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Tang Gang looked at Lu Zixin and saw what he said.

Lu Zixin said directly: “Directly let people bring words to the other side, Red Letter will not give Baokang this agent, let them stop the small action immediately. In addition, our employees were injured, let the people came out to apologize, Lose money. Otherwise Red Letter will handle this matter seriously.”

Xu Wenbin did not think that Lu Zixin would say this. He euphemistically advised: “General Lu, they are the most reluctant to lose face, eat soft and not hard, just afraid it?”

Lu Zixin said: “You don’t have to worry about this. Our red letter has never been scared.”

“You have to rest here for two days, wait for the reaction there, then talk again.”

Xu Wenbin saw him say so, he nodded and waited for the subsequent development of the matter.

Baodao, Beitai City, which is one of the important economic cities of Baodao, the headquarters of Guanghai Group is here.

In the modern office on the first floor of the Guanghai Group Building, a short-haired man in his early thirties is practicing boxing in the office.

That’s right, not office, but practicing boxing. In his office, he installed several large sandbags, as well as treadmills, barbells and other fitness equipment. It was like a gym, not an office.

He wore a vest, knee pads on his joints, punched a punching bag with his fists!

“Li brother, the red letter gave the news.” A young man in a suit came in and reported. At the same time, the man who was punching stopped.

This person is one of the behind-the-scenes controllers of Baokang Telecom, Tang Li, a senior member of Guanghai Group. Here, it is called Li brother, there are dozens of halls in Guanghai, Li brother is one of the churchlors.

“That said, to be called Director Tang, what kind of Li brother, made the same as the little punk, no grade!” Tang Li learned.

“Yes, Li brot… No, Director Tang!” Xiao Pingtou quickly changed his mouth.

“How do Red Letter say? Did they agree to let us act?” Tang Li asked.

Xiao Pingtou quickly shook his head and said: “No, they not only disagree. They also said that we will never let us act, and want us to apologize for losing money.”

“Hey? This red letter is very ignorant!” Tang Li frowned. “Let us apologize and be his dream! In Baodao, only others will give us apologize for losing money! They are a bird!”

“Li bro…Tang Director, how can we reply?” asked Xiao Pingtou.

“Directly tell them that as long as they want to sell Red Letter products in Baodao, they can only agree to our agency terms, otherwise they will not want to do things!” Tang Li said.

“No, it doesn’t help to reply.” Another suit man walked in and said: “The mainlanders don’t know our rules. So they don’t care, we have to let them know.”

This person is also a master of the Guanghai Group. Baokang Telecom is an industry invested by five church owners, so he also has a share of this matter.

“That’s also true.” Tang Li nodded. “Then let the people who can say in red letter can say, let them know that the strong dragon is still unable to suppress the local snake. If you want to do business here, you have to let divide the money!”

“Right, that Xu Wenbin also wants to beat. Actually dare to rob us, really when we are serious business!”

“Don’t say, we are serious companies. I only ran for the North Taiwan City Council this year. Everyone has to converge, don’t make a big mess.”


“General Lu, Baokang Telecom wants to let our company send people to talk with them. Discuss the agency.” Tang Gang reported the news to Lu Zixin and said: “They still find someone to block our company now. There also stayed several employees in Baodao.”

“Tsk tsk.” Lu Zixin stood up and said, “It’s still blocking people. It seems to take a trip.”

Tang Gang said: “Or, let me go and see what conditions they have to mention.”

“No, I am going,” Lu Zixin said.

“Ah? General Lu, are you going?” Tang Gang quickly advised, “The people in Guanghai are not good at you. If you go, we are afraid of what they are doing to you, and the trouble is big.”

“Nothing, I am naturally sure.” Lu Zixin said with a negative hand, “If this time is not resolved, not only will we be affected in the Baodao market, but the Hong Kong and Macao market is also expected to be affected. We must give these people a look at the strength of Red Letter!”

“But it is still too dangerous. Our company has no relationship in Baodao…” Tang Gang still wants to persuade, but Lu Zixin has already decided.

He would hesitate before. Now that RI-8901 has been upgraded, as long as he bring it, how can the other party reliate? Besides, Lu Zixin himself is not an ordinary person!

Learned that Lu Zixin had to go to the people of Baodao and Guanghai Group to negotiate in person. Xu Wenbin was also anxious. He found Lu Zixin and said: “General Lu, you still don’t want to go. Those people are not reasonable people, I am also at this time. Not prepared, and there is no early placement.”

“If you want to resettle, you will arrange a tour guide for me, just as I have not been to Baodao, I will travel there.” Lu Zixin said with a smile.

“This…” Xu Wenbin did not know what to say, he felt that Lu Zixin was still too big. As Lu Zixin, you don’t have to go in person. In the past, isn’t that a chance?

He also persuaded a few words, Lu Zixin still did not change his mind. Xu Wenbin had to say: “That’s good, I try to arrange this thing properly.”

Lu Zixin is going to Baodao for a business trip, or is going to “justify” with a group of people who don’t make sense. Su Zhirong immediately disagreed when she knew it. She said, “Why are you going to do this yourself in such a dangerous thing?”

“Isn’t it a Baodao market? It’s much smaller than our mainland market, just don’t!”

Lu Zixin said with a smile : “This is not a problem in the Baodao market, but a question about the development of Red Letter. You think, if we compromise in the Baodao market, then there are people in Hong Kong and Macao doing this? What do we do? Some little people, if look at us to bully and do some action in the back, what should we do?”

“There is a natural solution, anyway, you are too risky!” Su Zhirong still worried, Lu Zixin had to say: “I am ready, I will go with a bodyguard, and Xu Wenbin will take care of it. The telecommunications company is also very capable in Baodao, and I will not suffer. The gentleman does not stand under the dangerous wall, I understand.”

Su Zhirong reluctantly agrees, to tell Lu Zixin must pay attention to safety.

However, when Lu Zixin went, except for a few accompanying assistants and employees of the company, he only took Zhang Qiang. Tang Gang still has some reluctance to say that Zhang Qiang is engaged in scientific research. Although he is long and strong, it may be difficult to solve problems when he encounters trouble. He wants to give Lu Zixin more bodyguards.

However, when he saw Zhang Qiang alone throwing four professional bodyguards he had asked for Lu Zixin to the ground, he gave up the idea. This Zhang Qiang was originally a trainer, and his out of the ordinary!

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