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Ye Guang’s words are a bit arrogant. Logically speaking, he is still an unrecognized son-in-law. In front of Dad Liu, he should be cautious, humble and polite.

Ye Guang himself was also a little strange, how can he said this sentence inexplicably.

Father Liu didn’t refute Ye Guang, but took a deep look at Ye Guang. Then he said lightly, “It is good for young people to have aspirations.”

When the leader’s speaks differently, there is something in the words. Today, Ye Guang’s IQ is online, and heard the meaning of Father Liu. It is good for young people to have aspirations, but don’t be arrogant! This is what Father Liu meant.

Ye Guang didn’t say much, let’s not say that Father Liu would feel this way. After he said this, as the party, he almost didn’t blush, like he was a bit bragging.

After sitting and watching TV for a while, Liu Chiyan also came downstairs.

Liu Chiyan saw that Father Liu and Ye Guang were in the living room, walked over and said hello to Father Liu, “Dad.”

Father Liu ignored her.

Liu Chiyan spit out her little tongue, knowing that Father Liu was still angry, and didn’t say anything. Father Liu sat in the middle of the sofa with a strong aura, so Liu Chiyan subconsciously sat down next to Ye Guang.

However, Ye Guang is sitting on a sofa with a single seat on the side. It is wide and spacious, but it is a single seat. Two people sitting next to each other can’t sit down, but where is this? What occasion is this?

Openly show affection in front of Father Liu?

Still think that Father Liu is not angry enough?

When Liu Chiyan sat down, she regretted a little bit. Why didn’t her mind turn around? Now she sat down, and Dad Liu looked directly at Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan sitting next to each other with his eyes had some fire.

Liu Chiyan looked embarrassed, she didn’t feel like it and didn’t know what to do.

Father Liu: “Did you finish copying the books?”

Liu Chiyan replied weakly, “No…no.”

Liu Father squinted, “What are you doing here? The meal is not ready yet, go copy the book!”

“Got it.” Liu Chiyan quickly got up, pulling Ye Guang to fled.

Mother Liu stopped the two of them from going upstairs, “Don’t go, the meal will be ready soon, you will have a rest before dinner.”

Both Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang glanced at Father Liu’s place. Father Liu hummed softly and stopped speaking, which seemed to be a default.

Didn’t dare to go to the living room to see Father Liu’s cold face, Liu Chiyan also went into the kitchen to help Mother Liu and Aunt Lian carry dishes.

Ye Guang had no place to go, the kitchen is not big, the three people were already crowded in the kitchen, and he couldn’t get in either.

Liu Chiyan also saw Ye Guang’s dilemma and said to him, “Ye Guang, go to Yiyi’s room and wake her up. She sleep in the afternoon till now, call her to get up and eat.”

Ye Guang got the order, finally can escape, and quickly went upstairs to find Yiyi.


Yiyi still sleeping soundly on the bed. She slept very honestly and did not pose in a messy posture. She lay quietly on her back, looking very cute, like a little princess, if her little mouths didn’t open from time to time.

Ye Guang smiled dumbly, this girl must have dreamed of something delicious in her dream again.

Ye Guang didn’t immediately wake up Yiyi, he sat down gently on the edge of his bed, looking at Yiyi’s sleeping and lovely appearance, with a smile pulled up at the corner of his mouth.

Speaking of it, Ye Guang hasn’t played with Yiyi for a while. Since he came to Beijing to do the show, he has been busy with the show. Yiyi is also with Aunt Lian. He has no time to accompany her. Not knowing why, Ye Guang felt a little guilty in his heart.

Later, I need to accompany Yiyi more in the future, Ye Guang thought, then bent down and kissed Yiyi gently on the forehead.

The action was light,  but Yiyi was still awakened.

Yiyi opened his eyes, still with dim sleepiness, and saw Ye Guang face when she saw him, and then stretched out her hand to touch Ye Guang face.


Ye Guang stunned, I thought I heard it wrong, “Yiyi, what do you call me?”

Yiyi’s dim sleepy eyes became clear, blinked and looked at Ye Guang for several seconds, then quickly looked away, “Ye Guang! Why are you here!”

Ye Guang: “I’ll wake you up.”

Yiyi: “You pay for my ice cream! I am going to eat it soon!”

Ye Guang laughed, he didn’t guess wrong, this girl dreamed of eating in her dream.

Yiyi sat up on the bed, “You still laugh, you pay for my ice cream.”

Ye Guang: “Cut, the dream is not real, it doesn’t count.”

Yiyi: “I don’t care! You have to pay for it! You buy one for me again, no, buy two, uh… or three!” Yiyi’s small eyes were cunning.

Ye Guang: “Think beautiful.”

Yiyi saw Ye Guang not agree, she suddenly not happy. She rushed toward Ye Guang, “Bad Ye Guang, don’t pay for my ice cream, I bite you.”

Ye Guang laughed and avoided, “Catch me up.”

Yiyi jumped off the bed, chasing Ye Guang without wearing her shoes, “Don’t run, you must pay for my ice cream.”

“No way.”

“Ye Guang, you are Big bad wolf.”

“Haha, I’ll buy it for you if you catch me.”

Ye Guang is like a child, chasing and playing around with Yiyi.

When Ye Guang entered the room, the door was not closed. The sound of the two laughing and playing, Yiyi’s anger from time to time, the hearty laughter of Ye Guang, and the sound of laughter like a silver bell, continued to spread from the room.


In the kitchen, Liu Chiyan who used to cook at home, Liu’s mother, and even his aunt all stopped, listening to the movement upstairs.

Father Liu still watching the news, calmly turned down the TV volume a lot.

After a while, Yiyi ran downstairs with a bare foot, and went straight to Father Liu, “Grandpa, Ye Guang bullies me, I can’t catch him, you help me catch him. Let him pay for my ice cream.”

Ye Guang followed with Yiyi’s little shoes. He smiled embarrassedly at Father Liu. Maybe it was a shameful to play with Yiyi so naively just now.

“Come, come over and wear shoes.” Ye Guang greeted Yiyi, “Girl’s family, running around barefoot, don’t be ashamed.”

Yiyi pouted at him, came over honestly, walked to Ye Guang, and suddenly rushed to Ye Guang, “Haha, I caught you, pay my ice cream.”

Food is the biggest motivation for foodie, which is true.

Ye Guang puts Yiyi up and puts it on his lap, “Okay, let’s buy it for you.”

Yiyi is very happy, “Buy three!”

Ye Guang skilfully put shoes on Yiyi, which he did when he was at home, “No, you can only eat one.”

Yiyi reluctantly raised two fingers, “Two?”

Ye Guang said while putting shoes on Yiyi, “No, no discussion, just one.”

Yiyi curled her lips, “One is one.” Then she giggled happily.

For foodies, having food is a very happy thing.

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