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The second issue recording was completed. The rest is to wait for the broadcast on Saturday night after the editing and production are completed.

Today’s shooting is over, and the time has reached midnight, everyone is very tired, and they went back to their rooms to rest.

The owner of holiday resort is still very polite and generous. The rooms arranged for the program group are arranged according to the best arrangement, that is, ordinary employees live in luxurious rooms, not to mention important people and guests such as Ye Guang have free accommodation and dining. The resort owner also gave a big discount on rental fee. Of course, this is all due to the popularity of the program. The resort owner also wants to follow suit. Make a free advertisement for your own villa, otherwise it will not have such good thing.

At nights

Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang are in the room.

Ye Guang came out of the bathroom after taking a shower and saw Liu Chiyan leaning on the head of the ‘bed’ and looking at the ring in her hand, not knowing what she was thinking, just grinning silly.

Ye Guang walked over with a smile, climbed the ‘bed’,  put his arms around Liu Chiyan’s waist, and smiled, “I like this ring so much. Just a normal ring. I will buy you a good one. A diamond ring with the size of a pigeon.”

Liu Chiyan smiled and glanced at Ye Guang, “Cut, do you want to buy a big diamond ring, Do you have money?”

Ye Guang has a black line, well, it seems he really has no money.

Liu Chiyan smiled, “You don’t have to buy it. This is ‘very good’, I like it very much.” Liu Chiyan said as she looked at the ring on her hand, “Unfortunately, I can’t always wear it.”

Ye Guang didn’t talk. This is a kind of helplessness as an artist. Liu Chiyan is married to him, but she is sensitive. Before the relationship between the two exposed, she didn’t dare to wear a ring, especially on the ring finger. Otherwise, there will be some rumors.

Liu Chiyan thought for a while and said to Ye Guang, “Ye Guang,  you go and help me get the jewelry box in the suitcase.”

Ye Guang went out the ‘bed’ to find Liu Chiyan’s jewelry box.

Ye Guang took out the jewelry box from Liu Chiyan’s suitcase, and the weight was not too light.

Liu Chiyan took the jewelry box from Ye Guang and opened it.

There are a lot of things in her jewelry box, earrings and necklaces, half of the box is packed. Looking at this jewelry box, Ye Guang estimates it’s just such a small box, I’m afraid it’s worth eight to ten million.

Liu Chiyan found a slender white gold necklace with a sapphire pendant, which looked very valuable.

Liu Chiyan handed the necklace to Ye Guang, “Help me pull the pendant off.”

Ye Guang stunned, “What are you doing? Why do you tear it?”

The pendant is fixed on the chain with a small ring. You can’t move back and forth, even if you untie the necklace, the pendant can’t be removed. To remove the pendant, you can only pull the small ring at the top of the pendant.

Liu Chiyan said, “Hurry up, be careful, don’t break the chain.”

Ye Guang looked at Liu Chiyan, and saw that he insisted. He stopped talking and carefully used his secret energy to pull the pendant off the chain.

Liu Chiyan happily split the necklace from Ye Guang into two. She randomly drop the most valuable pendant of the necklace into the jewelry box, then take the ring from her hand and put it into the chain.

Liu Chiyan smugly swayed her work in front of Ye Guang, “Make it into a necklace, hang it around my neck, and hide it with clothes when outside, so I can wear it all the time.”

Ye Guang smiled, it seems that Liu Chiyan really likes this ring, and she wants to wear it every day. This ring is an ordinary ring, which is estimated to be tens of thousands yuan. The look and work is not bad, ‘flower’ pattern is quite beautiful, but there is no small broken diamond, such a ring with Liu Chiyan is a bit of a loss.

Ye Guang also knows what reason Liu Chiyan likes this ring, not because he gave this ring. Thinking of this, Ye Guang also blames his nerves. He always thinks Liu Chiyan has such a good idea. People with knowledgeable status and reasonable status would not care about some external things, rings, jewelry, and the wedding for them was far away, so Ye Guang didn’t have idea to buy any ring for Liu Chiyan.

Ye Guang felt a little sorry, ‘touching’ his nose and said, “Liu’er, if you like, I will buy you a good one?”

Liu Chiyan shook her head decisively, “No, I want this.” While speaking, Liu Chiyan kept staring at the ring necklace.

Liu Chiyanis indeed not a material person. Once the wealth reaches a certain level, she has no requirements for material. She usually doesn’t like wearing jewelry, but she just likes this ring, simply like it, because this ring was the first gift Ye Guang gave her. It was on such an occasion, facing the camera, facing many people, he knelt down on one knee and personally put it on her. Later, Ye Guang might still give him different gifts, and maybe even a better ring, but there will be no gifts more meaningful than this ring.

I like this ring, it doesn’t matter how much it is worth, it doesn’t matter whether it shines beautifully, just because this ring is sent by Ye Guang, this ring is the first witness of love between the two in public.

“You can help me wear it.” Liu Chiyan handed the ring necklace to Ye Guang.

Ye Guang smiled, then took it and gently put it on Liu Chiyan’s slender neck. Liu Chiyan picked up the ring and looked at it again, then hid the ring in the bottomless ditch.

Ye Guang has been looking at Liu Chiyan’s deep ditch with her movements, and then he smirked and said, “That is my territory!” As he said, he rushed towards Liu Chiyan.

“Ahhhh…” Liu Chiyan was thrown onto the ‘bed’ by him. But, she said while pushing Ye Guang with a smile, “You will wait, don’t make trouble, get up first.”

Ye Guang is pushed by Liu Chiyan. Knowing that she really had something to do, he reluctantly lifted his head from Liu Chiyan’s gentle fragrance.

Liu Chiyan pushed Ye Guang away, then sat up again, opened the jewelry box again, searched for a long time, and finally found a black ‘colored’ lanyard necklace, the pendant was movable, Liu Chiyan untied The lanyard took the pendant down, and then spread her hand and said to Ye Guang, “Where is your ring? Take it, I will tie it up for you. I can’t find any other suitable chain for you. Only this lanyard looks suitable.”

Liu Chiyan’s necklaces are all ‘female’ styles, of course not suitable for Ye Guang, but the lanyard is no problem, take off the pendant, this is an ordinary black ‘color’ lanyard.

Ye Guang went to took his ring and handed it to Liu Chiyan. Then Liu Chiyan helped him put the ring necklace around his neck.

“Well, not bad, very good.” Liu Chiyan smiled and looked at Ye Guang, “You have to wear it in the future. Don’t take it off. Did you hear it?” Liu Chiyan made a very rare strong wave.

Ye Guang smiled and responded, “Okay, I wear it all the time, I wear it until I die. This necklace will definitely follow me into the coffin.”

Liu Chiyan gave him a white look and gave him a light punch, “Poor mouth, don’t say unlucky words.”

Ye Guang smiled, then took Liu Chiyan the jewelry box and placed it on the table beside the ‘bed’ and pushed Liu Chiyan to the ‘bed’. He smirking at Liu Chiyan and said, “It’s okay this time, right? I’m going to seize my position.”

“Bad guy…”

In the summer, the ‘spring’ wind is blowing.

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