MST Chapter 100 :《Chasing dream with a childlike heart》

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Yiyi was drinking milk, and Ye Guang sings, let Yiyi directly sprout out.

Yiyi: “Ye Guang, are you crazy, why do you speak so loudly?”

Ye Guang was interrupted, and gave Yiyi a white glance, and said angrily, “Don’t interrupt me!”

Yiyi stopped talking.

Liu Chiyan was also shocked by Ye Guang’s sudden scream, but she didn’t feel anything in the first sentence.

Ye Guang cleared his throat and sang again.

“Run forward!”

“Against the cold shoulders and the jeering crowds”

“if we didn’t go through all kinds of hardships and difficulties, how can we feel this wonderful life”

“Destiny can’t let us down on my knees”

“Even we have paid in blood embrace”

Liu Chiyan’s eyes are gradually getting brighter. Yiyi is also staring at Ye Guang. She didn’t expect him to sing, and he sang very nicely. He was shocked by the beginning. .

“To keep running!!!”

“With the pride of childlike simplicity”

“If we didn’t persist to the end, how can we see the glory of the life”

“Better to light up a life than accept a life we don’t want!”

“One day it will be reborn” [X-N: This is Lyrics, this is video]

Ye Guang stopped when I sang here, I couldn’t sing a bit, ran a few tune, although he has Sounds of Nature Tone skill, but also just let him sing sound good, for the way of pronunciation, intonation that is not helpful, Ye Guang did not learn to sing, it is very good to sing this paragraph, before he can soar so high tone.

“How is it? All right?” Ye Guang asked.

Liu Chiyan nodded like chick given rice, “OK! It’s great!”

Liu Chiyan was very happy. She walked out of her desk and ran on small step and kissed Ye Guang. “Reward you.”

Ye Guang was kissed, he smiled and greedily pointed at his mouth.

Liu Chiyan blushed and did not refuse him. She quickly pecked on his lips.

Ye Guang was very treacherous. Seeing Liu Chiyan coming up, he took advantage of Liu Chiyan and took her head and kissed her.

Yiyi stared in despair.

What about that… Men and women

Liu Chiyan finally pushed Ye Guang away, and her face was a little blushing and she said. “Bad guy.”

Ye Guang smirked.

“Chasing dream with a childlike heart” Original is the band’s album, but this song I like most is the version of Xu Geyang, to ask why, not that she sings better than the original, just because she is a girl, singing this song for me, it is very impact, the original weak female voice, sound tear exhausted bottom roar out this very strength song, indeed burst out a strong impact, especially that a few broken sound, more like the finishing touches of the pen, let a person’s heart shock, can feel strong strength and shock.

Liu Chiyan liked the song Ye Guang sang and took Ye Guang to the studio.

Speaking of this, it is not particularly appropriate for this song to sing at May 1st party, but Ye Guang can’t think of any songs that are good for May 1st party. At least this song is inspirational, it is a dream, it is persevere, it is the struggle.

Countless working people, working hard all day long, is not just for the thoughts in their hearts, keep on fighting? Even if the head breaks through the blood, even if it is bruised and injured, the glory and dreams of the laborer never give up!

Think of it this way, in fact, it is quite appropriate, at least to sing the song to motivate people.

In the studio, Liu Chiyan recruited two recorded staff members, and Ye Guang sang to Liu Chiyan on the spot. After singing, Liu Chiyan liked the song more. If there were no employees, Liu Chiyan would still have to reward Ye Guang, um, owe it first, no one is rewarding him.

Occasionally flirting with Ye Guang, Liu Chiyan is also very happy.

Liu Chiyan is a Heavenly Queen and is very proficient in the rhythm. After listening to Ye Guang’s sings for a while, I was able to pick it up, and then let the two recording staffs record Ye Guang on the spot several times, picking the best one, and then over and over again. It sounds like listening to the music while listening to it.

Ye Guang is amazed, will Liu Chiyan have this skill? Can you compose music just by listening to a cappella? Wow! Think about how good people are also Heavenly Queen, how can it be relieved without a few brushes. Whatever she is, she is his wife!

After a while, Liu Chiyan composes well. “Come here, I am going to play, you are singing. I will try the sound first.”

When Liu Chiyan picked up an electric guitar, she began to audition.

Ye Guang is a glimpse, my wife is really capable, will also play guitar, ah, Heavenly Queen is Heavenly Queen.

Liu Chiyan tried a note and found a feeling. “Well, come on, I play, you sing.”

Ye Guang also worked very well, and immediately began to sing, and Liu Chiyan accompanied him with an electric guitar.

The first time the two men did not cooperate, or Liu Chiyan couldn’t keep up with Ye Guang’s tone, or Ye Guang couldn’t keep up with Liu Chiyan’s tone, and it was a mess.

But there was still something to gain. After Ye Guang sang it again, Liu Chiyan changed the picture on the score for a long time, and then let Ye Guang come back again.

The second time, Liu Chiyan’s accompaniment has been much better, but Ye Guang is completely a layman. He doesn’t look at the scores at all. It’s all about how to sing with his own temper, so I can sing as comfortable as I want to sing, Liu Chiyan has black line.

The third time.

The fourth time.

In the fifth time, Ye Guang couldn’t say anything, “No, I won’t sing anymore, my throat is breaking, and I’ll say it again. Isn’t that what you sing, why do you keep me singing?”

Liu Chiyan pouted. “I am not modifying the music. How can I change it if you don’t sing?”

Ye Guang: “Change what, according to the modified score I sing, it is not too far off, then, come and sing, I heard something wrong, I tell you, then you will change according to what you sing.”

Liu Chiyan thought about it. It seemed to be such a truth, so she nodded. “Well, then I sing, you come to listen, tell me where I need to change.”

Speaking of it, Ye Guang didn’t really listen to Liu Chiyan singing the song, Liu Chiyan usually sang, but most of them were sly, Ye Guang listened very comfortable, but he listened to her singing today. The children are still the first time.

Liu Chiyan’s voice is very good, the sound is very good, and she is also very talented for music. After Ye Guang sang so many times, she has a rough score in her heart.

Clear your throat, Liu Chiyan began to sing.

“Where on earth is the world full of the flowers”

“Stop” Liu Chiyan just sang the first sentence, and Ye Guang interrupted. “Rise up, and your throat is pressed. You look so soft, come again.”

“Oh.” Liu Chiyan listened to the words and then sang again.

“Where on earth is the world full of the flowers”

“If it really existed, I must go”

“Stop.” Ye Guang interrupted her again. “Lower, lower, strength. This song requires strength. The bite is shorter. You are still too weak. Don’t tremble. Come again.”

Liu Chiyan nodded and said that she understood and started singing again.





Ye Guang repeatedly asked Liu Chiyan to sing again and again, and he repeatedly pointed and let Liu Chiyan correct.

“This place is wrong, ‘Sense To’, there is a turn here, come, come back.”

“Stop! This ‘use’ word should be heavier, stop taking a shot, and come back.”

“Hey, this place is high, try to be as high! How high is the height.”

“No tricks, it’s oh! Hysterical sly!”

“Add broken sound, let you add, you add so much, why so!”

“There is something so interesting, come again!”

“How can you still not do it again?”

“How many times have you said that you have strength! Strength! See? Again.”

“How are you so stupid? It’s been done several times and it’s not good.”

“Ah! Liu Chiyan, you are a dog, you actually bite! Don’t just say a few words about you.”

“Also bite! Quickly let go!”

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