BSI Chapter 66 : Summer festival

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The summer night is darker late, the sky is still bright when it first comes out, and there are many people on the road.

This is the first summer festival in Seireitei, and it is also a few festivals in Seireitei. Therefore, just holding it, it attracts a large number of people.

The summer festival is held on the banks of the moat, along the river, all along the river, and there are lanterns in the river.

Xia Yan and Soi Fon left the courtyard. Soi Fon footsteps went slower and slower, and she lowered her head. Xia Yan looked at her and curiously asked: “Soi Fon Captain, what’s wrong? Tired?”

Soi Fon didn’t talk, but the next moment, a voice, “Hahaha, Xia Yan, you are here.”

Soi Fon looked up and found that Ōmaeda Marechiyo appeared in the distance, and in his behind, he is  followed by several people.

A tall woman, a young man with glasses, a girl who is not tall.

Xia Yan said to Ōmaeda Marechiyo: “Ōmaeda Vice-Captain, who are they?”

Ōmaeda Marechiyo introduced: “I will introduce you to you, this is my sister, Ōmaeda Maremi, this is my brother, Ōmaeda Marejirōsabu. This is my sister, Ōmaeda Mareyo. ”

“Hello , everyone!”

Xia Yan gaze was swept over the three people. Ōmaeda Maremi is not beautiful, Ōmaeda Marejirōsabu is not handsome, but why is Ōmaeda Mareyo so beautiful?

Only one word missing from Mareyo, why is it so cute?

Xia Yan brain filled up a lot of question, and finally converged.

Ōmaeda Maremi looks at Xia Yan, smiled and said: “You are Xia Yan? My brother said that you are a genius.”

Xia Yan looks to the latter, Ōmaeda Marechiyo will praise others?

Ōmaeda Marechiyo coughed and said, “This is the truth.”

Ōmaeda Maremi said with a smile: “Yes, you still have no girlfriend? How is my sister? So cute, and as long as you married my sister, you can get a lot of dowry.”

“Big Sister.”

Ōmaeda Mareyo heard this, shrinking to the back of her brother, her face blushing.

Ōmaeda Marechiyo said, “Well, big sister, don’t make trouble, don’t you see Xia Yan with a female companion?”

“I haven’t seen it yet, sorry, sorry.” Ōmaeda Maremi expressed apologetic expression.

Why, didn’t you recognize it?

Xia Yan turned his head and found that Soi Fon hid in his behind, and her head looked down.

You also have today, but, so cute.

The timid Soi Fon, shrinking in his behind, is like a little bee, driven away from the hive.

But it doesn’t matter, I can stay with you.

Xia Yan saw this scene, and the heart seemed to be filled with joy, so he said: “Yes, I already have a girlfriend, ah!”

After Xia Yan just finished, he felt that he was stunned.

“Well, don’t bother you both, let’s go play, see Captain with a good voice.”

Ōmaeda Marechiyo left this sentence and left with her sisters and brother. After walking away, Ōmaeda Mareyo asked: “Brother, why go so fast?”

Ōmaeda Marechiyo whispered: “You didn’t see it, the one behind Xia Yan is Soi Fon Captain.”

Ōmaeda Marejirōsabu stared big eyes, asked: “No?”

Ōmaeda Marechiyo coldly snorted, said: “Although she hid it, I recognized it. After all, I have been playing with her for decades. It’s just that the change is really big.”

Ōmaeda Mareyo was shocked and said: “They are playing together for the summer festival. Is it true that the two are in contact?”

Ōmaeda Marechiyo showed a playful smile and said, “Yes, they are in contact.”


After seeing him go far, Xia Yan said: “Captain, you can come out.”

Soi Fon blushes out, despising Xia Yan, said: “It’s all good things you do.”

Xia Yan looks at her and said: “Soi Fon Captain, if you don’t hide, then why are you afraid of being seen by others?”

“I am afraid…”

I am afraid that others will think that I am in contact with you.

Soi Fon wants to say it, but it feels too suspicious to do so. She can only wave her hand and say, “Let’s go.”

Soi Fon followed Xia Yan to the summer festival. She thought that the low-key was not seen, and she just walked a few steps and met an acquaintance.

“Xia Yan, you are here.”

It’s Matsumoto Rangiku, behind, followed by a short boy, seeing him, Xia Yan’s big eyes, “Tōshirō Hitsugaya?”

Tōshirō Hitsugaya looks at Xia Yan, bowed slightly, and said indifferently: “Hello.”

