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Liu Chiyan ‘flower’ face brings rain.

Ye Guang didn’t speak either, hugging her gently, stroking her back to comfort her.

After Liu Chiyan’s mood became better, Ye Guang asked clearly the truth about the matter.

Ye Guang: “Go and apologize to Uncle.”

Liu Chiyan  nodded, but shrank again, “I’m a little scared, I don’t know how to face Dad.”

Ye Guang smiled softly and wiped the tears on the corners of her eyes. “It’s okay, he is your father, you said, he is the person who loves you most in the world, he will forgive you.”

Liu Chiyan nodded, “Then you go with me.”

Ye Guang smiled and helped Liu Chiyan up, “Okay, I’ll accompany you.”

Ye Guang took Liu Chiyan to the front door of Father Liu  bedroom, but Liu Chiyan still hesitated. Father Liu complicated eyes before going upstairs and returning to the room made Liu Chiyan panicked.

Ye Guang held Liu Chiyan hand tightly and then knocked on the door of Father Liu bedroom.


No one in the room answered.

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan waited for a little while, then Ye Guang knocked the door again.


“Uncle, it’s me, Yan’er has something to say to you.”

There’s a silence in the room for a while.


Ye Guang twisted the door handle and pushed open the door. There’s a person standing by the window of the bedroom. It’s Father Liu, with a cigarette that had already burned in his hand.

“Go.” Ye Guang smiled lightly at Liu Chiyan, and he gently pushed Liu Chiyan to let her in, but Ye Guang didn’t enter the room. After Liu Chiyan entered, Ye Guang closed the door.

After Liu Chiyan entered the room, she whispered, “Dad.”

Father Liu stood in front of the window and looked at the scenery outside. Without looking back, he answered, “Hm.”

Liu Chiyan didn’t know what to say. She was silent for a while and said, “Dad, smoking is not good.”

“Ah, I know, don’t smoke.” Then, Father Liu annihilated the already burning cigarette butt on the windowsill.

Liu Chiyan was silent again. Looking at the back of Father Liu standing in front of the window. She found that his figure seemed to squat a little. It seemed that he didn’t have the sturdy in her memory.

“Dad… I’m sorry.” Liu Chiyan lowered her head and her voice was so small that he could hardly hear her.

But Father Liu heard it and faintly replied, “It’s okay.”

Liu Chiyan lowered her head, tears already infiltrated her eyes, “Dad, I’m sorry.” Liu Chiyan said again, this time with a louder voice, but there’s some choking in the voice.

Father Liu still hasn’t looked back, “It doesn’t matter, I don’t blame you.”

Liu Chiyan has already cried out, “Dad, sorry, I am wrong, sorry, sorry…” Except for saying sorry again and again, Liu Chiyan didn’t know what to say at this time.

Father Liu facing the window, stretched out his hand and wiped a little at the corner of his eye, then turned around and walked slowly to Liu Chiyan. Liu Chiyan still bowing her head, and Father Liu stretched out his hand and rubbed her head, then slightly lifted Liu Chiyan’s face, and reached out to wipe the tears from her face, “Silly child, what are you crying? A big girl crying like this. Dad doesn’t blame you.”

Liu Chiyan teary eyes were hazy. Looking at Father Liu, her vision is a bit blurred by tears. At this time, she couldn’t see the appearance of Father Liu clearly, but she felt that he was like a mountain.

Liu Chiyan couldn’t help it anymore, the tears kept coming down, and the crying became louder. She immediately fell into Father Liu arms, crying and saying, “I thought you would never forgive me.”

Father Liu slightly startled by Liu Chiyan’s act of throwing herself into his arms. It seemed that, for a long time, Liu Chiyan hadn’t jumped into his arms and hugged him like she did when she was a child.

Liu Chiyan: “I’m afraid you will never love me again. I thought I was going to lose you.” Liu Chiyan cried pitifully.

Father Liu gently patted her on the back to comfort her, “Silly girl, stop crying, your crying face is like a little tabby cat, why would father not love you? You will always be father baby girl, it is my Yan’er, and Dad will always be your support.”

Father Liu paused, touching Liu Chiyan’s head, it made Liu Chiyan’s mood calmed down a lot, but she still keeps weeping, both hands tightly grabbed the corners of Father Liu’s clothes. Likes she is afraid Father Liu will be gone the moment she let go.

Father Liu expression dimmed for a while, and then he said, “It’s just that our family Yan’er has grown up and is a big girl. You are also married now. In the future, you will no longer rely on your father, you will depend more on your husband, and there will be a man more important than your father in your life.”

Liu Chiyan shook her head in Father Liu arms, “Dad, you will always be my dependence. You will always be the most important man of my life.”

Father Liu smiled and said, ”What about Ye Guang?”

Liu Chiyan: “He… He can only rank second.”

Father Liu chuckles, “Dad is old and will grow old in the future. You can’t rely on me for the rest of your life, but he can accompany you for the rest of your life, allowing you to rely on him for the rest of your life.”

Liu Chiyan said innocently and coquettishly, “Dad is not old, never will be old, you will always be my dependence.”

Father Liu: “Silly girl, talk nonsense, never grow old, won’t I be an old monster? Dad will grow old, but no matter how old Dad is, I will be your support, but wait for Dad… You can only rely on him, so dad also hopes that you have not read the wrong person, I hope he can protect you, I hope he can withstand your dependence. Dad has no expectations for you, I only hope you will be safe and happy in this life.”

Liu Chiyan  nodded heavily, “Dad, I will, so will Ye Guang. He is the one I like. Dad, believe me, he will not let you down. One day in the future, he will prove it for you to look.”

Father Liu shook his head, “I don’t need him to prove anything. I just need him to be kind to you, love you, and protect you.”

Father Liu  doesn’t need Ye Guang to prove anything. What does it prove? For him, Ye Guang has the ability and how much success, it doesn’t make sense. If the achievement is great, can it be greater than I? Father Liu did think so.

Liu Chiyan also thought like Father Liu. No matter how strong Ye Guang ability is, it’s estimated that he will not reach the height of Father Liu. Not to mention this life, even the next life will be impossible.

Liu Chiyan: “Dad, he may not have such great achievements as you in the future, but he will definitely not shame you.”

Father Liu snorted.

Liu Chiyan said again, “Dad, don’t dislike Ye Guang, okay? You are all my favorite people, I can’t live without any of you, I am very greedy, I hope my father will always love me, and I also hope Ye Guang always loved me. I hope you can get along with each other happily. Ye Guang is very good, and we will be filial to you in the future.”

Father Liu silent for a while and then said, “I… try my best.”

Liu Chiyan tears burst again and smiled, holding her father hands tightly, “You are the best father in the world.”

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