MST Chapter 227 : Cooperation Negotiations

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Of course, a cooperation can’t be completed in a few words, and there are many details in the follow-up. Both parties need to negotiate terms of cooperation one by one, but Jiang Fengxian and Jiang Xin will be responsible for discussing these with the staff of Beijing TV Station.

Director Zhang indeed has a straightforward temper. He greeted several staff members of TV stations that accompanied him. Several people discussed with Jiang Xin and Jiang Fengxian about some detailed requirements for cooperation and drafted preliminary contract terms.

Beijing TV station indeed full of sincerity. For Jiang Fengxian’s request, they basically nodded and agreed. When the staff not sure, he looked at Deputy Director Zhang and asked him to make up his mind. Deputy Director Zhang still carried forward his straightforward character. If it does work, it’s okay. If it doesn’t work, it’s okay, just discuss it again.

After one hour discussion. The contract that originally needed to be discussed in detail for a day or more was released. This efficiency is amazing. Of course, this is also because the Beijing TV station does not care and is sincere. Liu Chiyan can also make appropriate concessions here. In this case, a consensus is reached quickly, so the contract is drafted very quickly.

Of course, there will be differences when drafting a contract.

The program adopts a production model that separates production and broadcasting. Youxianqi Entertainment and Beijing TV Station jointly invest, share copyrights, and share risks. According to the agreed ratio, the advertising revenues such as program naming, special broadcasting, and hard advertising are divided to agreed ratio.

Among them, there are two biggest differences. One is the division of advertising expenses. The two parties have debated for a long time and have not settled. The highest price given by Beijing TV is the advertising expenses divided to 40% for Youxianqi Entertainment. This price is not bad. To be fair, the original advertising share of Ye Guang’s Journey to the West storytelling program was only 15%. Although the other party was CCTV, the price was very low. The key is Ye Guang’s production cost was low at the time and they already sold copyright fee at the beginning. CCTV didn’t pay for the naming fee and it is normal for the subsequent advertising fee to be low.

This cooperation is different from the storytelling of Journey to the West, which is directly produced and sold to the TV station. This time the two parties jointly funded, produced and shared copyrights. Therefore, there is no copyright income for Youxianqi Entertainment. The income is all due to advertising. Naturally they want higher advertising share. Yeguang insists on a fifty-fifth share of the advertising fee, but Beijing TV Station refuses. They believe that the advertising investment is all led by the TV station, and they are the broadcasting platform. In the case of co-production should they accounted for the big head. Ye Guang side thinks, everyone contributes money and efforts together. I’m responsible for the program creativity and production. While you responsible for advertising investment and broadcast. It is fair to divide 50 to 50. Therefore, it was so stalemate for a while.

In the end, Ye Guang put forward an idea. “Director Zhang, we can’t do anything like this. I have a proposal, you can listen.”

Director Zhang: “It doesn’t matter.”

Ye Guang: “It’s better to gamble.”

Director Zhang looked at Ye Guang, “How is gambling law?”

Ye Guang: “We are cooperating to make programs. The purpose of both of us is the same. Both are to make money. Whether you can make money depends on the ratings. The ratings directly affect the benefits of the program. Let’s bet. Yes, I am confident that the ratings of this program will be the first in the same period, at least 1.4 above. If the ratings of this program can’t reach 1.4, then we don’t want any advertising fees.”

The expression in Zhang Zhi’s eyes just changed, 1.4 ratings, this young man really dare to say, knows the current market? The number one variety show now is Happy Camp, hosted by Ren Keling. The ratings of this show have been hovering around 1.3. At the highest point of 1.38, it has never broken through 1.4. In Ye Guang mouth, he wants to step on the No. 1 program underfoot, and directly release the confidence to 1.4. How can’t Director Zhang not surprised.

Liu Chiyan shocked when she listen to Ye guang words. She quickly pulled Ye Guang, but Ye Guang just smiled at Liu Chiyan, gave her a relieved look. He continued to say “However, if it exceeds 1.4, the advertising fee is divided into five to five. If the viewership rate reaches a higher level. If it reaches 1.7, the advertising fee will be divided into six to four. The viewership rate reaches 2, we split into seven to three. Above 2.3, we divided to eighty-two.”

Zhang Zhi frowned and thought. He only wanted to achieve the 1.4 five-to-five ratio. As for Ye Guang said of 1.7, 2.3 and so on. He directly filtered it, just Ye Guang bragging. So high ratings, I can’t even think about it. Except for The Strongest Voice, which is broadcast every three years in this world. Other programs are impossible!

Is Ye Guang bragging? Everyone here except Ye Guang feels that way. You said that it might be possible to make the show the first. That’s only 1.4. The 1.7, 2, 2.3 and so on behind, what people present heard looks like bragging, but Ye Guang has this confidence. He is not a complete novice in the entertainment industry, he also understands the ratings of variety shows because of the original Journey to the West storytelling program. He dare so boasting that is Ye Guang have absolute confidence, if he now want to make program. In this world where entertainment is still scarce after all, he can’t even reach 1.4 ratings, then he doesn’t need to rely on what he sees in the dream world to climb the top entertainment circle.

Others think we are joking and bragging, but we are serious!

Liu Chiyan is secretly anxious, but it was not suitable for this kind of occasion to sing a stage show with Ye Guang. The two sides negotiated and their own people will fight first. This is all about it.

On the other hand, Zhang Zhi also considered it, saying, “Mr. Ye Guang is really young, bold and confident. Admire, admire.”

I don’t know if this sentence is praise or derogation.

Zhang Zhi continued, “Since Mr. Ye Guang is brave and the conditions has been set out, then I won’t be ambiguous. So, I agree to this condition, and I will include one, as long as the program ratings can reach 1.1. give you 30% of advertising revenue, to enter the top three, and that was to follow you 40% of the advertising revenue.”

Ye Guang listened to him happily. I didn’t expect Zhang Zhi to be such a wonderful person. He said that the merchants are profitable. Zhang Zhi seems to be very kind. Since people have said that. Ye Guang can’t be vague, “Director Zhang is generous. Then we have to say. So, if the program have good ratings, no matter how high it is. Even if it broke 3, we only took 70%.”

Zhang Zhi waved his hand, not paying attention to what Yeguang said. No, he didn’t care about Ye Guang’s boasting, “That’s it.”

Is not that Zhang Zhi doesn’t care about interests. For one thing, he is sincere and kind and doesn’t like to cheat people. For him, Ye Guang is is still a younger generation. He is even more unwilling to cheat them. He’s still has a conscience. Moreover, Liu Chiyan is Heavenly Queen, with her status. If you don’t look at the face of the monk to see the Buddha face. This is selling Liu Chiyan a favor. Moreover, Zhang Zhi thinks, the audience rating can reach 1.1 with 30% of the advertising expenses or 40% with the top three in the country, he has already earned.

Liu Chiyan also breathed a sigh of relief. Although she complained Ye Guang is in chaos again, but with the last condition that Zhang Zhi said. She was relieved. With Ye Guang talent, it should still be possible to achieve 1.1 ratings, with 30% revenue from advertising fees, they shouldn’t lose money, right?

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