Xia Yan looked at Matsumoto Rangiku and asked: “Matsumoto Vice-Captain, is your Shinigami Women’s Association not going to visit the summer festival together?”

Matsumoto Rangiku said with a smile: “But everyone has something, Kusajishi Yachiru and Zaraki Captain are together, Nemu and Captain Mayuri are together, Ise is with Captain Kyouraku , where is Soi Fon? I don’t know? Fuck that, man. Are you Soi Fon Captain?”

Matsumoto Rangiku looks at the woman next to Xia Yan, widened big eyes.

Soi Fon said slyly: “Hello, you are good.”

Matsumoto Rangiku looked at Soi Fon and looked at Xia Yan again. She said, “You are not going to be in contact? No wonder, Soi Fon Captain, you have long said that you will not participate in the Shinigami Women’s Association tour.”

Xia Yan corner of the mouth reveals a smile, a pair of such a look.

Soi Fon didn’t want to be misunderstood, and quickly said: “Not like this, just he begged me.”

Matsumoto Rangiku corner of the mouth reveals a mysterious smile and says, “I understand.”

Soi Fon also wants to explain that Matsumoto Rangiku has made a cheering pose for Soi Fon and said, “Then play, I won’t bother your two worlds.”

Matsumoto Rangiku showed a mysterious smile and called Tōshirō Hitsugaya to leave.

Xia Yan is very happy in his heart. She is considered to be a pair with his beloved woman. This feeling is great.

But at the next moment, he felt a huge killing. He turned his head and found Soi Fon Captain staring at himself and said, “Are you happy?”

Xia Yan said quickly: “Soi Fon Captain, sorry, I don’t know how.”

Speaking of this, Xia Yan paused and said: “However, I am really happy to be able to tour with Soi Fon Captain, not just train, I am really happy.”

Xia Yan face showed a happy smile, Soi Fon saw this smile, and she don’t know why, but it was warm.

“Hey, I am not happy, let’s go and see if there is anything fun.”

Soi Fon stepped forward and walked forward. Xia Yan saw that she was not angry and quickly caught up.

“Captain, this, this.”

Xia Yan called Soi Fon to a small stall and shouted: “Boss, I want a box of Takoyaki.”

“A box of Takoyaki, ok, this is for you.”

The owner was very skilled at starting production. Soi Fon stood beside Xia Yan, sniffed her nose and asked, “What is this?”

The owner smiled and said: “This is a snack from Human World, which I learned while on duty in Human World. Use octopus powder and water eggs to make octopus granules, fry them, add them to the vegetables, turn them over and continue to bake them. After cooking, add the sweet sauce and look at it. ”

After the owner baked, six Takoyaki were placed in the box. The owner put the two signatures aside and handed them to the two. He smiled and said: “Please try.”

Xia Yan handed the money to the owner and handed a sign to Soi Fon and said, “Captain, you come first.”

Soi Fon picked up a sign, inserted it into the Takoyaki, lifted it to his mouth and took a bite.


Soi Fon widened big eyes, looks at Xia Yan, the eyes reveal an unbelievable look.

“Is it delicious?” Xia Yan looks at Soi Fon.

Soi Fon said, “It’s very delicious.”

Sai Fon puts an Takoyaki into her mouth and chews it down to reveal a satisfying look.

Xia Yan immediately handed the box to Soi Fon and said, “Yes.”

Soi Fon took the sign and inserted it. Look at Xia Yan said: “You can eat too.”

Xia Yan waved his hand and said: “I can’t buy it enough. Soi Fon Captain likes to eat more. When you finish eating, I am eating. I don’t like it too much.”

Like a person, I want to give everything to the opposite side, look at opposite side to show a satisfied expression, I feel very happy.

Of course, in order to let the opposite side eat all, I still have a look that I don’t like, I don’t want to eat.

Upon hearing this, Soi Fon with a slight silence, and suddenly said with a smile: “Food should be shared, eat together and eat delicious, hurry to eat.”


Xia Yan nodded, picked up the sign, inserted an Takoyaki, and together with Soi Fon, swallowed it into his mouth.

The two chewed the octopus balls and felt that the food in their mouth was more delicious.

Xia Yan is happy to eat food with people he likes, Soi Fon is because friends can share.

The first time I wore a bathrobe, I changed my hair for the first time, and I shared the Takoyaki for the first time.

Soi Fon has changed more and more, and this change is closely related to Xia Yan.

Soi Fon began to enjoy the time with others, and slowly came out of the ‘one person’ life.

But when she is no longer a person, he has always been with her.

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