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“This is what I said.” Yu Lang said, “But that is all the future. Our small company, it is enough to do this!”

Yu Kang, Shen Guoqiang and others are nodding, and their small logistics companies do some daily transportation. If you upgrade what smart warehouse management, drones or something, the cost is simply not affordable, and they don’t understand.

The intelligent IoT System is what large logistics companies can do.

“In this case, then I still have an idea.” Lu Yue asked, “Do you know Pengyun driverless car?”

“I don’t know the driverless car, it is the kind of car with assisted driving, hundreds of thousands, one hundred thousand.” Yu Lang said, “Do you want to buy a car?”

“Dad, it’s not that kind. It’s Pengyun’s fully-automobile driving car!” Yu Kang, the young man knows a little more, he explained: “Pengyun’s fully-automatic driving car, you don’t need people to drive, you can drive it yourself, and better than the driver opened!”

“What? Is there such a car? Won’t it have accident?” Yu Lang was surprised.

“No! That car is very safe!” Yu Kang said. “I heard that the Traffic Management Bureau has issued a license to get the car on the road.”

“Yes, this is the car!” Lu Yue nodded. “I came here with this car. It is convenient, safe and comfortable.”

“Is that car just now? I said no wonder I didn’t see you driving!” Yu Lang wanted to understand the problem.

“I want to say this is this.” Lu Yue continued, “Now this car will be on sale in the market soon, this is a big market! If you are willing to take out tens of millions to invest, open 4S stores or something…”

Lu Yue said that, Yu Lang’s heart jumped, did his son say this news? If yes, that is a big business opportunity!

“Ten of millions? It is not necessarily so much money to sell our company!” Yu Kang repeatedly shook his head.

“Transformation of 4S store, or a new brand, Old Lu, this risk is not worse than buying stocks!” Shen Guoqiang felt that this is too unreliable, he thought that Lu Yue can give advice on what logistics companies.

Lu Yue said seriously: “Old Yu, you and I have had friendship for so many years, will I hang you? Whether you believe it or not, it’s up to you.”

“I only remind you that the traditional logistics company will soon be replaced by intelligent logistics company. It has been reported a few days ago, that is, Yinjiang logistics with logistics drones, recently invested billions with Pengyun Automobile, they will develop an unmanned logistics freight car. You think about it, when it is all unmanned, will your logistics company still open?”

“As for 4S (sales service) store of Pengyun Automobile, I heard that it just started to recruit dealers. The requirements are not so high. It only need tens of millions of funds and can have training and review, if it is a few months later, when Pengyun Automobile officially went on sale, you want to do this again, I am afraid you will have no chance.”

“This… you said it makes sense, but this thing… the span is too big, I have to think about it.” Yu Lang didn’t know how to decide for a while, tens of millions, and sold his current company and I have to go to the bank for a loan.

Yu Kang’s first reaction was not to believe, but when he thought about it, he frowned again.

“Can’t do it, can’t do it! This is what we played?” Several friends of Yu Lang immediately vetoed and said: “Take out tens of millions to sell the car? It is better to continue to do the logistics company, relying on the previous old customers can still slowly start their business.”

“I haven’t heard of this brand of car at all. What else can I do without a driver and can’t sell it? Isn’t the investment completely ruined?”

“Old Lu, you are giving us an idea, you are drinking too much!”

They didn’t believe it, and it doesn’t matter how it sounds.

Lu Yue smiled and said: “I can only say so much, Old Yu, you think clearly. If it is okay, I will go back first.”

Yu Lang asked him for help. He said that a big business opportunity has been fulfilled. As for whether Yu Lang can grasp it, he still has to look at himself.


After Lu Yue left, a group of people are still discussing this matter.

A He County boss said: “This Lu Yue, white invited him to dinner, said it is equal to not saying.”

“Yeah, this man is running train with mouthful! Also said that our logistics company will definitely not open!” The person next to him shook his head.

Shen Guoqiang stood up and said: “Forget it, forget it. I didn’t have any hope in the beginning. I really want to have the opportunity to make money. Can people tell us?”

“What else to open an unmanned car shop, you have to invest tens of millions! Tens of millions, not tens of thousands, who dares to play?”

Yu Lang is still thinking and saying: “Old Lu is not such a person. It used to be quite reliable.”

“Before, it was before, now people make big money, and their mentality is different! His family has lost tens of millions just a play, we can’t afford it!” Shen Guoqiang said.

“Pengyun unmanned cars have to go on sale?” When Yu Kang remembered chatting with friends, many friends mentioned that if the car is sold, they will buy one.

He thought at the time that this kind of car might be very popular. Now, some people say that the 4S shop of Pengyun unmanned car, he immediately has some intentions, but the conditions are too harsh, he has no experience, so it is very tangled.

After returning home, Yu Kang also went to check the information and asked some friends about Pengyun’s driverless car.

“Dad, do you say that Uncle Lu said something is reliable?” Yu Kang asked.

“Hey, don’t think about it, or find a way to restore the logistics company to normal!” Yu Lang sighed.

“Dad, Uncle Lu son, is really the core figure of Red Letter Group?” Yu Kang asked, “I found that Pengyun Automobile is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Red Letter Group, if he really has the right to speak. Maybe you know something inside.”

“Of course, you didn’t see his family’s villas or planes? I heard that the whole villa area is the asset of his family. It’s less worth mentioning the billions! If it is not the core figure, there can be so much money.“ Yu Lang said.

“It is useless to say that, even if his son is the core figure of Red Letter Group, you can’t guarantee that the driverless car will definitely be sold out.”

“Actually, I think, I can give it a try!” Yu Kang heard his father’s words and suddenly got excited. “No products sold by Red Letter Group is not hot! Especially this time, the fully automatic driving car, before there is a lot of popularity on the Internet! Many people want to be dealers without a chance. This time Uncle Lu told us that there is definitely a way to help us apply for dealer qualification!”

“Dad, this is a chance for us to turn over and make big money!”

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