BSI Chapter 131 : Bankai

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“Hurry up for treatment.”

In 4th Division courtyard, Unohana Retsu let Kotetsu Isane take Shiba Kaien, Kurosaki Ichigo, Abarai Renji and Chōjirō Sasakibe to treat four people. The four were the most seriously injured, but they were not fatally injured.

Kuchiki Byakuya injury has recovered more than half, and other players have helped.

In addition, Hinamori Momo and Tōshirō Hitsugaya were also delivered, and the two were also seriously injured.

Unohana Retsu went to Rukia and looked at Rukia and said, “Go with me, Aizen’s goal is you.”

“Unohana Captain, what happened?”

Rukia was worried and asked, how did Aizen become a murderer, and he would deal with these Captains, and why should he target her?

The most important thing is who is taking Aizen away from him?

Rukia wasn’t sure, but the blue arc filled the sky made her wonder.

“Come on, you will be completely safe only if come with me.”

Unohana Retsu left with Rukia and headed to 1st Division building.


The Flame in the air continues to burn, no one can run out of Jokaku Enjo, because all close to Flame will be burned by Flame.

But at Jokaku Enjo center, two people stood quietly.

Aizen looks at Xia Yan, smiled and asked: “Don’t you still shoot?”

Xia Yan suddenly said: “The Spirit King did not rule this World.”


Aizen gave a slight glimpse and looked a little puzzled.

Xia Yan said: “I know your purpose, you want to get the full Hōgyoku, at the same time to create the king key, go to Soul King Palace. However, Spirit King did not rule the world.”

Aizen eyes blinking, asked, “How do you know?”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “How do I know that you don’t need to know, You only need to know that the Spirit King is the wedge that maintains the Three Realms. Once Spirit King dies, the Three Realms will collapse. And Spirit King, has become the unconscious sorrow of losing both hands, don’t say you, as long as not blocked by Zero Squad, everyone can easily kill him.”

Aizen’s face is ugly. He didn’t think of it. He thought that the Spirit King ruled the world and hated the existence of the throne of the sky and above others.

He also said to Kurosaki Ichigo that he wants to be above anyone and climb the throne of the sky.

But did not expect that the spirit king has become a wedge.

Aizen’s eyes were on Xia Yan, but then he said, “What about that? Only one of me can be the throne of the sky. ”

Xia Yan smiled and said: “Of course not very good, just tell you that what you have been pursuing is meaningless.”

Leaving this sentence, Xia Yan pulled out Zanpakuto.

And Aizen said: “It turns out that you want to disturb my heart.”

“But it is successful?”

Xia Yan smiled slightly, clenched Zanpakuto, and shouted softly: “Bankai, Ten no kaminari no kyūten.”

Accompanied by Xia Yan’s words, Xia Yan’s Zanpakuto disappeared, and then his Reiatsu with the body turned into Thunder Energy, which gathered behind him.

These thunders can slowly gather, and finally form a huge giant of Lightning.

He wore a crown, dressed in a robes, and appeared, and the surrounding Flame seemed to have stagnated.

In the Legend, on the top of nine heaven’s, there is a thunder god, whose name is Jiutian Yingyuan Leisheng Puhua Tianzun.

He is the highest god of thunder, living in Shenxiao jade castle, and is in charge of all the thunder gods in the world, the generals of thunder in nine heaven’s, the generals of the eight-party thunder cloud, the five-party slayers and the messengers of thunder.

There are thirty-six thunder god’s in the divisions and thunders on behalf of heaven.

However, thunder god biggest Ability is to advocate the killing and glory of all things, good and evil rewards and punishments.

He slowly stood up behind Xia Yan, but only in an instant, he took another step, and his body shape and Xia Yan merged.

All the lightning disappear in an instant, and all disappear invisible.

But the next moment, Xia Yan’s eyes glittering white lightning, mouth, nostrils, ears, all ejected an arc.

The clothes on his body disappeared and became that condensed from thunder.

Behind him, there was a circle of light that was formed by thunder, and the thunder of destruction was scattered.

In his body, the Thunder appeared and disappeared, and he continued to die.

In the right hand of Xia Yan, there is a long spear with a thunder condensed, and the white thunder can make zīzī sound.

But with this at the same time, Xia Yan’s body also appeared a bloody mouth, from the moment when the thunder gods and himself merge, and they have begun to destroy their own body.

“This is?”

