming here, Soi Fon will be attracted to here, and then you will fight.”

Xia Yan said with a gnashing his tooth: “The original Shinigami is also arranged by you.”

Aizen said with a smile: “Does this not prove that I value you? So much is arranged, just to kill you reasonably. ”

Xia Yan looks at Aizen, coldly said: “You are not afraid to be discovered?”

Xia Yan refers to the letter left to Unohana Retsu, but Aizen mistakenly thought it was a vain thing, saying: “No, Ramirez appearance, most Shinigami thinks it is a Hollow made by Kisuke Urahara. Especially, the Soi Fon Captain you like, think so. No one will find it.”

Xia Yan said with a sneer: “But you will definitely die.”

Aizen smiled a little, to threat Xia Yan and was unmoved. He chuckled and said: “Sorry, I can’t see the scene of my death. And you will be killed by someone you love or you will kill someone you love. So, remember this fear, when become Hollow.”

Along with Aizen words, the imprisonment device opened a small mouth, and Hōgyoku was aimed at Xia Yan.

The next moment, in the desperation of Xia Yan heart, his eyes filled with white matter, instantly covering Xia Yan face.

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