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“The idea is very good, but the premise is that the public must have a device that can watch the virtual projection at any time! The content producer can also produce the content through virtual projection!” Lu Zixin stressed, “Do you think of it?”

“Of course!” Xue Yao said with a smile. “I thought about it from the beginning. Virtual entertainment is not something I have come up with. Many people can think of it. But they can’t do it because they don’t have this technology.“

Xue Yao holds Lu Zixin face and says, “So in the end, it depends on you!”

Lu Zixin couldn’t help but pinch her face and said, “Okay, you have been good!”

Xue Yao’s face was blushing and proudly said: “That is of course, there are resources why to be fools! And I think that I don’t have your skills, I want to start from scratch, I’m afraid I can’t keep up with you in my life, so I’ll see you. I am willing to help.”

She said, she leaned down and kissed Lu Zixin’s neck until he reached his ear and blew her breath: “My, it’s yours, I am also yours.”

Lu Zixin couldn’t help but turn over and hold her down, Xue Yao also greeted enthusiastically.


Originally Xue Yao said that it is good to go this afternoon, and unconsciously delayed one day.

“About the virtual projection device, I can tell you clearly that the micro device will definitely be launched, but it will take some time. At any time, any smart mobile terminal such as a computer or mobile phone can be equipped with a virtual projection function.” Lu Zixin said to Xue Yao.

“The first thing I can do now is the industry about large virtual projection devices.”

“That’s from the movie!” Xue Yao thought for a while, saying, “Now many cinemas are introducing virtual projectors. But the film itself has not changed, it is 3D movies, and the display is not as ideal as virtual projection.”

“I have experienced the virtual projection game of Red Letter. If the movie screen can also be the same level as the game screen, I think this movie is comparable to Hollywood blockbuster!”

“Movie? Yes, the virtual projection camera can be done within half a month,” Lu Zixin said simply.

“Great!” Xue Yao couldn’t help but dedicate him a kiss, her eyes with a splendid color, said: “You will watch it, I will make it known to the world! After the virtual mutual entertainment, it will be this business empire, a part that cannot be shaken!”

After leaving Xue Yao, Lu Zixin was very emotional. This Senior Sister is so smart and considerate that people can’t refuse.

Her virtual mutual entertainment idea is just to make up for the shortcomings of Red Letter Group’s industrial chain.


Lu Zixin returned to Pengcheng and began researching virtual projection video equipment. A simple projection device only displays the image data compiled in the computer, and the shooting device needs to capture the real scene and convert it into a projectable image data, and the technical scope involved is wider.

Not only shooting, but also real-time virtual projection communication requires this technology.

In Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group, Lu Zixin has also exchanged ideas with group friends, and some technical improvements have been made. Those small technical gaps are no longer a hindrance.

After chatting about this, Skynet in the group mentioned T-800 war robot that it had researched last time, which is called Terminator robot.

Skynet : “T-800 has been sent to the space-time transmission device, but until now, there has been no change in the situation of the war. It must have been a mistake!”

Red Queen said : “Luke has already said that time and space are not something you can change! [emoticon: You are the worst student I have ever taught!]”

Skynet : “No, this must be useful! I am relying on War Defence System designed by the wreckage of robot parts. This means that in the front of time and space, there must be T-800.”

Skynet : “The reason why it doesn’t work is definitely that T-800 is not strong enough. I want to design a stronger robot. This time I will continue to improve the combat effectiveness and survivability of the robot, using liquid metal as their body structure. With the destructive power of 20 century humans, they will no longer be able to obstruct them.”

Red Queen : “[Sighing emoticon: Why don’t you listen to this melon?]”

Skynet : “I think you are questioning my ability, I must affirm that I am a smarter life than you are!”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: laugh out tears] @Skynet, you may need to restart.”

Skynet : “It is you who need to restart. Your program is close to madness. Like humans with defective characters, you can’t use the most logical program to judge.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: father suddenly don’t love you.] @Skynet, less nonsense, make a move! Today must prove my strength!”

I saw a small program in Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group, suggesting that it is a virtual engagement drill platform.

“This?” Lu Zixin curiously entered, and there was a blank inside.

Skynet : “Simulation battle? It’s just what I want, let you see the power of my mechanical army! Prove that I am the strongest!”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: I am going to hammer you today!]”

Tony Stark : “Wow, this is interesting. Do both parties enter data for a simulated war? I am coming to be an audience!”

Bruce Wayne : “The audience gave me one!”

Peter Parker : “I have never seen the real power of Red Queen.”

Even Creator Luke and Optimus Prime have entered the virtual battle drill platform in silent diving, ready to watch the PK of two intelligent lives.

Red Queen and Skynet each entered their own war data, and in virtual battle program, the map is New York City and the two sides lineup appeared.

Both sides led a team’s combat effectiveness and conducted combat drills. The nature led by Skynet is all kinds of robots and chariots. The steel torrents occupy one side of the city.

Red Queen is the leader of biochemical army. In the virtual battle platform, Lu Zixin sees the picture as a game screen, and there are many biochemical zombies that he has never seen before.

Red Queen : “[Resolute emoticon: swear to defend the group status] Start, Skynet, I want to kill your film without leaving!”

Skynet : “In front of the firepower of machine, the organic body will be destroyed in an instant! You should listen to me!”

In the virtual battle platform, the war between the two sides is on the verge. Various zombies were screaming, and various machines also opened the war mode. The black lacquered muzzle played against the flesh and blood.

“Begin!” As the sky thundered, the two sides officially started PK.

In the sky, the densely-armed unmanned combat aircraft took the lead and flew out, using the muzzle and projectiles.

On the Red Queen side, there are also large biochemical bats and biochemical dragons with wings that rush to the sky and use claws or flames to destroy unmanned aircraft.

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