BSI Chapter 173 : Preparation

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Xia Yan’s body collapsed a little under the ravages of Thunder, but starting to heal under the influence of Hōgyoku.

Hōgyoku reads Xia Yan’s expectations, but continues to evolve.

Under such circumstances, Xia Yan’s whole person was wrapped in the material of Level 1 white, and the face, hands, and all were covered by white matter.

This is the second form of Hōgyoku, which is degenerate.

Xia Yan’s whole body is like being wrapped in a Level 1 pupa.

In this form, Xia Yan, the strength has once again increased, and it has become invincible. At least Nelliel and the others are not second-handed. Ginjo and Tsukishima are not completely blurred, it is impossible to hurt Xia Yan.

In addition, Xia Yan’s Reiatsu rose again, reaching ninth-class Reiatsu peak, but did not reach the tenth-class Reiatsu.

Xia Yan estimates that the tenth-class Reiatsu is another level, that is, the existence of Shinigami.

The seventh is Captain, the eighth is Super Captain, the nine is special combat power, and the tenth is the presence of Shinigami.

But for tenth-class Reiatsu, at least to reach the fourth form of Hōgyoku, Zanpakuto fully integrated with the arm, stepping into a new level, in order to reach the tenth-class Reiatsu.

So now Second Stage, Xia Yan is still in ninth-class Reiatsu, Shinigami’s peak state.

Evolution stopped.

No, it should be said that Evolution stopped vertically and started the horizontal Evolution.

In the vertical direction, that is, Hōgyoku is promoted from the first form to the second form, the evolution of the hierarchy.

The horizontal Evolution is the evolution of Xia Yan’s own body.

For example, muscles become tougher, such as Strength, such as recovery.

At this level, Aizen can only rely on his own body, instead of fighting against Kido, Zanpakuto Ability, Shunpo and other Strongs ability.

However, Xia Yan did not reach the level of Aizen. After all, Xia Yan defeated Aizen by relying on Zanpakuto.

Aizen’s Zanpakuto can restraint Xia Yan’s Ability, became ineffective.

With Strength alone, Aizen can counter the Xia Yan’s double-wing blur.

This is enough to prove Aizen’s Strength is far beyond the current Xia Yan.

And the shape of Xia Yan body is still continuing Evolution.

Before Evolution reached its apex, Xia Yan couldn’t break open and couldn’t feather into a butterfly.

Xia Yan took back Zanpakuto and slowly landed. There was a sense of ecstasy on his body. Everyone felt the feeling of tremor. This is the suppression on soul and the absolute gap between Strength.

Harribel looks at Xia Yan, she feel the unstoppable Strength of opposite side.

Ginjō and Tsukishima have seen a huge change in Xia Yan. The opposite side has gradually become a non-human Monster. If he used to, he would have a battle with five Captains.

Then Xia Yan is now far from them.

Ginjō does not understand Xia Yan himself. He don’t know if he is still the one, so he is slightly alert.

Not only him, but also Harribel and Tsukishima, staring at Xia Yan with full concentration.

But this time, a voice sounded.

“Haha, Xia Yan, how did you become like this?”

Nelliel appeared next to Xia Yan, laughing with a big belly and laughing very happy.

“Shut up.”

Xia Yan glanced at Nelliel and said with no anger: “This is the result of Evolution. Now I am more formidable than before.”

“But what is white matter outside of you?”

Nelliel put out a finger and poked Xia Yan’s head, her face full of curiosity.

“Don’t, move your hands.”

Xia Yan took Nelliel’s hand and her face was not depressed.

“You can’t keep this state forever?” Nelliel with disgusted look at Xia Yan.

“Of course I will not keep this state forever.” Xia Yan said with no anger, but then suddenly furious, “I am like this, my own thing, but what do you mean by this dislike?”

Nelliel coldly snorted, said: “You are our master, and your appearance will make us laughing.”

“You, you……”

Xia Yan couldn’t speak. He looked around at the people around him and asked in a bad tone: “Is it ugly now?”

“Well, Xia Yan, you have already completed Evolution, you have nothing to do with me.”

Harribel didn’t answer Xia Yan’s question, and waved her hand, and the body shape disappeared.

“Yeah, go, Tsukishima, let’s go back and have a drink.”

Ginjō Kūgo yawned and called Tsukishima to leave.

Xia Yan looked at Ulquiorra, who looked at Xia Yan for a while and suddenly disappeared.

“You really think that I am ugly.”

Xia Yan wants to cry without tears, and he tries his best to study Evolution, but he is ridiculed by his own subordinates.

Xia Yan stood there, Nelliel walked up to Xia Yan, looks at his eyes under the white face, and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t laugh at you.”

“Get out of here!”

Xia Yan’s voice is coming from far away.


Xia Yan returned to Las Noches, did not let Nelliel follow, and returned to his residence.

He walked over to the mirror, looking at himself in the mirror, his eyes glittering with a worries.

The present self, the difference between human appearance and hollow appearance, is even more bizarre than Nelliel.

Although the next third form will make him break out and reveal your face.

But the fourth and fifth forms that followed will make you become Monster, completely away from human form.

At that time, can Soi Fon still recognize himself?

With his Evolution, he is getting farther and farther away from his lover.

Is it worthwhile?

Xia Yan’s heart was shaken, and with the shake, Xia Yan could feel that the body’s Evolution slowly stopped.

This is Hōgyoku’s interpretation of Xia Yan’s idea, stopping the Evolution of his body.

Like Aizen, Zangetsu kills Aizen, and then the seal left by Kisuke Urahara is not the reason for the Aizen sealed.

The real reason is that Hōgyoku read Aizen’s thoughts and stopped the Evolution.

Now, Hōgyoku stopped the Evolution because of Xia Yan’s shake.

No, I don’t want to stop.

I am getting stronger, not to have more power and to have unparalleled wealth.

I am getting stronger, to protect my loved ones, Soi Fon, Abarai Renji, Kuchiki Rukia, etc., those who love themselves.

I am getting stronger, in order to protect Seireitei and protect the World I love.

This is my goal.

To accomplish this, I need an extremely formidable Strength.

Along with the great desire of Xia Yan, Xia Yan’s Evolution began again, slowly, and slightly toward Shinigami’s most perfect form of Evolution.

Xia Yan’s eyes flashed a trace of fineness, and then the right hand tapped a few times, using the sky to call out Grimmjow.

But the first step in Grimmjow’s step into the room, Xia Yan looks at him: “Grimmjow, Call all Arrancar, and left Hueco Mundo three days later.”


Grimmjow suppressed the trembling of the body and slowly withdrew from the room.


In inside 12th Division, in a room where the technical start, Kurotsuchi Mayuri looks at the monitor, the corner of mouth reveals a smile.

“Is it fused? Very powerful look, I really want to experiment.”

Kurotsuchi Mayuri licked his mouth and then turned and walked out of the lab and headed to 1st Division.

Xia Yan fusion Hōgyoku success, this is important information that needs to be notified to Yamamoto Genryuusai.

Just why did Xia Yan leave Hueco Mundo? Where are you going?

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