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General VR games need to wear heavy closed VR glasses, but Red Letter games have customized versions of HX GLASS smart glasses, which directly project images onto  retina, which is more convenient.

Lu Zixin put on smart glasses, and in his perspective, the game screen, the logo of the red letter, etc., followed by stereo version of game screen.

Surrounded by the race car, on the racing track, there are sexy car models being performed, next to crowds of people, shouting and cheering. The audience character model is not detailed enough. When you look closely, many people’s models are the same.

Lu Zixin himself is sitting in his own car and is ready to start the game.

Bang!” The gun sounded, the game officially started, Lu Zixin stepped on gas pedal and the car rushed out.

Next to him, there are several NPC racers who drive their car faster than he does.

Lu Zixin intention was not to win the game, he came to experience the game, so his mind has been observing the surrounding environment.

From a point of view, this racing game can do it, the surrounding scene is more realistic, it seems as if you are really in a virtual game world.

However, vulnerability is also obvious. For example, Lu Zixin is accelerating, the surrounding scene changes instantaneously, his brain is misled by the wrong information, and the corresponding stimulus response command is issued, but the body does not feel the corresponding change.

Over time, it can cause the player to feel dizzy, nausea and vomiting.

This is just a racing class. If it is a sports VR game, this kind of malpractice will be more obvious.

Moreover, the coordination of the assisted racing seats and the game is also a bit of a problem, so the experience is not perfect.

Lu Zixin tried VR gun battle game after trying the racing game.

This time, what he felt is more obvious. After launching HX GLASS VR game, the player’s perspective is completely obscured by projected image.

In his eyes, it is a street with complicated terrain, and there are hidden enemies everywhere. In the game screen, it shows that he “I” is just a gun, just like the traditional net-gun game.

Even with 360-degree omni-directional walker, the player’s speed and jump of the walking machine and game screen can’t keep up. This kind of play is more likely to cause the human brain to feel uncomfortable and the game experience is worse.

Lu Zixin turned off the game, and the three waited for his evaluation. Lu Zixin thought about it and said, “The picture is doing well, but the problem is obvious.”

“The scene changes and people feel uncoordinated and the participation is low. In the game, I feel like a hand or a gun.”

“Auxiliary equipment and game content can’t be synchronized in time, and the sense of function is clearly noticeable, giving people a sense of confusion.”

“The venue and equipment are too restrictive, the direction of the walking speed is limited, and the jump is not wrong…”

Lu Zixin said his thoughts and the three remembered one by one.

He concluded: “At this level of VR games, it is unrealistic to want to develop widely. At most, it is better than other VR games, but the limitations are still too big!”

Attacked by Lu Zixin, Liu Tong reluctantly said: “This is the bottleneck restricting the development of VR games. Not only us, but other companies have no good way. In contrast, our smart glasses are very convenient.”

“But VR games are also inseparable from auxiliary experience devices such as the auxiliary seat, the walking machine, or the body part locator.”

“Well, you have nothing else? Let’s study this question today.” Lu Zixin said.


The three of them discussed with Lu Zixin and raised some of the problems they had encountered before. The more they said, the less confident they were.

First of all, the goal of Red Letter game is to take VR games as a new breakthrough port and regain the share of game market.

However, today’s VR games have inherent limitations, and the cost of game production is high. If you want to do the details well, the investment is not a little bit.

Then smart glasses can only give players a visual experience at most, and other feelings, such as touch, smell, etc., are difficult to experience. When the picture of VR game is not coordinated with the body movement, the human brain will have a resentment, like a motion sickness or seasickness, which will cause nausea and vomiting, which is very unfriendly to the player.

Auxiliary devices are a big limitation if you use a secondary device for a helper experience. First of all, the current technology can’t make the device completely fit the human body, which will produce an uncoordinated gaming experience.

Moreover, there are many technical limitations and high cost of auxiliary equipment, which is not affordable to average player. These auxiliary devices are also very space-consuming. 99% of players will not have a space dedicated to playing games. The price is so expensive, they have to borrow money to buy auxiliary equipment, let alone vacate the location to place auxiliary equipment.

“So, I feel that we think something is too good!” Zhu An said, “Even in 6G network era, VR games can only take the high-end route, the mass market is difficult to open!”

“I think there are some other changes that can be made,” says Liu Tong. “We don’t have to do any racing, gun battles or suspense-like action games like other game makers. We can do visual experience games!”

“For example, set the game story, let the player do not need more physical movements, experience the plot, while doing some action-like easy flow VR games, so perhaps only need a game custom smart glasses and several small sensors to play.”

“This idea is good!” Lu Zixin applauded. “The biggest advantage of our VR game is the lightweight HX GLASS, which can abandon heavy equipment. It is a way to make this kind of drama VR experience game!”

“The game made in this way is just a niche!” Yue Hui said, “This kind of drama flow game, the cost of making a traditional flat game is lower, the profit amount may be even higher, there is no need to make VR game.”

“And for most players, the more they are attracted to adventure, action, excitement, competitive games, just for the plot flow game, I think the sales of such games and equipment will not be too good.”

Everyone has their own point of view, and each makes sense. Lu Zixin also feels a little difficult to judge.

They talked for a whole day, even talking about eating and drinking at night. However, there are too many problems and restrictions. The VR game is still very hot when it first appeared. It has been completely weak in the past two years because of too many restrictions.

“VR games want to be popular, there must be a few points.” Liu Tong concluded, “The equipment is light and cheap, the cost of game production is reduced, and a certain amount of game space is guaranteed. Sensor technology and human sensory simulation technology must keep up… ”

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