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“Xue Senior Sister, what happened to her?” Lu Zixin asked.

During the big day and a second, they still have some contact, such as riding a bicycle to go out, or KTV singing.

When Lu Zixin was in his junior year, Xue Yao had already gone out for an internship, and then there was almost no connection.

“She is selling real estate in the business district!” Zhu An said curiously, “You don’t know?”

“Ah? How do you know that?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Programmer circle, send listing information every week.” Zhu An said, “Since she sells there, you can ask her.”

“It turned out to be a circle of friends. I used to watch her always advertise, and I blocked it.” Lu Zixin said that for some time, Xue Yao learned to do other business, and when he brushed a few advertisements a day, he blocked her friends dynamically.

“I’m Speechless,” said Zhu An. “I’m not going to get away from it anyway, I’m going to talk to a few game publishers about our online gaming platform.”

“OK, you are busy with you, I am sure.” Lu Zixin nodded.

In fact, the company employees also provide contact information for several property developers. If Lu Zixin needs it, they will definitely send people to the door. However, since Zhu An mentioned this, Lu Zixin feels that he should look at it first.

He immediately turned to the program, search Xue Yao, first read the recent circle of friends, it is really doing real estate sales, a variety of listing information in circle of friends.

When he was in school, he remembered that Xue Yao circle of friends, like most girls, was a variety of self-portraits. However, it has not been seen now, but from time to time, some famous sayings encouraging people to cheer.

Lu Zixin sent her a message and asked, “Senior Sister, how are you doing recently?”

Soon, Xue Yao returned the news: “Lu Zixin? You haven’t contacted for a long time! Recently, okay. What about you? Have you graduated?”

“It’s been almost a year after graduation!” Lu Zixin said.

“Working okay?” Xue Yao continued to ask.

“Not bad.” Lu Zixin went straight to the subject and asked, “Senior Sister, are you doing real estate sales in the business district?”

Xue Yao: “Yeah, what’s wrong? Want to rent? Senior Sister are have some resources here to help you find an affordable!”

“It’s not renting, I want to see the office. Recently the company has a need for this,” Lu Zixin replied.

“Yes!” Xue Yao immediately replied, “You are looking for the right person. I know all the office information in this district. What do you want to find, I can recommend it to you!”

Lu Zixin: “The company gave me a few listings, I want to go to the field to see.”

Xue Yao: “Look at the field? OK, when are you coming, I will pick you up. I haven’t seen you for two years? Senior Sister invites you to dinner!”

Still so enthusiastic, Lu Zixin thought in his heart.

He replied again: “Okay, will you tomorrow okay?”


Lu Zixin made an appointment with her and went to see the office building tomorrow.

At this moment, Jiangcheng district, the central business district delineated. It has only been demarcated for a few years, and some of it is still under construction, but the well-built part is already very prosperous.

BaiJia Real Estate is development company in Jiangcheng. This is one of the major developers in Central Business District, Xue Yao, who works in the sales department of BaiJia Real Estate.

In the sales department, Xue Yao is wearing a professional attire and is sitting and chatting with Lu Zixin. She is not a management, but a small salesperson. Such a salesperson is insignificant in the vast BaiJia Real Estate.

Xue Yao is twenty-four years old this year, and it is the most mature and beautiful time for women. But she only wears cheap professional attire, and there is no extra jewellery on her body. Even the mobile phone used is still the style three years ago.

Her own temperament is not bad, going to college, it is also a famous school flower, and is generous, understanding, and pursued by many boys.

“Working time, play mobile phone!” A screaming voice rang in Xue Yao ear, is a woman in her forties, is the manager of the sales department, Xue Yao head boss Dong Yan.

“Talking to customers about business.” Xue Yao explained.

“Business? Is this month’s sales task completed?” Dong Yan asked. “It’s time to go out and talk about business, instead of sitting here playing mobile phones.”

Xue Yao didn’t want to argue with her. This woman told her that she was definitely not for this reason. It was probably because her husband came to the company every time to pick up her after work, and he deliberately wanted to talk to herself.

Xue Yao stood up and walked past her, not looking at her.

“Cut!” Dong Yan sneered with disdain. Her heart said: “What is a salesman? This month’s business is not up to standard, see me let people open you!”

“Still want to seduce my husband? No way!”

Xue Yao went to the workplace to organize information on nearby office buildings. Although she is a salesperson of Baijia Real Estate, she is also working part-time to introduce business to real estate agents. This does not want to affect the business of BaiJia. Many salesmen are part-time.

After all, it is not easy to rely on the meager basic salary to support yourself in a competitive big city. Not to mention selling office buildings? It’s good luck to be a single person in a year.

There is a saying in the industry that it is not open for half a year and is open for half a year.

“East brother, is there information about the new real estate of Ping’an Second Road?” Xue Yao asked a colleague.

“Yes, I will send to your mailbox.”

“Right, there are some office buildings, can you give me something?”

“Yes.” The male colleague readily agreed to Xue Yao, as a young and beautiful woman, is sometimes somewhat convenient.

“Thank you Dong brother!”

“Is it free tomorrow?” asked the Dong brother, “Look at the movie?”

“No, I will talk about business tomorrow.” Xue Yao expertly refused, she has heard this invitation many times.

“What are you doing so hard?” said Dong brother. “If I were you, I would find a rich man to raise, how comfortable and moisturized!”

Xue Yao smiled and her face flashed a bit, but she quickly hid it and said, “I think too, but unfortunately, I don’t have that life, or work is reliable. I hope this month will be a big one!”

“Hey, when it comes to big orders, I heard that there is a big order recently, so many people are asking!” Dong brother said.

“What?” Xue Yao wondered, “Super big, what can it be? How about selling a floor office?”

The office building here, the price of a floor office building is more than ten thousand. In Xue Yao eyes, it’s already a big deal.

“What’s the matter!” Dong brother said exaggeratedly, “I want to improve one unit!”

“How many tens of millions?” Xue Yao asked.

Dong brother continued to shake his head and said: “Hundreds of millions! The other party is going to buy an entire office building! You said, we don’t have to go 500 million in this lot?”

“Scorpio, so big!” Xue Yao slammed his mouth and was surprised. But she immediately reacted and said: “This is too big. It is not something that our salesmen can reach. The bosses have to talk in person and have nothing to do with us.”

Dong brother nodded: “Yes, this kind of order certainly can’t find us. But there are other opportunities, because I heard that the big boss who wants to buy an office building has not yet decided where to buy. Several developers are looking for a relationship, when you are not there. The vice president has been here, saying that as long as anyone is on the line with the big boss, he will reward 30,000 pieces and a new Apple phone!”

“If you can bring it to the company, talk to the company, whether it is a success or not, 100,000 bonuses! If you can talk about it, if you think about it, how much will it cost? How many billions of big orders!”

“It sounds very tempting.” Xue Yao said, “Unfortunately, what kind of big person can we know? Don’t think about it.”

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