BTC Chapter 208 : The idea of ​​making motorcycle

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The two returned to repair shop. At this time, the storm had stopped. Xu Xiuying and A Jing were playing together with motorcycle part, talking and laughing. It seems that there has never been a contradiction at all, and everyone else has become accustomed to it.

As soon as he arrived at the place, Hong Zhen announced what he had just done, but did not mention the content of the bet.

Xu Xiuying said to Lu Zixin: “If you want motorcycle, I can send one to you. Don’t compare with him, he is professional.”

“No, I want to play too.” Lu Zixin is not only a decision made by the blood, but also with his own plans. In the “Simple Mechanical Construction Map” he obtained earlier, there are the construction and design drawings of motor vehicles.

These maps can be a big treasure house. How to use it? Just this has a chance, he wants to try it, first design and assemble a motorcycle.

If the performance is ok, then it is possible to open motorcycle company or even a company that manufactures vehicles such as cars and trailers.

“Do you use this one?” A Jing squinted, “It’s too good.”

Others didn’t say anything, but they only became a joke and didn’t care.

Lu Zixin started, he put on G-551 smart glasses and began scanning the motorcycle and entered motorcycle information such as structure, size, parts, etc. are all saved as electronic data.

Then he went back to the villa and went to find Zhang Qiang. It is too much trouble to redesign the motorcycle on his own. It is better to enter the information directly into the robot and design it.

Lu Zixin transmitted the information of Simple Mechanical Construction Atlas and the information of the old motorcycle to RI-8901. When it digested all the information, it generated hundreds of reassembled designs.

“Master, under the current conditions, the design of 98% cannot be completed. The necessary metal materials and equipment are missing.” RI-8901 said.

In the map given by Optimus Prime, a lot of rare metals or alloys are used, and some require special manufacturing equipment. These things are not even present on the earth, so most designs can be eliminated.

Lu Zixin compares its design and estimated performance and says: “Option 15.”

“Okay, option 15.” RI-8901 sent the specific information of option 15 to Lu Zixin’s smart glasses.

The smart glasses project the virtual composition into his retina, and Lu Zixin’s vision shows a new motorcycle structure.

Engine, Transmission System, Travel System, Brake System, Electrical Instrumentation, and Inductive Balance System and Rocket Accelerators added to the design.

The engine here is no longer a general two-stroke or four-stroke, four-cylinder engine, but a new high-energy engine with a more complex internal structure and a purified fuel.

Inductive balance System is not only a sensor device, but also a mechanical device. For example, the side jet balance, when the motorcycle is to rub against the ground, the side will spray a strong airflow, supporting the motorcycle body will not roll over.

The rocket acceleration device is the most special part of this motorcycle. An acceleration device installed separately from the engine, the gas turbine drive, starts up like a rocket launch, and the flame can be directly sprayed from the exhaust pipe to push the speed of the motorcycle to the extreme!

According to the theory, the rocket acceleration device can make the motorcycle leap over a tens meters of long river. If the fuel, fuselage, mechanical structure and other aspects are perfect, the rocket acceleration device can run perfectly. This motorcycle can even surpass the speed of sound and become a supersonic motorcycle!

Of course, this perfect condition cannot be accomplished with the current simple conditions. And the supersonic motorcycle, the rider can’t bear the sound explosion, there is no special protection, and it is impossible to control the motorcycle.

The supersonic motorcycle can’t be done temporarily, but according to this design, it is no problem to make an overspeed locomotive.

“Very good, if this motorcycle is made, it is the first product of the red letter motorcycle!” Lu Zixin exclaimed, “Now let’s make it.”

It took a lot of time to prepare the materials. Until 9 o’clock in the evening, Lu Zixin finally finished the preparation work. He called Xu Xiuying and wanted to go to her motorcycle repair shop for modification.

At this time, a warm bedroom, soft lighting, comfortable big bed, two sisters are lingering together.

Hair, lace underwear, white skin, red lips, interwoven long legs, breath with heat…

“Hey, hey…hey, hey, hey!” The ringtone of the Apple phone interrupted them.

A Jing’s face was not retired, and she was dissatisfied: “Who, this time, still call?”

Xu Xiuying took the phone on the bed and looked at the caller ID. He said, “That is Lu.”

“What did he call for you so late?” asked A Jing frowning.

“I don’t know, ask first.” Xu Xiuying answered the phone and heard the voice of Lu Zixin. He asked: “Are you convenient now? Can the motorcycle repair shop use it? I have to modify the motorcycle.”

“Do you want to be today? Hong Zhen is joking with you, you don’t have to worry about it.” Xu Xiuying is not willing.

Lu Zixin insisted: “I must make it tonight!”

“Nervous disease! This person!” A Jing whispered in Xu Xiuying’s ear. “So late, he also modified the motorcycle, he didn’t understand.”

“Ah!” Xu Xiuying’s onion finger pressed on her lips and said: “This person is my dad’s friend. As long as these two days have passed, my dad promised to invest me five million taiwan dollars.”

She replied to the phone: “Wait, I will open the door for you.”

“It’s annoying, this person!” Ah Jing held the quilt and turned around, and Xu Xiuying, was picking up the clothes on the bed and putting it on.

Lu Zixin comes with Zhang Qiang, there are industrial robots, and the modification will be more convenient. Zhang Qiang can directly perform high-temperature melting, purification and cutting operations on metals. Its body is equivalent to a multi-function machining machine!

Xu Xiuying left after she opened the door. Before leaving, she said: “Since you brought someone to come, I will not stay. The equipment tools here are used casually, but the damage is to be lost.”


When the person left, Lu Zixin asked Zhang Qiang to monitor and shut down the motorcycle.

Zhang Qiang reveals a mechanical arm. Its mechanical arm can flexibly change tools such as electric drills, pliers and chainsaws. The old motorcycle was dismantled into various parts in less than a minute.

“These internal structures have to be changed, and the quality of the metal is not good.” Lu Zixin said. “Just leave a shell and replace everything else.”

RI-8901 continues to work, using the materials they bring and the accessories of motorcycle, first making mechanical parts.

Late at night, in the unmanned motorcycle repair shop, Lu Zixin and the robot worked hard to design his first motor vehicle product!

One by one, they are finished, and this new motorcycle is getting better and better. Even the shell, has been improved by Lu Zixin and RI-8901.

Although it looks like the outer casing is almost the same, in fact, the metal inside is completely smelted and purified by RI-8901. New metal elements are added to form a light and strong alloy, and then the same paint is applied before and original is unchanged.

At four in the morning, all the parts were manufactured, and they began assembling the motorcycle based on the mechanical map design given by Optimus Prime.

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