BTC Chapter 247 : The tide is coming

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At the beginning, Japan people still had a suspicious attitude towards these smart products. There are more and more reports in the media, and some users have explained that their attitude has quickly changed.

On social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and LINE, some people showed their own red letter smartphones. “The first time I liked it, HX2S is so good!”

Others expressed surprise: “Why is the smart product of Red Letter so powerful! I have never heard of it before!”

Some people say that the wallet is smashed: “Scorpio, why in addition to smart phones and smart glasses, my private money is not enough!”

More people have praised China and Red Letter Group: “I always thought that only the smartphones in our country, and Apple’s mobile phones have the best performance. I don’t think there is such a high Science and Technology in China. It is really impressive!”

Others asked: “What are the smart products of Red Letter?”


Social media basically represents the contemporary social winds. It seems that overnight, in the streets and alleys of Japan, there are red figure smart products.

In the school, students bought the latest HX MOUDLE mobile phones to show off in front of the classmates, the teacher put on smart glasses to give lectures to everyone.

In the company, some people use HX2S’s intelligent voice and smart glasses to work together to handle official duties.

At home, some families are asking the repairer to install the latest intelligent controllers for their home appliances to improve the control effect of smart speakers.

Not only that, but Lu Zixin also saw a news that the current Prime Minister’s wife of Japan appeared in a red letter smart product store in a certain place to purchase goods.

The types and quantities of purchases in the news are marked, three HX2S mobile phones, two HX  GLASS smart glasses, and a Xiaoyu smart speaker.

After the media reports, the people of Japan also expressed surprise.

“Is the Prime Minister’s wife also using the mobile phone of Red Letter? Is it for the Prime Minister to buy it?”

“As a prime minister, should you use your own national brand of mobile phone?”

“If the Prime Minister uses it, will it not reveal state secrets?”

“Well, China Science and Technology products have completely invaded our country, and everyone has to boycott!”

“Is the boycotted a neuropathy? Why don’t you resist Apple phone? Because it works well for us, if our mobile phone can do so well, we certainly support domestic production.”


Soon, the spokesman of Japan Prime Minister “clarified” this matter, saying that the purchase of Red Letter smart products is the personal behavior of Prime Minister’s wife and does not represent any views of Prime Minister.

In addition, the smart products used by the Prime Minister are specially manufactured in the country and will not disclose state secrets.

Although they say so, Lu Zixin thinks that even if it is not used, there is definitely a secret trial.

In the face of this series of changes, Red Letter’s products have naturally become the most popular hot products.

In order to understand the market situation, KDDI specially made a data survey on the daily sales of smartphones, and reported and discussed the next step for this in meeting. Sakata Tetsuya also invited Lu Zixin to participate.

Many people came to the conference room. They are the main backbone members of KDDI Co., Ltd., and Lu Zixin, the president who had not seen it before, also arrived.

Takeshi Kyugo attitude is still more enthusiastic, saying that he wants Lu Zixin to stay for some days in Japan and treat him well. This is actually because he saw the popularity of Red Letter’s smart products in Japan market, and he was naturally happy to deepen cooperation and friendship.

In the conference room, some directors are still privately guessing the sales.

A middle-aged woman said: “According to the current market performance, our smartphones are likely to enter top ten in daily sales!”

“Top ten? Too much?” Another director did not believe it. “I have seen sales data in recent months. The top ten of Apple’s mobile phones occupy four positions, followed by Kyocera and Sharp.”

“These are occupying more than 80% of market share. Although the products of Red Letter are selling well, they should only be around fifteen.”

“More than! According to our shipments, we must be in top ten!”

They are talking about each other and are waiting for the transcripts.

At the beginning of the meeting, Sakata Tetsuya first talked about the main business situation of these days, and the cooperation with Red Letter, and then showed the data.

“From the official release to the present, we have statistics on daily sales data.” Sakata Tetsuya said, “Every day our sales are rising. As of yesterday, the daily sales of Red Letter smartphones have reached a gratifying level.”

Everyone looked at him, and Sakata Tetsuya had always had room to talk. He said that it was a good thing, it must be a good thing. Estimated to enter the top ten?

“This is the preliminary survey data sheet for the sales of smartphones in Japan yesterday. The top 20 is listed above.” On the projection screen of the conference room, an arrangement table is first placed.

“What?” A director immediately called out and said in an incredible tone: “HX2S ranks first in daily sales!”

At the top of the list, the number one sales is HX2S smartphones, the second is Apple 7, and the third is HX2. The top three are occupied by two red letter smartphones!

The fourth, fifth, and sixth are all Apple mobile phones, and the rest are local brands from Japan, such as Sony and Sharp.

This is only a rough statistic of daily sales, but for them, it is still incredible!

You know, in recent years, the top few sales rankings have been Apple phones, which accounted for more than 50% of Japan smartphone market. Other smartphone sales can only stay behind, and they can’t get through.

Now, Red Letter smartphone has only reached a week, it has reached this terrifying data. If you continue to grow, can Apple’s status be saved? Maybe it will be replaced by red letter smartphone!

Lu Zixin is also very satisfied. For him, this represents the initial success of Japan business.

As can be seen from Japan market, as long as users can recognize these products, there will be no major fluctuations in subsequent sales.

Next, as long as we continue to provide stable and high-quality services, stabilize these users, and further enhance the brand reputation of Red Letter in Japan, Red Letter will soon become the best-selling smartphone brand in Japan.

“The top of the list! Great!” President Takeshi Kyugo took the lead, and other directors applauded.

This data represents that their profitability in smart products is likely to exceed the current mobile data business!

This is like a strong lifeline for the company!

“I can’t think we can get the first!” Takeshi Kyugo said, “It’s so rare, and working with Red Letter is the most sensible choice!”

He did not agree with this agency project before, and when he saw this data, his fears all disappeared. He just wanted to consolidate cooperation, and the future market is not limited!

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