BTC Chapter 196 : Strong Agent

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The network spectrum that Yayuan Telecom has obtained is suitable for the intelligent products of Red Letter, and they have certain strength, so it is the first candidate for Red Letter to choose agents.

However, Baokang Telecom did not cooperate with the spectrum they operated. The service was poor and the word of mouth was not good. It was not qualified to act as agent. But behind them, it is a large underground force in Baodao. The signboard on the bright side is Guanghai Group.

This Guanghai Group is not simple. It has a history of nearly seventy years in Baodao. There are many people in the city of Baodao. It has also competed for the biggest underground forces.

However, with the development of the times, they have become a large group. But some essences remain. In Baodao, Guanghai is not something that ordinary people can afford, both officially and privately.

They are generally talking about things, if they can’t talk about using private means, then the other party will be bad luck.

Now they are asking for the agent’s business in Baodao. If the red letter does not agree, they will be greeted by various means.

“Threats Red Letter?” Lu Zixin showed a smile, he really wanted to see it! If the other party wants to play, then play with them, compromise does not exist!

A few days later, the business staff of Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology was back. Lu Zixin personally received them and learned about the status quo of Baodao.

Lu Zixin met them in the office. The three business managers on the business trip all hanged, a nose and a swollen face, an injured arm and a leg injury.

“How is this?” Lu Zixin asked.

One of them succumbed: “General Lu, did we not reject the agent requirements of Baokang Telecom according to the company’s requirements? Then we went to Yayuan Telecom Company. After the business was finished, when we was returned to the hotel at night, the car was stunned.”

The person next to him continued: “The driver of Yayuan Telecom drove us to take a street. A Toyota rushed out and wiped our car. Then a few people came down and said nothing to us, let us lose money.”

“The police came and took us away directly. They didn’t listen to us at all. Not the boss of Yayuan personally took us out of the bureau. Then we went back to the hotel and received their threat letter in the middle of the night.”

“Damn!” Tang Gang slammed the table and said, “That is too arrogant. How do you do business? It is clear that you must buy strong sales!”

One of them said: “Tang director, the situation there is different from ours. I heard that several local officials have contacts with them.”

Lu Zixin nodded. “Well, I understand the situation. You have worked hard, your medical expenses and all official expenses for business trips, the company will reimburse and give you additional compensation.”

“Thank you, General.” The three people quickly thanked.

“Right, General Lu, Xu Wenbin, Xu Wenbin of Yayuan Telecom, said that he would personally come to the mainland to pay for the crime, and solve this problem casually. It is estimated that these days will come.” One of them said.

Lu Zixin nodded and said, “He came in person? It seems to be sincere. Then let’s wait until he comes.”

For the local situation in Baodao, it is still most clear to the locals.

Sure enough, less than three days, Xu Wenbin of Baodao Yayuan Telecom went to Pengcheng and went directly to the company to see the top of the red letter.

Yayuan Telecom has been operating stably for more than ten years in Baodao. The strength is OK, but it is not enough to see the Guanghai Group, which is even more entrenched, even the party feathers are all over Baodao.

And Xu Wenbin, the talented person in his early thirties, as the person in charge of Yayuan Telecom, looks quite handsome, is said to be a singer when he was young, just did not get red, continue to do after a few years of playing business.

“General Lu, Mr. Tang, fortunately!” Xu Wenbin’s is from Baodao, Mandarin is not very standard.

“Fortunately.” The two sides shook hands and sat down to talk about the agency.

Xu Wenbin said: “We are very willing to represent Red Letter’s products and comply with the rules and regulations of the Red Letter Group. It is only Baokang’s side, the problem is very big. I will apologize to your company first, I have not do it well, let your people suffer a little accident, I will compensate you for the loss.”

He stood up and apologized to Lu Zixin and Tang Gang. Lu Zixin also stood up and said, “I understand things, it doesn’t blame you.”

Tang Gang asked: “General Manager Xu, can you elaborate on the situation of Baokang Telecom? Will this affect our cooperation?”

When he mentioned this, Xu Wenbin sighed and said: “I don’t want to worry about this. I am also very helpless about this matter. Baokang Telecom is a leather bag company established by Guanghai Group. In fact, it is used to give them some improper transactions. As a cover.”

“Our company has learned in the mainland market that it has great strength and potential. So when you come to Baodao, they are already eyeing.”

“Don’t we become a big fat?” Lu Zixin said with a smile.

Xu Wenbin said: “It’s not just them who are eyeing you! But Guanghai Group has the strongest strength, and others don’t dare to provoke it. Some of them have already let go, and Red Letter’s products in Baodao can only be represented by them. Others must not intervene.”

“Even if we are far away, we are under a lot of pressure. You don’t know, this half a month, our company has encountered large and small troubles, I used the network to solve this problem.”

“Today I am coming to the mainland. One is to apologize. The second is to discuss with you, how to solve this problem.”

Lu Zixin simply said: “Red letter can never let Baokang Telecom became a agent, if you can do the agent well, then give it to you Yayuan Telecom.”

Xu Wenbin is in a hurry: “The normal operation is naturally no problem. If the Guanghai Group is in trouble, we can’t stand it anymore, and there must be some big problems at that time!”

“You can’t do it either. If we say that our red letter can’t enter Baodao market except for them.” Tang Gang asked.

“There is also a way.” Xu Wenbin will naturally not come. He said: “In Baodao, there are other backgrounds. For example, now the largest bamboo door, or some important figures of the party, if looking for them, That should be no problem.”

“It’s just that I don’t have such a big face, so I want to ask General Lu and Mr. Tang. Can you see if the Red Letter Group can help?”

To put it simply, let Red Letter find a local official in Baodao to mediate this matter. And looking for a relationship, this will inevitably cost money.

Can make Xu Wenbin feel embarrassed, it must be too much, he can’t hold back, so he came to the door. But in this way, the difference with Baokang Telecom is not big. Why does Guanghai Group want to be the agent of Red Letter, not to make money?

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