BTC Chapter 426 : She is priceless

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Small smart community >>>> Xiaoxiao smart community

“Are we winning?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Win, win!” said artificial intelligence trainers of AI masters emoticon.

Su Xiaomeng proudly said to Xiaozhi on the side: “Tell you we can win!”

Xiaozhi has nothing to say, he finally saw it today, what is called people beyond people, there are mountains outside the mountains.

At this time, some of AI ​​master staff came over and asked Lu Zixin: “This friend, can you sell your smart template to us?”

Lu Zixin shook his head directly and said, “Sorry, no.”

“We are paying a lot of money, one million!” The man said directly, it seems that he is an executive of AI Masters.

“What? A smart template is worth a million!” Passersby became shocked and looked at Lu Zixin enviously.

“That’s too cool? Just copy the smart template to them, and you’ll get money. It’s a million!”

“Amazing. I used to cultivate artificial intelligence and still make money. I have to study it when I go back!”

“No, I don’t sell.” Lu Zixin still refuses.

Seeing that, the man gritted his teeth and said: “Five million, buy out at a price! If you can sell your quantum computer to us, we can pay 10 million!”

Ten million! Hearing this number, most people can no longer suppress their moods. Change it to them, let alone the computer, that is, the underwear that is now worn can be sold immediately!

Xiaozhi took a deep breath, and his smart template released in Xiaoxiao smart community has only earned millions. But the other party’s bid, he not only does not feel high, but also feels low!

The artificial intelligence cultivated by this person is not a matter of selling 30 million, 50 million or even 100 million is not a problem!

“Dad.” Hong Xiaoxiao shouted, with some grievances in her voice.

Lu Zixin comforted: “Do not worry, Dad will not sell you, you are priceless!”

“Dad, Xiaoxiao is so happy!” Hong Xiaoxiao tone turned into happiness.

“You don’t have to think about it, don’t mention it again. What about the prize?” Lu Zixin asked.

The executives of AI Master company were disappointed when they saw Lu Zixin being so determined. But he still commanded: “Give this gentleman the prize. Sir, if it is convenient, can you leave a contact?”

Lu Zixin still refused. He took the prize and hurriedly took Xue Yao and Su Xiaomeng to rush.


Because they are too eye-catching, after showing the powerful Hong Xiaoxiao intelligence, some people still contact them. No way, Lu Zixin had to cancel the original reservation and re-drive to another place to eat.

“Give you, I wish you a happy birthday!” Lu Zixin gave the winning hand to Su Xiaomeng, Su Xiaomeng revealed a surprised expression, asked: “Brother-in-law, how do you know that today is my birthday?”

“From last month, every time you chat, you remind me that I don’t know if you have a ghost!” Lu Zixin rolled his eyes at her. “Your sister went to UK for a business trip and said that she will call you at night.”

The waiter came with a delicate little cake and placed it on the table.

Xue Yao smiled at her and said, “Your birthday cake, make a wish!”

Su Xiaomeng put her hands on her chest, closed her eyes, and said loudly: “My wish is to find a boyfriend like a brother-in-law!”

“Stupid, the wish is to meditate!” Lu Zixin knocked her head.

Xue Yao showed a smile and said: “It is the same.”


Lu Zixin stayed in Jiangcheng for more than half a month before returning to Pengcheng. This time, he did not go to Red Letter Electronics, but went to Pengyun Automobile Co., Ltd.

“President Lu, the new energy vehicle project, we have already implemented it.” In the company, Pengyun current president, Jiang Xunmei, reported that “This month, the first Pengyun new energy vehicle will be assembled.”

Jiang Xunmei was appointed by Lu Zixin and has been the president of Pengyun Automobile for nearly two years. The company has always said that it is a steady development, but Jiang Xunmei has been dissatisfied.

Compared with the other subsidiaries of Red Letter, which can’t move more than one billion yuan a year, Pengyun Auto relies on selling electric vehicles. Now the car project is really a big development opportunity.

Lu Zixin looked at the project report, and it was no different from the previous one. Pengyun New Energy Vehicle will adopt the technology of Frontwalk Driver Unmanned System, Kunpeng Lithium Air Vehicle Power Battery, and independent motor. It is a top new energy vehicle.

“Quality must be strictly checked, this is Pengyun first car, can not make any mistakes!” Although it is a cliché, Lu Zixin stressed it again.

“Well, we will control every link, from raw materials to finished products, and we can’t feel a trace of disclosure.” Jiang Xunmei promised.

“Well, is that Professor Cheng? I want to talk to him,” Lu Zixin said.

“Yes, in the mechanical power room, I will inform him.” Jiang Xunmei left the office.

Cheng Mu is a professor of mechanical power and engineering at Jiangda University. He previously helped to solve the problem of Pengyun electric vehicle motor. He is now a technical expert hired by Pengyun Automobile.

“President Lu.” Cheng Mu arrived, he not only carries smart glasses, but also holds a spherical quantum computer in his hand.

“Professor Cheng, the magnetic suspension car we discussed last time, do you have any good ideas?” Lu Zixin asked.

“I discussed it with a few experts and felt that the feasibility was not very high.” Cheng Mu said, activated the spherical quantum computer, and the projection screen appeared on the desk.

“Look, this is a model of a magnetic levitation car that Japan tried to make.” In the picture, a three-dimensional model picture appears.

“The model runs smoothly, but if we zoom in on the actual car size, there are a lot of problems.”

“For example, in the suspension problem, magnetic levitation is the buoyancy and driving force generated by the interaction between the magnetic field of the road and the magnet on the body. The car is not like a high-speed rail, and there is no fixed track. This road magnetic field is a big problem.”

“There was a point of view that relied on the geomagnetic mines in the earth to generate force, but that is whimsical. The magnetic field of the geomagnetic field is too weak, and if you want to rely on the magnetic field to suspend, you need a strong force, it is not as direct as letting the car fly.”

Lu Zixin asked: “Can we build a magnetic suspension car track?”

Cheng Mu nodded: “It is feasible to build a track, which in turn faces a new problem, cost building. There are also land resources occupied by the track and so on.”

“Then the magnetic levitation car itself will consume more energy than ordinary cars. It is very difficult to suspend it due to the weight of the car. And the safety of the magnetic levitation car needs to be solved. In addition to air friction force, almost no road friction, how to brake, how to ensure safety, etc., all have problems.”

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