Aizen saw the huge energy coming from afar, the eyes picked up, the next moment, a red smog filled the air.

Bakudō #21, Sekienton.

“Do you think you can stop me?”

Xia Yan suddenly said, the endless thunder rushed through, and broke through the smoke, and Aizen had no choice but to escape from the red smoke range and appeared on the side.

“You escaped and proved that you are afraid.”

Xia Yan looks at Aizen, but dare not delay the time, only five seconds, can not be a waste.

The treasure behind Xia Yan suddenly shattered, the next moment, Xia Yan made a thunder and flew toward Aizen.

At this moment, Xia Yan’s degree is close to Thunder’s degree.

This degree has already passed several times of double-winged thunder, and between heaven and earth, it is impossible to catch up with him.

Aizen subconsciously wants to release Dankū, but his arm has just been lifted up, and Xia Yan has appeared in front of him, with a thunder spear in his hand running through his heart.


Aizen looks at Xia Yan, the blood is flowing out of his mouth.

Xia Yan looks at Aizen and said, “Death.”

Accompanied by his words, Xia Yan’s thunderbolt burst into tears, blasting with Aizen Heart as the center, and Aizen’s body was torn apart.

Seeing this scene, Xia Yan breathed a sigh of relief, the thunder disappeared slowly, his body had been covered with wounds, the body was powerless, and he had lost most of his combat power.

Four seconds, Xia Yan’s fusion state lasted for four seconds.

In Shikai and Bankai states, Thunder can not cause damage to the body, but this trick is the complete fusion of Thunder Energy and the body, breaking the boundaries between the body organization and Thunder Energy, allowing each Thunder to enter the cell. Let yourself have absolute degrees.

Therefore, even Xia Yan could not persist for five seconds.

In five seconds, the body will begin to collapse completely, and in six seconds, it will be destroyed by the extremely formidable thunder energy.

With four second instant kill Aizen, this is enough.

Xia Yan body thunder disappeared and became Zapnakuto again. He took a long breath and waited for the agreed time to come. Yamamoto Genryuusai dissipated Jokaku Enjo.

But at this moment, a voice rang in the back. “It’s a very powerful move, but it’s still a little worse.”

With that sound, Xia Yan exposed the horror, turned and looked.

But the next moment, sword Light flashed, Xia Yan was smashed by the long sword, blood splashed from his back, but because he subconsciously dodged, coupled with the steel skin, so that he only scratched the skin muscles.

Then he pulled the distance and held his Zanpauto, and Aizen appeared at his back, look at him, full of surprise.

How come?

Why is Aizen not dead? What was killed just now?

The body that he destroyed has Aizen Reiatsu.

But why is he still alive?

Have you been hypnotized long ago?

Everything is under the control of Aizen?

Aizen looks at Xia Yan, gently said: “You are not hypnotized, this is your greatest reliance, and your Strength, in that moment, has indeed passed. However, you seem to have forgotten one thing.”

Aizen’s voice fell and appeared next to Xia Yan. When Xia Yan couldn’t respond, the sword in his hand runs through Xia Yan’s Heart.

“Sorry, I will also Bankai. My Bankai ability, is in the perception of others, creating a look, smell, touch, voice, taste, and even Reiatsu feel are exactly the same as their own, he can act, can speak, in addition to Reiatsu Converted to strength release out, the other and I have no difference, in the creation of my appearance, my true flesh will disappear in opposite side perception. Of course, after the creation of myself is killed, my true body will also appear. I released the red smoke shield, not to escape, but to use Bankai.”

Aizen left this sentence and took out his sword, and Xia Yan eyes full of regrets.

Yeah, Aizen also have Bankai.

I have never paid attention to this matter, and I can’t pay attention to it at all.

Because he did not know what Aizen Bankai is, he did not use Bankai in the original work.

But as Aizen who reaches Shinigami peak, how can he not have Bankai?

Xia Yan’s body slowly fell, with some unwillingness in his eyes, but he could not help.

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    1. I am not sure but I think Aizen did have a bankai and he even used it in thousand year blood war arc.

      Remember, Kyoka suigetsu’s shikai power was perfect hypnosis but it has been mentioned several times that Kyoka suigetsu can control ALL FIVE senses….

      But in Mugen Aizen messed up Yhwach’s( Sorry if I spelt that incorrect) perception of time and even fooled the ‘Almighty’. So perception if time goes far beyond the perception of five senses

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