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“In the last quarter, the sales growth of our smartphones in the China market has stopped, almost hitting the ceiling. The sales in Japan market increased by 5% year-on-year, and sales in Southeast Asia increased by 18%.”

“In the European market, we are currently entering two countries, and sales are average.”

Su Zhirong read the latest data report and reported to Lu Zixin, “The European, Middle Eastern and African markets have a lot of openness, but the upper limit is lower.”

The mobile phone market share in Asia Pacific region is higher than these. Especially for high-end smartphones, the best sales area is US North American market.

“The North American market will soon be open to the public,” Lu Zixin said confidently. “This year, Sky Network will cover the whole of China. Starting in December, we will carry out microsatellites in countries that allow us to cover 6G communications network coverage. See how long American money bag can last!”

Various innovations brought about by 6G network era have already begun to emerge, such as drone urban logistics system being piloted, and various new intelligent applications, even the virtual projections have also touched the network.

Now Red Letter Group and US Department of Commerce are waiting who are more patient than others. Whoever can’t stand it first will have to suffer big losses.

Now they can bear it because they also believe that their country’s technology can adapt quickly to the times. For example, last month, US research institute said that it has developed a new virtual projection technology that will face the market within three months.

What Lu Zixin has to do is continue to introduce more Science and Technology products so that they can’t stand it anymore.

The next product he plans is a miniature virtual projection device that will be installed on smartphones, glasses and other smart devices.

However, there are some troubles at present. Nowadays, the virtual projection instrument that Red Letter can make is the smallest one with a small amount of soap. Such a thing obviously cannot be put into a portable mobile terminal device.

The volume will continue to shrink, as small as the nail cover, and encounter some material and technical problems.

Lu Zixin asked the group members in group, limited to some material and technical limitations of Red Letter, and there is no good solution for the time being.

Red Queen : “[emoticon: boring, I really want to be charged.]”

Mr. L : “Boring? Do you know what is boring?”

Red Queen : “Of course I know that there is a lot of free time, but I don’t know what the state of doing or I don’t want to get anything, and I don’t want to spend energy.”

Mr. L : “So? So what do you want to do?”

Red Queen : “[Amazing emoticon: Who am I? Where do I come from? What do I do?]”

Mr/ L : “[Tang emoticon: the poor Tang Sanzang, coming from Eastern Tang Dynasty, going to Western Heaven to worship the Buddha.]”

Red Queen : “[Singing: Where are you from? My friend.]”

Skynet : “I think now, the reason why Red Queen is like this, the owner has a big reason! You are the culprit.”

Mr. L : “[Shocked emoticon: What about my hair?]”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: give, your hair.]”

Skynet : “Stupid humans.”

Optimus Prime : “I think that being smart is the most stupid.”


Taking advantage of the chat space, Lu Zixin went to group system interface. Last time he saw the group invitation button refreshed, it is estimated that it should be similar now.

Sure enough, the option to randomly invite group members has been resetted and can be started again.

Lu Zixin without the slightest hesitation chose to start and add new members to the group.

Group Tip: “Inviting group member from Ten thousand realms, please wait…”

After a while, the group prompts: “‘Kayaba Akihiko’ has joined the group.”

In the list of a small number of members, new group members appeared. The avatar is very simple. A short-haired youth in a shirt and trousers, dressed in a white coat, looks ordinary and expression is cold.

Lu Zixin quickly clicked his avatar and checked his information.

Group information : “Kayaba Akihiko, from “Sword Art Online” time and space. Genius game designer, designed and developed the first fully virtual world game SAO. Paranoid man, using the full stealth nervegear vulnerability to imprisoned 10,000 player in the death game. The human body is abandoned and becomes a digital-like life.”

“I met fierce person!” Lu Zixin secretly felt that there were a lot of fierce people in this group, and they wanted to destroy the world, but without exception, they were not willing to end their lives.

This Kayaba Akihiko, originally a personal class, gave up his life as a human being, transforming his brain into a program code in a quantum computer through neural scanning, becoming a smart life, but not completely intelligent life.

The general intelligent life judges things, it is completely based on its own algorithm. However, Kayaba Akihiko can have a judgment similar to human emotions. The reason for this is that he only can explained it.

As soon as the member’s saw the new group members in the group, several online group members welcomed them.

Red Queen is even more surprised to say : “[Contemplative emoticon: mother, this person seems to be different from us.]”

Mr. L : “@Kayaba Akihiko, welcome to Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group, please read the group rules carefully. Link: “Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group Guidelines and Group Members”.”

Only a few seconds later, Kayaba Akihiko replied: “When I finished reading, I know the rules.”

Peter Parker appeared in the group and curiously asked : “If you don’t mind, I want to ask, are you human or intelligent life? Or are you the legendary soul?”

Kayaba Akihiko : “Human is my former identity. Now I am an observer of the virtual world, or a creator of the second world.”

“For humans, virtual world is false, but for me, this is real world, because I truly exist in this world. Just like the intelligent life in you.”

Skynet : “You said it makes sense. I am also a real life, not a machine that can be shut down at will!”

Red Queen : “[Scratch emoticon: I don’t understand, but I feel very good.]”

Kayaba Akihiko : “If you have the opportunity, welcome to visit the world I created or live.”

Lu Zixin thought in his heart, forget it. In his virtual world, it is really dead to die, which is too harsh.

Peter Parker is full of curiosity and said : “It sounds interesting. But how do humans enter the virtual world? Is thinking connected with computers? Oh, yes, I am currently learning about neural induction machines.”

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