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Today, the recording was very early, and the employees were somewhat surprised. Ye Guang has always been able to record as much as possible. Some workaholics, I don’t know how to change the normal state today, only 4:30 in the afternoon. It was announced that it was closed.

Some employees were puzzled and couldn’t help but ask him. Ye Guang didn’t swear. “President Liu is sensitive. I will have to pick up Yiyi after school. It will be here today.”

In the afternoon

Ye Guang ended up recording a whole day and went straight to Kindergarten.

Kindergarten has not yet left school, but some parents who have come early are waiting at the door, and Ye Guang waits for a while.

In a short while, Kindergarten was out of school, the door was opened by the guard, and Ye Guang went in with the parents.

“Liu Yitong, your father is here.” Teacher Liu met Ye Guang and shouted at Yiyi in the classroom.

Yiyi grinned, didn’t say anything, grabbed her own Kindergarten’s new little bag and came out.

A few words with Teacher Liu, Ye Guang led Yiyi back home.

In the car.

Ye Guang asked Yiyi about the class today.

Ye Guang: “How are you? Is Kindergarten fun?”

Yiyi thought about it and shook her head. “Not fun.”

Ye Guang, “Not fun? How can it be fun for so many children?”

Yiyi: “They are too naive, they are not fun at all. Some of them are still crying. Because they lost when they were eating at noon, they were too naive.”

Ye Guang: “Hey, people are still childish, you are not a five-year-old child.”

Yiyi snorted and said, “I am much better than them. I am the first to come.”

Ye Guang is speechless, you are still not naive, and where is your natural superiority?

Ye Guang: “Well, you are the best, especially in this area, you can eat it, it is definitely the first place to eat.”

Yiyi was a little embarrassed and blushed.

On the way, Ye Guang kept asking Yiyi about things in Kindergarten, such as what to learn in class, what to eat at noon, whether to make new friends, how to take a nap at noon, the teacher is good, no matter how big or small, everything is asked.

Yiyi answered him with interest at first, and at the end she was impatient.

“Ye Guang, why are you so embarrassed!”

Ye Guang snorted. “I don’t care about you.”

Yiyi snorted and ignored Ye Guang.

Going back to studio, I picked up Liu Chiyan and the three went home together.

Liu Chiyan opened the machine gun mode to Yiyi as soon as she got on the car.

“Is this a schoolbag from Kindergarten? It’s pretty.”

“Ah, there are school uniforms, can you wear them, go back and give me a try.”

“What do you eat at noon? Have you been full? You have a big meal and if you can’t eat enough, talk to the teacher.”

“The teacher is good, what have you learned today?”

“Learning a song, come and come, sing to my aunt.”


The questions that Ye Guang asked basically were asked again by Liu Chiyan and which was not asked Ye Guang, was also asked. From the time of getting on the car to the house and then going to dinner, Liu Chiyan was almost uninterrupted. Even the clothes that Teacher Liu wore were not beautiful, and the question of tie and hair or hair was asked.

Not to mention Yiyi, Ye Guang ears are painful.

Yiyi is still different from Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang. She still dare to swear at Ye Guang, but Liu Chiyan is like a mother since she was a child. She can’t help but feel helpless. Can only answer what question was asked.

Finally, Liu Chiyan didn’t ask anything before she let Yiyi go.

Yiyi: “I finally know why you are together because birds of same feathers flock together.”

Ye Guang: “Hey, you know birds of same feathers flock together.”

Yiyi snorted.

Yiyi had a day of study and it looked good. There was no obvious feeling of discomfort or rejection.

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan are also relieved. To be honest, what they are most worried about is that Yiyi will have psychological rejection to school, not adapting, not harmonious, but today, Yiyi seems to be waiting in Kindergarten. Not bad, of course, this is only the first day, how to follow up is later.

In the next few days, Ye Guang’s life is very regular and calm.

I sent Yiyi to Kindergarten with Liu Chiyan every day, and then went to work. The main job of the work was the recording of Journey to the West storytelling. Then I went to pick up Yiyi at 4:30 in the afternoon, but he can go later because every time he goes, it is relatively early, and he needs to wait at the gate of Kindergarten for a while before school leaving.

Ye Guang also have their own consideration, Yiyi just go to school not a few days, certainly still some not adapt, others children are their parents to pick them, and Yiyi is uncle posing as father to pick her, although others do not know, but Yiyi heart may be some strange mood, So Ye Guang can only as early as possible, not the other parents have come early, one is because afraid of their own late Yiyi will be anxious, watching other children are father and mother to take away, the heart will be more difficult to suffer, the second is because Ye Guang is promised Yiyi, he promised Yiyi every day will pick her up, he came, and came the earliest, he is not her father, but others do not know, they see is Yiyi father is the earliest and most active to pick her.

The program ratings these days are also quite stable, has been hovering around 1.1, how said not high, but if can be stable down that is also very good results, Ye Guang some not too satisfied, but the ratings have been maintained this data, he has no way, employees are very satisfied with this data, The enthusiasm for this period of work has not been reduced.

Worth a say is Fruit run company, because the program ratings are good, Fruit Run recently sales has been rising, the funds also gradually back up, originally promised Ye Guang follow-up ratings good title fee increase of 10 million is also immediately to studio turned over, and promised a period of time ratings not in case of a reduction, an additional 10 million of the title name fee is added.

Fruit Run boss for additional 10 million title fee of things some employees do not understand, think the original is ratings is good title name fee from 5 million to 10 million has been counted every opportunity, program ratings is good, but this is also they bet on the treasure, when the name of the time is also risk, well, now has the return is also rightfully, in addition 10 million, completely did not have this necessity, this is purely to send 10 million, even because Youxianqi Entertainment to the company to do advertising and promotion planner, the back also pay 2 million well, It can be said that it is already square.

Fruit Run’s boss also explains the doubts of employees.

Fruit Run Boss is the person with a vision, “I added 10 million of the title fee, not too much money to burn the panic, not to also for Youxianqi favor, even say not because of the program ratings, I only for a person, Youxianqi Entertainment general adviser, Liu Chiyan Assistant, is also “Fruit Run Ye Guang narrative Journey to the West” writer ― Ye Guang, it’s just because him, this person I am very optimistic, very capable, will relationship serve, I believe that with 10 million sell a human feelings, have a good opinion, in his body to make a long-term invisible investment is worthwhile.”

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