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The translator conveyed Lu Zixin words to the three French people. The three people were justified and said a lot. They did not recognize the problem. They agreed that, there is a problem with the production process of the new lithium-air battery.

Lu Zixin’s attitude is also very clear, who is responsible for the reasons. Even though Schneider is one of the world’s top 500 companies and a world-renowned large-scale electric company, their problems must be borne.

After a debate, the two sides could not discuss the results.

Florent said: “Since both of us think that it is the other party’s problem, then we must come up with evidence! If you can prove that there a problem with our company machine, we are willing to take responsibility.”

“But if you can’t prove that it’s a problem with our equipment design, then the responsibility will be borne by you.”

After the translator finished, Bi Bosi said: “Prove, there is proof! Let them come.”

He took everyone, came to the equipment, pointed out some problems, said: “It is these problems, resulting in low production rate of lithium-air battery, is this not your equipment problem?”

After hearing the translator to finish his words, Florent and others actually laughed, and then said a paragraph.

The translator said: “Mr. Florent said that the technical level of the equipment used in this equipment is already the best in the world! When it comes to cooperation, the contract has already been written.”

“No matter which company you look for, they can’t make a machine with a higher level of equipment than this one. So this can’t be a valid proof.”

They are laughing, Lu Zixin and others are not looking good.

Tang Gang chatted with them, and Bi Bosi pulled Lu Zixin aside and whispered: “General, these French people just don’t want to bear the responsibility for breach of contract!”

“From the perspective of equipment technology, with their current technology, it is possible to adjust and improve the equipment to adapt to battery production. But then, they have to bear the responsibility for breach of contract, and they have to pay more R&D and production expenses. Now they are shirking, I can’t find a good proof that our process is ok. I think it’s hard to understand.”

Lu Zixin nodded and said, “Well, think about it again.”

He already had a decision in his heart. Since these French people said that their equipment is ok, it is a problem in the production process of the battery factory.

Then replace a set of equipment, use the same production process to see who is the problem! However, this matter has to wait for Luke to send the production line.

Lu Zixin said to Florent and others: “You said that your equipment is the best in the world and can’t be improved. Just in time, our battery factory has ordered a batch of equipment from other companies in a few days.”

“When we use the same production process, let you see which party is the problem!”

After he finished, Tang Gang and so on were a few people. When did you order another company’s equipment?

Lu Zixin knew that they were puzzled and said: “Go back and tell you.” Anyway, the MasterCard organization has arranged with him the relevant matters of the production line.

Besides, as a president, Lu Zixin doesn’t have to explain everything, just let them know that they have this equipment.

The translator translated Lu Zixin’s words into French. Florent and others looked at each other. Florent said: “Well, let’s stay a few more days. I suggest you better hurry, or we will return to the French Headquarters.”

“I would like to emphasize that the problem is definitely not in our Schneider Electric. Even if you really get what equipment, the performance is not better than our Schneider!”

Florent and others are full of confidence, and the industrial equipment they manufacture is second to none in the world. He does not believe where they can find better industrial equipment than them.


The three Frenchmen lived in a hotel in Pengcheng, and also responded to the problem here with Headquarters.

On the other hand, Lu Zixin asked Bi Bosi and Yao Li to conduct a self-test on the battery factory. The conclusion was that there was no problem with the production process or the equipment problem of the other party.

If they can’t come up with the facts, this is a matter of lawsuit. After all, lithium-air battery is a brand-new production technology. There is no standard for professional production equipment. At that time, only the battery factory can suffer.

For two days, Lu Zixin wait for Luke’s news. The three French people were even more fearful, thinking that they only deliberately exerted pressure and asked them when they could prove that they were waiting to return home.

On the third day, Lu Zixin finally waited for Luke’s news.

In the Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group, Luke said : “The production line is built, and I have something for you.”

Said, he sent a photo.

Lu Zixin saw that he was a burly man. His face was square and his appearance was similar to that of the Earth, but his eyes looked a little godless.

Creator Luke  : “This is a human-like industrial robot that I have deliberately produced. He can carry out basic industrial operations. He can prepare battery production lines and equipment for you, no matter what problem, he can repair it.”

Mr. L : “So great? It looks like a real person.”

Mr. L : “Right, is this robot different from human beings? Will it be recognized?”

This is Lu Zixin’s biggest concern. If there is a sudden emergence of such a powerful industrial robot, then it must not be shaken all over the world? State agencies are not allowed to come to the door? Really like that, Luke dared to give him, he did not dare to ask.

Creator Luke : “Don’t worry about this problem, the industrial robot I designed is completely human. In your words, it is an artificial intelligence robot.”

“This kind of industrial robot, the average human being is absolutely unable to see his behavior. And it is not dangerous. His function is limited to some industrial manufacturing and is completely under your control.”

“I used to make a ‘self” with a robot. Even the apostles of devil world could not see that it was a dummy.”

Luke said that, Lu Zixin was relieved that the functions he said would be detected by the group System and he knew the exact situation.

Mr. L : “That’s a thank you. I must give a present in a few days!”

The group activity is not enough. Lu Zixin can’t sent him a random Red envelope.

Luke did not say much, and directly sent him an exclusive Red envelope. Group System detects Red envelope content.

After a while, the results came out.

Group Tip : “Red envelope has a space-time positioning instrument that has been destroyed and can be safely picked up.”

“Time and space positioning instrument? Can this be done? Fortunately, System destroyed it, otherwise it is really troublesome.” Lu Zixin relaxed, he really worried about what Luke would do.

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