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“Good, try to move two steps.” Lu Zixin said.

Iron Head tried to stand up and as soon as he stood up, he suddenly softened and squatted on the ground like a pile of liquid.

“I didn’t master the strength, this liquid metal is hard to control!” Iron Head adjusted again, and then stood up and began to walk.

Gradually, “he” has become more and more powerful in controlling the body, and has been able to walk and talk like a normal human.

“This body function is really strong, I can retain the ability to deform!” Iron Head said with surprise, liquid metal can change shape at will.

He rides on his original motorcycle body, fuses directly with the motorcycle through liquid metal body and can be deformed.

“Well, not bad.” Lu Zixin nodded. “When I am going to give you an identity, you will use the human appearance when you go out.”

“Human appearance!” As if thinking about something, Iron Head quickly reached out and turned into a smooth metal surface, reflecting his face. “Hahaha, I am so handsome!”

“Daddy, now I am already a ‘person’, so I can’t be called Iron Head again. I want to take a loud human name.”

“Then you call Zhang Zhuang,” Lu Zixin said casually. “Just set your identity as Zhang Qiang younger brother.”

“Zhang Zhuang? This is too LOW!” Iron Head disagreed and said: “I think it is called Dongfang Hao. This name is the protagonist when I hear it! It is the same as the surname, and I changed this name, maybe I will get golden finger, walk out of the earth, conquer the stars and the sea!”

“Be free.” Lu Zixin was too lazy to tangled with his name, but asked: “have you read the database given by Optimus Prime?”

“Of course!” Iron Head, nowadays, slaps his chest and says: “All are done, now I am the top mechanical car designer on the planet! Dongfang Hao!”

“Well, then you will go to Pengyun to go to work later. Remember, you will call me President Lu outside, understand?”

“Okay, old man.”

“It’s President Lu! If I have such a big son as you, don’t it scare people to death!”


For Dongfang Hao’s identity, Lu Zixin spent a lot of effort to get it done. I found the last MasterCard organization and set his identity as an outstanding Chinese youth from Southeast Asia. He was hired by Red Letter Group to work in China for high-paying research.

A young man suddenly joined Pengyun Automobile and held a key position, which naturally attracted the dissatisfaction of experts and technicians.

However, Dongfang Hao is not an ordinary person. By relying on his knowledge of machinery and automobile knowledge, he directly conquered those experts and scholars and made them convinced.

Lu Zixin also ordered the launch of Pengyun Maglev Vehicle Project. No matter how difficult it is, we must overcome little by little.

Pengyun’s new energy vehicles are also in production, and will be ready for sale once they get the official license for L5 level driverless vehicles.

During this time, Lu Zixin took a trip home with Su Zhirong and rested at home for a few days.

Seeing Su Zhirong, Shen Man was happy to close her mouth. This daughter-in-law is not only beautiful, but also has a high level knowledge. She will also help manage the company. She is very precious.

In the room, Shen Man closed the door and secretly asked Lu Zixin: “Son, your girlfriend is very good, Mom also likes it. There is still a question to ask you.”

“What?” Lu Zixin wondered.

Shen Man said: “What about the girl who had a good relationship with you before? What is it called Xue Yao?”

“That’s a good girl. Our house is so well repaired. It’s all done by her. In the holidays, I also greet the gifts. What are you going to do with her?”

“This… she is now also in the company, still at the president level.” Lu Zixin replied reluctantly.

Shen Man looked at him with a sceptical look and said, “You lie to me less! Mom has been raising you for so long, and when you turn your eyes, I know what reason you want to find! I can see that the girl likes you too.”

“To tell the truth, both are good girls, but the matter of feelings is still better. You have more money, you can’t marry two wives, right?”

“Do you still want like tycoons in Hong Kong Island and Macao to marry a few couples, that is the capitalist dross… oh, in fact, it sounds good, so I have a few daughter-in-laws, and there will be more grandchildren in the future… that is, family conflicts are not handled well, and then there will be troubles in property disputes…”

Lu Zixin looked black and said, “Mom, you are enough, Think about it again. You can write a movie yourself!”

“Oh!” Shen Man waved. “ won’t tell you anymore. In the afternoon, I will go shopping with Zhirong. You are busy with you, oh, yes, your dad has something to tell you, you will go find him.”

“Yeah.” Lu Zixin nodded.

Lu Zixin went to the study room. Dad, Lu Yue was studying philosophy in the study room. Since the family has no worries about food and clothing, and the money is too much to spend, his interest shifted to philosophy, and he often went out with others to keep healthy and bigot.

For this kind of thing, Lu Zixin has always kept non-interference and has no objection. Anyway, this hobby has no negative impact.

“Dad, are you looking for me?” Lu Zixin entered the study and asked.

“Yeah.” Lu Yue put down a hardcover ancient philosophical book and said, “Sit.”

“Do you still remember your uncle Yu?” Lu Yue asked.

Lu Zixin recalled for a while and said: “Uncle Yu, is the boss of your former company?”

“Yes, it is him, Yu Lang.” Lu Yue nodded.

Lu Zixin knows who it was. In the past, his father Lu Yue had been working in a logistics company, mainly doing management and scheduling work. Before Lu Zixin did not establish Red Letter company, Lu Yue was there for more than ten years. which is worthy of the name of old staff!

The boss of logistics company, called Yu Lang, is four years older than Lu Yue, and is a fat man with a good face.

When Lu Zixin was a child, he often went to the place where Lu Yue worked. Yu Lang liked to tease him. This boss is better, and he often leaves them to eat at his own home, or take care of them.

When Lu Zixin Grandfather died, he had a serious illness, Yu Lang lent a large part of the medical expenses to Lu Yue. So Lu Zixin has a good impression of him.

“What happened to uncle Yu?” Lu Zixin asked.

“His logistics company is going to close down.” Lu Yue said, “If you have to retired, you will hand over the company to his son.”

“As a result, his son had no experience and was pitted, spent millions to go into a new product that is said to be imported from abroad, and sold it in He County. As a result, the goods were bought, and they were found to be fake and have complaints, the industrial and commercial department sealed up, and the sellers ran away. They are now being taken away and destroyed, and they have to lose money. The company can’t keep going.”

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