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At this time, ​​Red Letter digital interactive area has only a few viewers. Who take photo with those cosplayer, as for the game interaction, there are very few people.

In fact, even Lu Zixin himself feels that several games of Red Letter game are not attractive.

In the place where virtual projection game is prepared, there are also viewers asking the staff.

“Isn’t ChinaJoy will showcase virtual projection games? How can I see nothing here? Loss I have specially ran to see!”

The staff quickly explained: “There is a time to show and interact, you can experience other games first.”

“Walk away, go there to see white baby, I heard that she is the top three pseudo-mothers in China!”

“Nothing, the virtual projection game is really hype!” The man was disappointed.

“Who said that?” Su Xiaomeng said, “I will start performing right away, don’t be scared!”

“You are, Dream Goddess?” The man recognized Su Xiaomeng, saw Su Xiaomeng’s dress, his excited face turned red, and said: “Dream Goddess, I am your fan!”

“Hello.” Su Xiaomeng said broadly, “Don’t you want to see the virtual projection game? Wait!”

She looked at Lu Zixin and Lu Zixin had given instructions to the staff to let them start showing now.

In the digital interactive area of ​​Red Letter, the melodious ancient music sounded suddenly, and then the first light and shadow projection appeared on the large open space.

“Look, what is that?” Many people were attracted by music and saw the light and shadow on the open space.

They saw a vortex-like door, or a wall that appeared on the open space. It was colorful, like the cosmic galaxy, constantly spinning, full of mysterious atmosphere.

“Wow, so beautiful!” A cosplayer little elder sister put her hands on her chest and said, the light and shadow is like a dream, it seems like a fake, people will be attracted at a glance.

Even Lu Zixin feels a little surprised. The effect of this virtual projection is almost comparable to the virtual projection beads that Tony Stark gave him.

“It’s so beautiful!” Su Xiaomeng reflected the brilliance in her clear eyes. She curiously asked: “Brother, what is this?”

“This is the wall of dimension between the second and third elements! It is the barrier of space, mysterious, wonderful, and powerful!” I don’t know when, a low, magnetic sound sounded.

“Dimensional wall?” The audience present at the scene showed amazed eyes, and many people came to this side.

“Look, there is a virtual projection over there!”

“Wow, the first time I saw such a beautiful virtual projection, it was so clear, just like it was real!”

“Secondary wall, unclear!” A group of tourists gathered around.

On the venue, the Dimensional Wall is still spinning, and the narration continues to introduce: “Welcome everyone to digital interactive zone of Red Letter game. Next, we will summon the souls of Three Kingdoms who are sleeping in long river of history, breaking the dimension wall in front of everyone!”

There were a lot more people gathered, and both eyes were surprised to see the “secondary wall”, and some people kept taking pictures with their mobile phones or digital cameras.

At this time, the dimension wall began to fluctuate, and there seemed to be something impacting dimension wall. The light and shadow are floating like a wave plate, and the three-dimensional effect is a visual feast!

“District wall also dare to block me? Take my treasure blade!” A shout loud sounded, I saw a few meters long Green Dragon Crescent Blade, from the sky, a blade cut down, cutting down million light!

“Lying trough!” A lot of the audience were caught off guard, and they were shocked and closed their eyes or retreated.

However, this is just a projection, and it is not really a blade attack.

Green Dragon slashed into the wall, and dimension wall was opened like a wooden board. In the broken vortex, a three-dimensional person or thing began to appear.

The area of ​​the entire projection is slowly expanding and becoming more and more clear. The audience is still seeing this scene for the first time.

“This is virtual projection? It’s more real than virtual projection I’ve seen before!” a boy shouted excitedly. “I’ve seen the holographic projection concert of Hatsune before, and that’s not clear at all. It’s like living!”

“Cow fork! Brother, come over here, don’t worry about your white baby, he is bigger than yours!” a sister shouted without any fucking.

“Look over there!” The audience in other places crowded over.

The virtual projection screen continues to change, first wearing a green treasure, a mighty man with a green headscarf, a red-faced long-haired, burly, holding Green Dragon.

He stepped out of the vortex of the Dimensional Wall, first of all, then, then Green Dragon Crescent Blade into the “ground plug”, a burst of gold sound, he told  the crowd: “Guan Yu here, smell this exhibition, especially to meet you!”

That Guan Yu’s expression, movements, and demeanor are all vivid, and the virtual are more than four meters high. A crane in a flock of chickens stands in the exhibition hall, and the voice is thick and full of momentum.

“Gua… Guan Erye?” The boy who is facing the virtual projection is simply shocked. Guan Yu’s momentum is too strong. With the huge figure of virtual projection, he almost thinks that Military General is down, and he can’t help but retreat two steps. The sound is somewhat unfavorable.

“I have seen Military General!” There are also two youngsters who even hold fists and Guan Yu, “The ninth generation of Xuan Sun, Zhao Zishuai!”

“It’s so handsome!” a girl stunned and slammed. “This projection is too real, scaring the baby!”

The appearance of Guan Erye made the atmosphere of the interactive area reach the first point. The audience screamed a lot and the mobile phone kept shooting.

“Is this the virtual projection of Red Letter? Hahaha, it really didn’t wate to come!” the boy just called, “How to play, how to play this game? I want to know!”

The appearance of Guan Yu is only the beginning, and some heroic characters have emerged from the whirlpool, black face Zhang Fei, long ear Liu Bei, Cao Cao, five tiger generals, five sons Liang Jiang, Jiang Dong Ying Jie…

Because there are too many characters, some characters only appear for a minute or two, and then disappear into dimension vortex.

Only a few characters with very obvious characteristics stay on the field, such as the hustle of Su Xiaomeng cosplay.

The skin is like gelatin, the appearance is better than the moon, the posture is graceful, and the style is eternal.

“It’s beautiful!” Both men and women look at you with a sly look. I saw the Diao Chan projection for everyone to swear a little, and said in a delicate voice: “It’s polite.”

“Scorpio, I feel that I am in love again!” a man shouted. “Mom, how is this projection so beautiful, is the ancient women really so long?”

“Aaah, is this really a game? If it is a game, I just want to buy it!” A loyal game fan has become crazy.

“How does this game play? Just look at it?” Someone questioned.

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  1. Scorpio, I feel that I am in love again!” a man shouted. “Mom, how is this projection so beautiful, is the ancient women really so long?” wtf is that suppose to mean !!!! IDK whatever u are writing is NOT English

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