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On August 31th, there was only one day left until the September mobile phone sale. On September 1st, VI’s X21, Samsung’s S9 and Red Letter’s HX2 will be available for sale on the same day!

As of today, on the network channel, the X21 has a preorder volume of 1.4 million, and S9 has a preorder capacity of 880,000, while HX2 has a preorder amount less than them, reaching 350,000.

This is mainly because the price is expensive and the user’s trust is not enough. After all, the Red Letter mobile phone has only been out of HX1 so far. Although the performance is good, most of the users are mobile game lovers.

Other mobile phone users, the demand for red letter mobile phone is not so strong. Some potential customers who are interested in buying are waiting to see, and they want to know the true performance of these brands of mobile phones.

HX2, which has been tested and tested by the foundry, has been properly placed in the logistics warehouse of the online sales platform, and the logistics personnel are waiting for the delivery information.

On the first day of september, at the beginning of the sale, logistics will begin to ship to all users who have already paid for it.

Needless to say, the first day’s shipments are definitely X21 highest, and S9 and HX2 are backwards. It is worth mentioning that, compared to the shipments of all mobile phone brands on the same day, HX2’s ranking has not yet entered the top five!

Generally speaking, the new machine will be sold. The sales volume in the first few days will be in the top five or even the top three. The sales volume in the next few days depends on the user’s reputation.

The first to get the HX2 real machine is naturally those “relationships”, such as employees of Red Letter, or employees of the sales platform, and those who evaluate mobile phones.

This time, Bao Liren got HX2, and he bought two of them first, and did not directly broadcast the new mobile phone. Instead, he opened a test water first.

When he finished experience it and found that the performance of HX2 phone was exactly the same as that mentioned in the press conference, he quickly called his best friend Li Xiang.

“Old Li, smashing goods!” Bao Liren’s words are simple and clear.

Li Xiang is also ready, before selling HX1, let him earn nearly 100,000! This time, he took out more money, not only him, but his old friends are ready to smash HX2.

“How much?” Li Xiang asked. “I prepared 500,000 yuan, or did I first pick up 200,000 yuan, and then I decided to vote for it?”

“Look at the wool! All of them are stunned!” Bao Liren said with excitement. “I just measured it. This HX2 is really a cow! It is definitely the best mobile phone at the same price in the market! No One! It’s absolutely no loss!”

“When I will, I will transfer you to half a million, help me!”

“Is it really such a cow?” Li Xiang’s voice was excitedly said, “Would you like to find a way to turn around hundreds of thousands of dollars and work together!”

“Don’t, calm down.” Bao Liren advised, “Although it is powerful, the market is not something we can see. Let’s not talk so much.”

“Well, I listen to you, I am busy!” Li Xiang promised.

Hanging up the phone, he shouted in the YY chat room of the mobile phone scalper party: “Brothers, my brother said that he can be embarrassed.”

“Really? Then I am jealous! Lao Li, if you make money, brothers must thank you!”

“Sweeping goods, sweeping goods!”

“The last time I lost Apple, HX1 missed it again. How can HX2 get a few hundred thousand!”


The scalper party took action, and the sales of HX2 immediately increased significantly, but the real main force is still the majority of mobile phone users.

The first users to get HX2 phones have already shown their new phones on various social media.

Zhang Kaile is such a person. When talks about him, six of the ten people on the road know him. Not because of anything else, but because he has money!

Zhang Kaile is 28 this year, but he is already a figure on the Forbes youth rich list, worth billions. He not only has several network science and technology companies in his own name, but also the only one of the largest real estate developers in China.

His father Zhang Hao, who is often seen in the top ten of the China Forbes rich list, even rushed to the country’s richest man several times.

Because of this special identity, and Zhang Kaile is also a high-profile, often show off the rich, often with some net red goddess made anecdote, so his popularity is very high. Every move will be the attention of the media and the majority of netizens.

Today is the first day of the sale of HX2, Zhang Kaile sent a Weibo.

“I heard that this is very expensive? I am in a good mood today, buy a few to send welfare.” Below Weibo, is a link. That is the link of Zhang Kaile’s next live broadcast platform. Recently, this live broadcast platform is engaged in “online million answer” activities, and traffic has soared.

The so-called online million answer is that netizens directly answer questions online, and when they reach certain conditions, they can get millions of rewards and attract a lot of netizens.

The picture of Zhang Kaile with ten most suitable HX2 mobile phones. The colors are different, and the words are arranged on the table, which is very proud.

When his Weibo was issued, it suddenly attracted comments from many netizens.

“Wow, my husband really has money! With a little star, can you send me one?” A female netizen immediately spoke.

“The upstairs slut is going away, my husband is mine! Husband, when do you come to see me and my children?”

“A group of ugly B, dare to rob my husband?” Even someone directly sent a picture, is the indecent picture of the chest.

“Oh, thank you.”

“Like me, I live to eat stool!”

“The trough, it really is a local tyrant! This phone is 6888, the ten is 68880, sent directly!”

“Give me, I want! Although I am a man, I can also give you a monkey!”


In addition to these daily inconsistencies, there are people who care about HX2 phones.

“What mobile phone is this? Why I haven’t seen it? Is it expensive?”

“@Upstairs, the village is only connected to the network? HX2!”

“Do you use HX2 for local tyrants? I am thinking about buying it.”

“Say, how much advertising fee does the red letter give you? I have ten times as much as a birch!”

There is also a Weibo VIP, a star of the entertainment circle forwarded Zhang Kaile’s Weibo, and asked casually: “Is this mobile phone easy to use? My mobile phone is broken, I want to change one.”

Zhang Kaile replied: “Two words, really special cattle! This is the best domestic mobile phone I have used, better than Samsung and Apple!”

“Really? Then I will order one now!” the star replied.

Their conversations were naturally noticed by netizens, and their focus shifted to the performance of HX2 phones.

“I don’t believe that domestic mobile phones are so strong?”

“Hehe, have you been a long time, can’t stand up? My friend bought a HX2, I heard that performance is great!”

“You can’t afford it, what do you compare?”

“HX2 is really good, just buy one!” Someone showed a picture in the comment area.

“Why is there always someone saying that I am showing off my wealth? (from HX2S, 128GB Diamond Limited Edition Client)”

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